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Cloud rolled over and glared at the digital clock next to him. His hard-on hadn't gone down at all and he kept waking up from constant dreamt orgasms. Cloud looked up at the ceiling fan. Cloud watched it spin, wondering why it seemed to get faster. He tried to calm his nerves. Cloud knew what he wanted, he wanted Kim...it was odd. He had only met her two days ago, but yet he had such strong feelings for her.

Cloud wasn't one to believe in love at first sight. He knew it existed, he'd seen it happen with Zack and Maya. It wasn't just his body that wanted her. He wanted to see the inside of Kim, who she was, what she did, how she did those things, her true self.

The fire in the pit of his stomach was now a burning desire. It was something he knew there was only one way to get rid of. Cloud didn't feel like masturbating, and he didn't see any other way to get rid of it besides...

He thought deeply. Kim had already slept with him once what would be different about now. Cloud thought and thought and finally came up with a solution. He reached for the phone and called her room. It rang 4 times then she picked up. "Hello?" her voice lured him. "Kim, it's Cloud, I want you to come to my room wearing the sexiest thing you have in 30 minutes, we're going to have fun tonight." He hung up. Cloud flew out of bed and began readying his room. He lit candles, made the bed, even though it'd be messed up, if they made it there. Cloud stood there, staring at the door...waiting.

The anticipation was driving his body insane. Cloud took a deep breath. The left side of his mouth twitched up in a mischievous smirk. He had a right to. He was about to have sex with probably the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he was going to rock the world with what he was going to do. He began to pant slightly from impatience.

Then the doorknob slowly turned and Cloud's breath hitched. The door opened and Kim walked in. Cloud nearly fainted at how good she looked. Kim was wearing baby doll lingerie. It was black with gold lace. Her long hair was down and her bangs were covering one of her eyes. She had a look in her eye he knew he had. The look of hunger, desire, yearning, lust. She put her hands on her hips. "Is this good enough...Cloud?" she asked tauntingly. He nodded. "You went above and beyond." She chuckled. "Why did you call me here, I thought you wanted it to be a onetime thing? I know sometimes it might seem different, but Cloud I'm not a call girl. So if you were planning to-..." He cut her off. "I know, I don't just want you for this, I do want this tonight...I do want...comfort, but that's not it." He swallowed.

"I'm not one to believe in love at first sight, but...I'm willing to try it out." She smiled. "Well then come here and pick me up." He smiled and practically flew over to her. Cloud grabbed her legs and threw her over his shoulder. "Ah, Cloud." She wined as his shoulder hit her stomach. "Sorry," he said eager. They both fell on the bed and began their romp. Cloud moved his hand to the lace that held the baby doll dress. He pulled out the bow and let the dress fall off the bed. He sucked in a breath. He might not have remembered what her body looked like but he sure loved what he saw.

He felt drool form at the corners of his mouth. "Are you just gonna stare or do something." Kim taunted. Cloud couldn't believe this was happening, he had to be sleeping still. There was no way this was real. Cloud dipped his head down and gently placed his lips on hers, so that if she wasn't real, he wouldn't shatter the image. The kiss started as gentle nibbles, barely brushing each other...then became more feverish and needy. Cloud then turned the biting into mauling. He pushed his tongue past her lips and began exploring. Cloud coaxed her tongue to come out and mess with his. His lungs began to burn from lack of oxygen and he wasn't getting enough from his nose. Cloud pulled away and sucked in a breath.

"Is that doing something?" he panted. Kim grinned at him. She slipped her hands to his hips when he stopped her. "Ah, ah, this night is about you, you already pleased me, now it's your turn." He said softly. He kissed her fingers and placed her wrists above her head. He used the lace he pulled out to tie up her wrists. "Wh-what's this about?" she asked. He chuckled. "I have a thing for bondage." "Ohh." She drawled. "Now...let's continue." He whispered huskily. Cloud latched his lips onto her neck. He nipped gently at the sensitive skin. He found a spot behind her ear that made her gasp.

