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Chapter One

"What the ….?"

Wilson stood in awe at the sight before him. House was laid out provocatively on top of Wilson's desk, rubbing his cane suggestively.

"Don't deny me Wilson…you know you want me," He said coyly.

Wilson was speechless.

"House-I…" Wilson stuttered, anxious.

What was he to do? His colleague of 15 years was laid out before him, and even worse, he kind-of liked it. The whole spontaneity of the situation sent a sudden thrill through Wilson. Did House really feel the same way?

He allowed his eyes to roam slowly from House's gray hair to the tip of his cane, which he was gliding his hand over smoothly. Wilson couldn't deny in any way that he wasn't slightly turned on, but he had looked for far too long.

Damn. His eyes shot back to those of House, who was wearing a slight frown as they shared the most awkward moment they'd experienced at the hospital.

"House, are you serious..?" Wilson whispered.

"No Wilson, you idiot," House sat up abruptly and continued, "I need you to check out this patient."

He threw a file at Wilson roughly, who caught it, his mouth still open in shock.

"Well, while you have your mouth open catching flies, I'm going to save a patient," House said while heading for the door.

He brushed against Wilson a little as he passed the tight space.


He was shocked. Had he really just felt that way about House?

How could one stupid joke change everything?