Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda and its characters belong to Nintendo. Trigun and its characters belong to Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow. We know Mr. Nightow likes LoZ (the omake for Trigun Maximum vol. 7)!

Notes: I decided to attempt this crossover just because I can. In other words, I'm doing this to be weird. These two properties are among the things I enjoy most in the world. As weird as this combo is, the more I thought about it, the more similarities between them I saw: Villains originally bent on saving their peoples, but bent to conquest and/or genocide, determined blond heroes who are supernaturally gifted with weapons… That, and I wanted to explore the idea of a swordsman thrown into a world of guns. The settings are as follows: For Trigun – anime universe with a few manga elements. For LoZ – Twilight Princess with some mentions of elements from other games. Both are slightly alternate universe, as necessary and natural to a crossover plot.

Thanks go out to Sailor Lilithchan for certain ideas and to Sergeant Conley, who indicated that this crazy idea might actually get readers.

The flow of time is always cruel…its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it. _ Sheik, Ocarina of Time

In the far future… in a place that has yet to be seen…the song of humanity we all know…will continue to be sung. _ End of Trigun Maximum.


A Legend of Zelda/Trigun Crossover by Shadsie

Chapter 1: Bring a Sword to a Gunfight

His boots upon the steps left echoes in the cavernous hall. He followed his sovereign through a portion of Hyrule Castle dutifully and guards saluted them as they passed. His sword and shield were strapped upon his back, heavy but comfortable. Link had planned to head to the Sacred Grove soon to return the Master Sword to its rightful place. He was reluctant to do so, for he felt bonded to it, as if it were a dear old friend. He wanted to be sure that Hyrule was at peace before following the tradition of leaving it to sleep until it was needed again by another hero or sage.

When he entered darkened areas, the blade still glowed with a faint light, the residue of his acceptance by the people and gods of another world…

Princess Zelda opened the door to a small, stone-walled chamber and beckoned Link inside. She closed the door behind her. She turned to him and smiled sweetly. "We are here, alone. There is something I wanted to show you alone, Hero."

Link's own face was downcast. It was hard for him to look the princess in the eye. She had beautiful eyes, but every time he looked to them, he remembered eyes that were more exotic. It had not been long since the goodbye and the deep sense of loss was still fresh. He had not even gone back to his hometown to rest and Princess Zelda was insistent upon showing him some treasure. He was honor-bound to humor her.

She went to a desk upon which a little ornately decorated wooden chest rested. She delicately opened the lid and drew something from it. She took Link by the hand and placed that something into it.

"The ocarina…" he whispered. "The one I took from the tomb at the Shade's behest. The crack that was in it is gone."

"Yes," Zelda said. "That is the Ocarina of Time, once the property of my ancestor, and once the property of the Hero of Time."

"My ancestor," Link said. "I felt really weird taking it, but his ghost asked me to. I can't imagine that it has its legendary power anymore, since it was broken."

"That is what I wanted to find out," Zelda explained. "I poured a sacred spell into repairing it, but I imagine that if it has any of its ancient powers left, that they would manifest themselves through the touch of the Hero."

"I…" Link began, "I've never played flute before. I can whistle on grass, and people tell me that I have a fine singing voice. As a wolf, I had a very nice howl, but this… I can try, princess, but I fear I would do dishonor to my ancestor."

"Try," Zelda said, touching his hand gently. "Try something simple, like a tune you would whistle on grass."

Link took a deep breath and put the Ocarina of Time to his lips gently. He tried replicating the song he used to call hawks when he wanted to practice falconry. He felt strange and wonderful. New notes came to him and flowed through him. He played a song that reminded him of the Gerudo Desert, then one that felt like the flow of Time itself. He somehow flowed into a song that was lively and increased in tempo as he played. He began to dance in a circle and Zelda was inspired to dance as well. As if caught in a trance, she reached out and took him by the shoulder and hip and spun with him, around and round the room. She closed her eyes and felt that she could dance until her breath ran out.

Then she felt her foot slip on the floor, as if it was slipping in sand. She fell and felt a body fall on top of her. She opened her eyes and everything was bright. Sunlight was hot on her cheeks. When did they get outside? She shifted herself up and found Link lying against her in tawny sand, face down and motionless.

"Link!" she cried shaking him.

"Mwwa?" he moaned, sitting up. "What happened?"

"You tell me," Zelda said uneasily, looking at their surroundings. She stood up. Link got to his feet.

The Hero looked around himself. They were standing in the middle of a grand plain, sand and tawny dirt all around. Off in the distance were mountains, as dull-colored as the earth until they became blue like the sky beyond the horizon. There was a very strange, craggy formation up ahead, the silhouette of an enormous object.

