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Episode 2: Ian

Chapter Thirteen: Eclipse


"Tanvis IV," said the Doctor, "The sixth planet of the system Tanvis."

"What can't I see?"


"That's my TARDIS"

"Actually it's my TARDIS"

"Tell me about yourself, Time Lord."

"He's going to die one day."


"He kissed me"

"What gives you the right to even talk to me?"

"Because of her."


Twelve spun around to look at Kate. "What do you mean? Because of her? What have you done to her?"

"Everything," screeched the Supreme Dalek, "She is ours!"

"Doctor?" whispered Kate, "What does that mean? What are they going to do to me?"

"I don't know," he said while pulling out his sonic screwdriver, "Other me, take over." Eleven took a step forward and locked eyes with the Supreme Dalek or locked eyes with eye-stalk. "What have you done to her?" he asked, "Oh come on! The mighty "Master Race" always has to gloat. They always feel the need to show off their genius whenever I'm around."

"There is something in her head," stated the Dalek. If Dalek's could show emotion, this one would be grinning like an idiot. Twelve held up his screwdriver to Kate's head. The device suddenly glowed an intense red. The two Doctors exchanged a look of pure horror.

"What is it Doctor?" begged Kate, "Doctor, what is it?" Neither Doctor answered the companion.

"Answer me Doctor!" the rising desperation evident in her voice.

"ANSWER THE GIRL DOCTOR!" demanded Rory, "Whatever it is, she needs to know."
"Yes, answer her Doctor," sneered the Dalek, "Tell her the truth." Twelve spoke absently, as if he were reading from a script. "Y-you," he stammered, "You are only six months old."

"That's impossible," she stated, "I'm seventeen. I think that I would remember if I were a toddler."

"No," he said brokenly, "It's not impossible. You are a biologically manufactured clone with DNA copied from seven different sources."

"She is the Eclipse," said the Supreme Dalek, "Her humanity hides our weapon, but only for a short while longer."

"But I remember," Kate insisted, "I remember everything! When I turned six, my dog dived into my birthday cake, when I was ten, I fell off my bike and broke my arm and I had a cast for weeks. I had a boyfriend who was an arsehole. You saved me from him! I remember." Twelve looked like he was going to speak but then, without a word, a silently walked back into the TARDIS, completely broken. It's not that he was biased against beings created by different methods. Humans were humans no matter how they were made. He learned that from Jenny and Bracewell. It was so much worse than a simple case prejudice.

"You have not my permission to leave!" screamedthe Supreme Dalek, firing several times, only for his attack to dissipate into the force field.

"Oi, shut up a moment would ya?" demanded the remaining Doctor, "Those memories came from the same source as you DNA Katherine," he said turning to Kate, "And everyone you knew had memories of knowing you added into their heads." Amy absently put her arms around Kate for support.

"But why?" asked Rory, "What was the point?"

"Biological warfare," answered the Doctor, "When triggered, her very presence could kill him. She was designed to kill that particular incarnation of him. On his last regeneration, it will be so much easier to finish the Doctor once and for all. Broken, physically and emotionally, he would be easy prey for anyone." He then turned away from her and back to the source of all of their angst. The Supreme Dalek. "But it seems that you made a mistake your Supremeship," he said mockingly, "You got two Doctors for the price of one. And Katherine can't hurt me. So what are you going to do?"

"Show you your future," snarled the Dalek leader, "DEACTIVE THE ECLIPSE!" The Dalek's command echoed through the ship. Even Twelve, hiding in the Zero Room, heard it and his hearts shattered.

"I guess that's what makes us different," he said to a newly materialised Tenth Doctor, "I do want to go. If this is my life, I don't want it." Ten did not say anything. There was nothing he could say. Suddenly an image burst into his head. An image from his past. Something he had forgotten.

He was still in his Eleventh incarnation. Tweed jacket, wrist watch, bow tie. His Twelfth incarnation was standing next to him. He was standing next to him. He watched the Supreme Dalek fire at him. He watched himself collapse to the ground. Eleven began to glow with regenerative energy. He didn't remember that. He didn't remember how his previous incarnation died. Why did he usually forget meeting his future incarnations? He surely must have met himself when he was Eleven. How come he couldn't remember being Eleven at this time? Mind wipe. He erased his own memory to ensure he didn't know his own future. Genius.


The words reverberated through Kate's very being. She could feel her body changing.

And it hurt.

More than that, it was excruciating.

She screamed the whole time.

Amy held on to the thrashing girl, not knowing anything else to do. What could she do? Rory watched the display with a look of horror. But the Doctor, his expression didn't change. He just glared at his enemy. The Supreme Dalek didn't know it but the Doctor had worn the same expression when destroyed Dalek and Time Lord alike in his inferno long ago in his Eighth incarnation.

Kate kept screaming.

Then, just as suddenly, it stopped. The pain was gone. Her limbs no longer moved of their own accord. Exhausted from her pain, the girl collapsed into Amy's arms, nothing more than a limp weight.

"We're leaving," said the Doctor.

"You cannot leave," stated the Dalek, "The TARDIS is trapped. You cannot escape me!"

"Actually," said the Doctor, "I can. The extrapolator is so much more than just a force field."

"Explain!" demanded the Supreme Dalek.

"I don't think I'll be doing that," said the Doctor, "Wrecking the surprise does not sound like me at all." And with those words, the Doctor and the companions entered the Time Ship, protected from the attacks of the Dalek army. "I swear that they will pay for this," he said to himself, "I swear they'll pay for the pain they are going to cause me."

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