He smirked to himself. He toyed with that spot for a while until he got bored and moved onto other territory. Cloud started to use his hands in hopes it would ease his nerves. Kim arched up to him, asking for something. Cloud swallowed hard. He placed his hands on her bra. He heard her sigh in content. "Cloud," she whispered. "Please?" he felt his face pinken. She wanted him to touch her, him, Cloud Strife. "Oh," he shuddered.

Cloud shook his head of any doubts that she didn't want him. No was the time to be cocky, the time to be smug and teasing and seductive. "Please what?" he taunted her. She moaned in frustration. Kim took a hand she managed to get loose and used his hand and guided it from her neck to her chest, let it linger, then continued. Cloud's eyes began to widen as she moved his hand to the top of her lacey panties. Kim let go of his hand and looked at him. "Was that a good enough hint?" she asked a little irritated. Cloud grinned smugly and retied her wrists a little tighter this time. Cloud moved his hands back to her chest and began slowly unclasping her bra. It snapped and fell off the bed. Kim gasped as the cold air brushed past her. Cloud stared down at her.

It was a beautiful sight. Hair was disheveled, lips swollen, eyes half-lidded, hand tied above her head, topless. Oh he really liked what he saw. The only words in his head were lust, desire, need, scream, and...and love. "Cloud move faster." She whined. He was snapped from his thoughts. He licked his lips and dipped his head back to her neck. He moved faster down her neck and shoulder till he reached her chest. Cloud felt his member twitched as he looked at her full breasts. "Perfect," he whispered. They were perfect. Big enough to get attention, but small enough not to dominate her entire body, he really liked them.

He placed his hand on one and gently squeezed it. Cloud received an uneven moan from his action. "Oh so you like that?" Cloud whispered huskily. Kim nodded rapidly in reply. He grinned wickedly. "Then you'll love this." Cloud moved his mouth where his hand once was. His mouth slowly moved over her breast. Kim moaned out in pleasure. Cloud moved his tongue around the sensitive peak, making Kim cry out. Cloud placed his hands on her hips. He pulled and nipped at the pink nub. "Cloud..." she cried.

Cloud moved on to the other breast and repeated the action. He listened to Kim's cries and moans. He finished his sweet abuse and looked up at his lover's face. "Kim...you're so beautiful." She smiled meekly at him. Kim bent her knees and squeezed his hips. He looked down at her. She bit her lip teasingly and arched her back, bringing their most sensitive parts together for a quick moment. Cloud gasped as the heat from inside her brushed over his swollen member.

He made eye contact with Kim. She arched again. "Uh, pull them down." She hinted at their underwear. He chuckled. "Who first?" he taunted. Kim wigged her wrists. "You." Cloud tilted his head and slowly slipped his thumbs under the hem of his polka-dot boxers. "Really, you want to see mine?" he teased. Kim nodded. "Yeah," she said breathless. "You won't laugh?" he asked sarcastically. Kim groaned. "Just take them off!" Kim exclaimed. Cloud slowly peeled the piece of clothing, pulling it past his hard cock.

He threw the piece of clothing across the room and basked in all his glory. Zack would be proud of him. Kim pushed her hips up. "Now, me." Cloud looked down at her. "What? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you?" He said stroking her through the lacey material. "T-take them off." She moaned.

"I want you to beg." He commanded seductively. Though it was driving him mad not taking her right now. Her moans made him feel as if he would explode, the heat from her core was making him want to cum right there. "Please Cloud, just take them." "Tell me why I should." "Because I'm wet and I need you." Cloud's member twitched. The way she moaned the first part and breathed the last part really had an effect. But he wasn't done playing with her. "You need me to what?" It seemed that she had caught on to his little game because her needy and desperate behavior turned into sultry and teasing. Kim turned up one side of her hips and moaned. "Lean down." She whispered.

Cloud leaned in, his chest touching hers. "I know your little game because I play it very, very well, and I know you want me just as bad as I want you...I can see it, so we can continue to play this little game to your heart's content, or... we can get down to business and you can make a whole new woman, you choose." Kim leaned back and looked at him. His eyes in a haze. There was a think silence then he spoke.