"It looks like the Gerudo Desert," Link said, "but it's different somehow." He looked down at his shadow and at the one Zelda cast. "The shadows aren't quite right."

"They look normal to me," the princess replied.

"They aren't quite right," Link re-iterated. "I've sort of… gotten used to noticing shadows. Something about the light is off from normal."

His eyes trailed up to the sky and he immediately regretted it. He winced and clapped a hand over his eyes.

"No one's supposed to look at the sun!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Suns," Link said. "Not like I meant to… but suns… I'm pretty sure there's two of them."

"Two? Are you sure you aren't dazed?"

Link took his hand from his face and blinked rapidly. "Oh, there you are," he said, smiling. "No… something is off here."

"There is a carriage approaching us, but it is not being pulled by beasts."

"What, princess?"

A large, wheeled vehicle thundered through the dust. Zelda and Link watched stunned.

"I do not know this magic," Zelda said. "There's never been a need for it."

"I've seen floating platforms… the Twilight Realm made great use of them, but this thing looks like it's purely mechanical."

"It smells like it's burning something," Zelda commented.

The wheeled vehicle screeched to a halt. Its doors came open and three men in strange clothing stepped out of it.

"Ya two lost?" one of them asked. Somehow, Link knew that he was not speaking Hylian, yet he understood his words perfectly.

"What're goin' to some kinda geek-convention?" one of the others laughed.

"N-no," Link said. Something about these people made him uneasy. It wasn't their clothing, as strange as it was. It seemed similar to Kakariko-style, actually.

The third of the men pointed an object at them. "We'd be happy to give you a ride," he said gruffly. "You look young. Heart an' liver will fetch a nice price on the underground market. As for the lady, well, we'll have a little fun with her."

Zelda gasped. Effortlessly, Link slipped the Master Sword from its scabbard and took the shield off his back. "You would not dare touch the sovereign Princess of Hyrule!" he growled.

"Princess of Hyrule? Huh? No matter. Have it your way," the large person said, firing his pistol. As he fired, his companions brought out their own weapons – a pistol and rifle respectively. The bullet bounced off Link's shield. His eyes were wide. He'd never seen anything like this before… they were obviously brandishing weapons, but handheld canons?

He spun and dodged as more ammunition came for him. One of the men grabbed Zelda. She fought, cranked his arm behind him until it cracked and threw him to the ground. The skinniest of the three men grabbed her from behind and put a knife to her throat.

Then he found the knife wrested from his hand, which suddenly lacked fingers. He found himself face to face with an angry young man holding a bloody sword. "Laramie!" he cried, staggering back, gripping his mangled hand. Link acted quickly, turning on the man that had come up behind him, sweeping the Master Sword for his middle. Laramie avoided being gutted by a hair. The belt of his pants came loose, sliced neatly. He tripped in the sand on his fallen pants.

"Never bring a sword to a gunfight, kid," the last of the men, the big one, said before firing off a shot. Link rolled and came face to face with him. Thrusting the Master Sword forward, he punched two neat holes into each of the bandit's shoulders with the tip. The man dropped his weapon and fell to the ground, moaning.

The two other men scrambled to their feet, including the one who had to pull up his trousers. They jumped back into their wagon and drove off.

"Hey! Wait, you cowards!" the fallen man screamed. Link held his sword up and was panting over him.

"Link?" Zelda asked. Link did not answer her. He stood staring at the man at his feet.

"You wanted to hurt her," Link said coldly. "I cannot allow that to happen."

"Please don't kill me!"

Several things happened in that moment. The man's eyes went wide, filled with the terror of death. Link raised the Master Sword high above his head and prepared to strike downward in a clean, life-ending stab. Zelda sensed the malice of the moment and raised her hands, pouring all of her mystic energy into one act, an act that had her, in a rare twist, communicating with the soul of the sword.

The Hero Chosen by the Goddesses has the mandate of destroying that which is truly evil. He is to kill the world's true monsters and beings that are corrupted beyond redemption. He is to use death to free souls of beings hopelessly trapped within corruption. However, many beings are merely a mix between good and evil – humans and the Hylian sub-race are among these. To kill one's own kind is always a tragedy. The Hero is permitted to do so in defense of his own person and in defense of innocent beings, as due the honor entrusted to him.

To kill an innocent person or one who has already been rendered defenseless and not a threat is an act that will corrupt the Hero. He will become his dark side. If he reaches such a state and is not destroyed, you will forever wish he had been…

The Master Sword should never become bathed in blood from a dishonorable fight…

Zelda remembered watching Link's fight with Ganondorf. Link had taken a lucky advantage to slay him, but Ganondorf was different. Ganondorf was the legendary demon-king, the King of Evil. She had prayed for his soul as she did for all who fell in her kingdom, but his death was a definitive matter. He was that which the Goddesses had drafted Link to put an end to. The human at his feet was not so. Zelda could feel the aura of his bad character on the air, but there was still the spark of humanity in him.

