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Cold Roses

"A heart that loves is always young."


"Daddy!" There was a flash of dark brown as I lifted my head from the pillows. I knew what was coming; but I was too slow — the sound of running footsteps had entered the bedroom just seconds before they stopped abruptly and I couldn't defend myself from the small vampire child that vaulted himself through the air and landed flat across my back. "Daddy, are you awake?"

It had been a peaceful morning until then. After a rough night of chasing around my now seven-year-old nephew and adopted son, Takuma and I had just settled in for a nice, long, uninterrupted sleep about two hours ago... But, of course, I can't have a moment of peace with a kid in the house, so I was more than a little cranky with a migrane that could kill a Pureblood. But... kids need attention, and fortunately, I was mature enough to realize this.

I sighed, turning over and forcing the child into the middle of the bed, between Takuma and I. "I am now."

"Can I sleep here today?" he begged and I looked over my shoulder at him, nearly glaring.

"Is that all you wanted?" He nodded and I sighed again, a little more exasperated. "Katsura, you can sleep in here whenever you want to."

Kuran Katsura smiled, and I turned over, expecting him to scoot closer and wrap his arms around my neck in a tight embrace. He snuggled close to me, letting his eyes close slowly; and before I knew it, he was alseep. I had to smile at him, just as I had for the last four years since he had taken up this habit, and stroked his hair gently. I heard the ruffle of sheets next to Katsura and felt the matress shift. When I looked up, Takuma was looking down on our son with the same look that I must have had.

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" I asked, smoothing a lock of hair off his forehead. Takuma nodded in agreement, silent for a few moments as we took in the scene for the millionth time since I had brought him home to the Shiki Manor. Though, with school going all winter, Takuma and I were busy up at Cross Academy, and it was almost impossible to come down and see him. I had missed him, really... And then, I had all summer with him... He had gotten on my nerves plenty of times, yes... and normally that would have turned me completely away from him; but I couldn't help it. I felt compelled to protect this child, the way I did with Takuma; and sometimes, I wasn't sure if it was because I loved him, or because he was unknowingly enforcing his Pureblood Will on me... It was times like this that made me acknowledge my love for him.

"Only Kaname and Yuuki could have created such an angelic little creature..." Takuma sighed, almost dreamy. But I looked up at him, glaring.

"Don't ever mention that when I'm having a moment with him, alright?"

Takuma nodded, feeling the obvious emotion that I was emitting. I hated being told that he was only my nephew... I shouldn't let him call me 'Daddy', because one day, Kaname would come back for him... It was things like that that made my stomach twist with an unnameable pain, and I wrapped my arm around Katsura, gripping him hard. I was being so... possessive of him... But I didn't want to let go; until I felt a small fist tangle in my t-shirt and push away.

"D-daddy...! You're crushing me!"

I let go abruptly. He stared up at me, a questioning look in his crimson eyes. "I... I'm sorry, Katsura..."

"I know... You just don't know you're own strength. Kuro-sama says that I don't know my own, either; that my blood is so pure that my own strength could kill me... What does that mean?" He cocked his head to the side, furrowing his brow.

"Nothing, Katsura. Go back to sleep." I looked up at Takuma, exchanging the same glance as Katsura snuggled back into my chest.

"Oh... Kay. Mornin', Daddy. Love ya."

"I love you, too, Katsura." I began to stroke his hair again and he smiled against my chest. "Forgetting something?"

"Oh... Mornin' Takuma. Love ya."

Takuma gave a slight chuckle at this. "Love you, too, Katsu-rin."

It took him no time to fall asleep again, and both Takuma and I laid ourselves back down. For several long minutes, we stared at eachother, stunned. Kuronue would know Purebloods best... What did he mean by that: his own strength could kill him? I gripped my child close again, not as tightly this time, only wanting to shield him from all the dangers of this world... But how could I when apparently the biggest danger was himself?