"Talk dirty to me." He said. Kim leaned up as far as her wrists would let her. Her lips were right by his ear. She rested her head on his shoulder and began her dirty conversation. "Uhuh, Cloud...I need you, right now, please don't make me beg, make me feel good, show me what you can do, show me how you can work your hips. I want to see if you can do me...if you can...touch me." She sounded breathless, almost as if she was actually having sex with him. Cloud closed his eyes. He was getting into it too. "Cloud, please touch me." She stopped and nipped his pierced lobe. Cloud though of another way to tease her. "Ok, you won." He said to her.

Cloud slipped his index fingers under the fabric and pulled them down ever so slowly. Kim twisted her hips trying to get them down further faster but to no avail. He slid them down her thighs, her knees, and finally they reached her ankles. He threw them over with his and put her legs on her shoulders. "Uh, finally," Kim moaned. Cloud chuckled. He kissed her inner thigh, nipping it as he went along. Cloud kissed up her stomach and back down. He looked up at her as she gave him permission to go on.

He looked at her core. It was pink and swollen with need. Cloud raised up his hand and slid it up her thigh and to her core. He glanced up quickly at her and then used his fingers to penetrate her. "Uhuh!" Kim gasped as he snaked his fingers in her. Cloud used his thumb to massage her clit and his two other fingers to move inside her. Kim rocked against his fingers craving deeper penetration. "Yes." She hissed.

Cloud felt the wet, heat that was Kim. Her muscles tightened around him. He felt them begin clench and unclench and pulled out before she could climax. She groaned in displeasure. Cloud brought his fingers to his mouth and licked off her juices. He saw her face redden. He licked them clean and placed his hand on her knee and spread her legs wider. "You taste really sweet, but I want to taste it some more." She gasped as his tongue touched her clit, licking it slowly. Cloud savored the taste as if he would never taste it again.

He thrusted his tongue inside her, drinking her sweet juices. "C-c Cloud, uh, that feels, uh." Wow she couldn't even form a coherent sentence. She began to pant and her moans became louder and shorter. "Cloud-I'm-gonna..." he stopped. She groaned in anger and desperation. Cloud couldn't take it anymore. He needed to be inside her otherwise he would embarrass himself. Cloud bent down and fished through his pants pocket. He pulled out a condom and fumbled around trying to get it open. "Yes, finally!" Kim moaned loudly. Cloud awkwardly rolled on the rubber and centered himself at her core.

He looked at her eagerly. She nodded and readied herself for the sweet invasion. They both took a deep breath and he thrusted deep inside her. Kim threw her head back and screamed. "Ah, Cloud!" she moaned. He pulled out and thrusted deep. He grunted at the tightness and how squeezed him.

"Deeper!" she pleaded and he followed, going deep enough to touch her womb. They both gasped. "Are you ok?" he panted. "Just keep going!" she moaned. He continued to pound into her as she screamed cries of pleasure. Her moans egging him on.

Kim's muscles began to spasm and her moans became shallow breaths. "Ngeh, geh." He grunted. His thighs began to wobble and he knew he was close, that's when she screamed. "Uh, Cloud!" she screamed as she came. He came shortly after, groaning her name.

They lay there, panting and sweating. The Cloud collapsed on top of her, his cheek resting on her breast. He couldn't feel anything in his body for a few minutes. "Um, Cloud, baby?" He looked up exhaustedly. "Hm?" he asked his hair sticking to his face and forehead. "Can you untie me?" Cloud pulled out the lace and her arms fell on his back. She sighed blissfully. Kim scratched his back soothingly. "Hey Kim," "Yeah?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" She nodded. "Good, now I have someone to share it with."There was no need for I love yous at this moment. They smiled tiredly at each other. Then a voice appeared in his head, it was Arieth. "Finally, you found your perfect match, I knew she would be good for you." She said. "I know...I found someone to spend forever with."