And if Link killed him right now, the Hero would be tipped into becoming a villain.

Zelda took a deep breath, concentrating her energy. "Strike the ground!"

The Master Sword struck the ground just shy of the bandit's head. He cried and scrambled to his feet, no small task for a man with wounded shoulders. Zelda's nose wrinkled at a distinct intestinal smell on the air.

The man fled across the plain. The Master Sword shimmered in the dust, light glowing from its blade and curling around it. Link was slumped over it, on his knees, grasping the hilt.

"Oh, Link," Zelda said, crouching down beside him. "I am sorry, but I had to. I couldn't let you kill him. Your dark side would have won and you would have been consumed by it. I hope you understand."

Link did not answer her. He only panted, his head bent low and in shadow. Zelda noticed something dark tricking down his knees and into the sand. She gasped in horror and took the shield from his arm. "Link!"

He looked up at her with a sweat-slicked face. "It feels… kind of like an arrowhead," he said.

He was bleeding from his middle, dark blood that covered the front of his tunic and trickled like a listless fount into the sand.

Gently, she took his hands off the Master Sword and put it back in its scabbard for him. Only he could wield it, but since she was good-hearted and a sacred person in her own right, Zelda was capable of handling it. She helped Link up and pressed a hand to his wound, trying to will some healing power into it. The princess had used most of her energy to force the sword into the ground.

"We need to find someone who can help you," Zelda said hopelessly as she looked around. "I have no idea where we are. The Ocarina of Time must have taken us beyond the borders of my kingdom."

"I'm…. really impressed," Link said as he limped along with her. "The power of the weapons those men had… Whatever I'm hit with… punched through my chain mail like it was butter, like I was wearing nothin' at all."

"Do you still have the Ocarina, Link? Perhaps it can get us back where we started. I'll have my head physician Galen take care of you."

"It's gone…Zelda. Vanished. Wherever we are, it didn't come with us."

"Stay with me."

The two limped along toward something Zelda spied in a gentle valley below them. She concentrated her energies on trying to keep her Hero reasonably out of pain so he could walk. His right arm was over her shoulder for support. She could feel the sweat through his sleeves. The scent of his blood was thick on the air – which reminded her of the air of a surgical ward for that reason. He was trying not to show it, but he was in dire shape. She wondered just how many times he'd been in a similar situation, traveling with Midna in seeking the Fused Shadows and the Twilight Mirror Shards. She wondered how often he got hurt saving friends and strangers. She felt a little guilty. She had only been there for him at the end… but she was here for him now, as little as she could do.

"I always wanted… to die in my village," Link said slowly, his voice breaking with effort.

"Don't talk like that," Zelda commanded.

"Old," he continued, "An old, old man… after seein' my grandchildren born. As the village leader, respected… with all the people I'd taken care of around me, wishing me a fond goodbye. Then I'd be buried out by the spring… But all that kind of changed, didn't it?"

"Save your strength, Link."

"But I'd always entertained the notion of dying doing something heroic, too," he said, "Even as a little kid. If I couldn't die old, I wanted to die defending somebody, helping somebody…"


"It was an honor to have served you, princess…"


He slipped off her and fell to the floorboards of someone's front porch. Zelda had made it to the thing she'd seen on the horizon and was looking at the door of a house. The door opened to a tall woman with long honey-blond hair.

"Oh my goodness!" she gasped.

"Please!" Zelda cried, "You've got to help him! He's hurt!"

"Meryl, Mr. Wolfwood, Mr. Vash! Get out here quick! I think we have another houseguest!"

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I have notes and plans for this story, which I've been inspired to do since I've been re-watching the Trigun anime. I had the notion to do this a long time ago but didn't have the guts then to do more than a silly roleplay with friends that fizzled. I actually also had another Trigun crossover idea that makes a heck of a lot more sense (Firefly, someone please cross it over with Firefly!) but I didn't think I'd have a proper handle on all the characters. Besides, very often the internal "push" for my writing a fanfic is "I wanna do something weird!" I've done a Zelda Western before, so… might as well.

Don't take this as necessarily a "return to Trigun fandom." My participation in the Trigun online fan community was rocky once upon a time, and a lot of things being my own fault notwithstanding, I have very little desire to be a part of the serious-Trigun-fandom community again. The Legend of Zelda online fandom community, on the other hand, is something I've felt embraced by, and I've yet to do anything in my hangouts to screw it up, so it is easy for it to be first in my heart.

Although I have a general idea of where I want to go with this and even a nice outline scrawled in a notebook, I have no idea if I will actually go anywhere with this. You'll know if there's updates in the future.