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Chapter five

House and Wilson stood anxiously together. The door loomed before them, people walking in and out, going about their lives.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Wilson looked at him sternly.

"We've rehearsed this so many times House, we can do this."

House looked down.

He wasn't one who normally cared what anybody thought, but this was a huge change for him. He felt vulnerable. This was new.

House clasped Wilson's hand softly, then looked up cautiously. Wilson's warm hazel eyes gazed into his ice blue, a gaze of approval and unconditional affection.

This was just what he always needed. This was the only man whose approval he sought. He gripped the hand tighter.

"I love you Greg."

House smiled. It wasn't the usual sideways smirk, but the full thing.

Hand in hand, they pushed through the hospital doors and walked in.