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"You know, a fairy tale is just a fairy tale Natsuki. Did you really think a kiss would magically make me all better?"

I blushed red. Inside, I just know you are smiling that evil smile of yours right now.

I peered up to you to confirm my suspicions only to quickly dart my sights away again in embarrassment.

I sat in a chair beside you in silence as I could not find an appropriate retort, while you sat there on the hospital bed, the mattress propped up by its mechanical ability, and with your head wrapped in bandages. I didn't like the bandages, they reminded me of your blood stained face and the hours of surgery you went through once you arrived at the hospital, but at least it meant you were alive and recovering.

I couldn't help but peek at you again – your devilish smile had softened into a heartwarming one – melting my heart.

I know I will be cherishing everyone of those smiles a lot more from now on.

"Actually, the doctor said it was a miracle that I survived that accident, especially since I was directly hit by the lighting beam… So maybe Natsuki's kiss did have some magic in it."

You gave me a weak smile before turning her gaze to your resting hands.

"Thank you Natsuki."

"Do… Do you remember it?" I asked, slightly out of topic.

"No, but I heard about it from many eye-witnesses, oh, and one camera phone footage." You replied with false cheer.

"Good." I noted curtly.

I stood up with serious determination – perhaps a little too serious because it caused that playful smile of yours to slowly disappeared, so in response I took your hands that rested upon your lap in mine and lent in towards you.

"Then remember this one." I whispered just before I claimed your lips once again.

It was soft and I felt wonderful.

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