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Chapter 2!

'Hmmm… There's something missing… but what?'

The young white-haired man was beginning to slip on his boots, as he sat on his bed when he realized something was different about this morning. After tying up his boots, he began to look around and wonder why. When nothing seemed out of place, he quickly stood up and ready to leave for the cafeteria, but just as he was standing, he realized his head seemed lighter than most mornings.

Allen finally realized what was different, and he quickly raised his hand to pat the top of his head, and just as he guessed, he felt nothing but hair.

'Where's Tim?'

After years of of having the small companion at his side, Tim became extremely attached to the exorcist. It became almost a daily routine for the golden golem to be fluttering around Allen in the morning, and then taking his perch on top of the teen's head when done dressing. This sometimes made things difficult in the morning though, so even though Allen was curious to the golem's whereabout, he took this as a chance to have a peaceful moment to himself.

After Allen fixed the rest of his bed head, he began his short trek to the cafeteria, something that seemed to be much needed as his stomach growled unnervingly loud.

It had been three years since the incident at Timothy's orphanage. Allen was now 18 years old and the youngest general the Black Order had… but he was also their only Noah.

Since the event three years ago, when Crown Clown had effected Allen as a Noah, the 14th hasn't caused much trouble. Though the 14th has not made any move to take over Allen's consciousness - 'Not yet at least' Allen quickly thought to himself - he seemed to be having weird dreams each night. What made it frustrating to Allen though, was once awoken, he could only remember bits and pieces of the dream, who was in it and what they were doing was just a fog. To further the frustration, he was sure they were just normal dream, not dreams at all… but memories. The 14th's memories.

Then again, Allen couldn't help but feel relived, because maybe that was his body's way of rejecting any move the Noah was trying to make forwards into the boys mind. Still, it was unestling.

The shadow of the 14th still followed him around and was seen every time Allen looked at his reflection. After such a long time of this though, he had gotten so used to it that he barley noticed the silent ghost.

Allen was still being watched carefully by Central, especially after knowing that Crown Clown harmed Allen the same way it had when cutting the other Noah. At the thought, Allen ran is hand over the scar that was left by Crown Clown that day. Every so often the scar would hurt but it wasn't something that bothered him very much.

As Allen walked through the halls of the Order, he had his mind caught up in all these thoughts, so he was not watching where he was going when he ran into something hard, causing him to stumble back and return to reality. What he had ran into wasn't really a 'what', but more of a who, and to Allen's dismay it happened to be his not so favorite person.

"Dammit moyashi! Watch where the hell your walking! Che!" The raven haired exorcist was grumpy as usual.

Allen regained his full balance and quickly glared at Kanda. "Even after all these years you still call me that?" It bugged Allen even more now because he had grown a lot. He was 18 and only two centimeters shorter than the samurai. "The names Allen, BaKanda! Come on say it with me now. All-en."

The white-haired teen's back talk irritated him, and with a scowl he looked down at Allen, and with perfect diction repeated his insult. "Like i said, watch where the hell you are walking. Moy-a-shi."

"Not until you get my name right, Ba-Kan-da~" With that, it quickly turned into a glaring match, as the two exorcist itched to take a swing at one another. The threatening stares came to a stop though as a sweet voice came from only a few yards down the hall.

"Oh, come on now… Do you two ever get along?"

As Allen and Kanda turned to look at the person scolding them, Allen saw who it was and swiftly forgot about Kanda and perked up. He gave a big smile to the person and ran over to her side while Kanda just 'tch'ed and walked away annoyed.

"Good morning Lenalee!" Allen exclaimed as he ran and waved to the young women. "You going to the cafeteria for breakfast?"

Lenalee uncrossed her arms and stopped tapping her foot, something she often did when she caught the two fighting, then smiled sweetly at the boy coming her way.

"Yes I am General Walker-san." Lenalee said, almost saluting the boy.

Allen knew Lenalee was just messing with him but he still blushed anyway. It still felt weird being a higher-up to his friends. Lenalee saw his embarrassment and just gave another big smile and a wink when she thought it was cute. "Come on Allen, lets go get something to eat."

Allen happily walked next to her on the way to the cafeteria, he was almost starving by now and couldn't wait to eat Jerry's food.

As they were walking Allen glanced down multiple times at Lenalee. He couldn't help but notice how she had matured greatly through the years. She was now 19 and Komui was more protective than ever because Lenalee had become so pretty. As any other grown women she gained curves and her face became more sharp and beautiful. Her hair was still the same beautiful silky black with a tint of green as when he first met her, it was still kept short though. Ever since it had been cut off, she found the shoulder length hairstyle very cute, not to mention it stayed out of the way during fights. All together, she is a woman that any man would fawn over… if it wasn't for Komui.

After some small idle talk, the two exorcist made their way into the cafeteria, where Allen got in line to order his huge menu of food, for his huge appetite. Lenalee and Allen sat down at the only empty table and started to eat. They notice that Miranda, Marie, and Krory were no wheres to be seen, so they just guessed the bunch had been sent out on a mission. There was someone still missing though, and right before Allen could ask Lenalee, a certain loud mouth red head arrived, loud and jubilant as ever.

"Ohayou! Allen, Lenalee!"

"Morning Lavi." Lenalee greeted him.

"Goowd mowning Wavi." Allen attempted to say through massive mouthfuls of food.

Of course over the years Lavi had also slightly changed… well his appearance at least. He was still as childish as ever. For a 21 year old, you'd think he'd be serious more often, but no one really cared because is cheeriness was what made everyone love his company. Lavi still wore the eye patch over his right eye but it was harder to see since he had begun to let his hair grow out and never put it in a bandana anymore. His hair was about an inch or two shorter then Lenalee's and it stuck up in quite a few spots but that was something most guys had because they never felt like fixing it. On his chin was a small red goatee that made him look more mature which of course he really was but never really acted so.

Lavi gave a look at Allen's giant mountain of food that he was shoveling into his mouth as if it wouldn't be there in the next minute.

"Allen you never cease to amaze me with all the food you can eat. Not only that, but as the years go by you seem to be able to eat more than the year before." Lavi looked at Allen with a astonished look but you could also tell he was use to it.

Lenalee chuckled at this and looked at Allen while he chewed with a dumbfounded look on his face. Allen was ready to shove the last stack of pancakes in his mouth when they disappeared with a little golden flash. For a moment the white-haired exorcist just stared at the now empty plate, but then noticed a quiet flapping sound above his head. Allen swiftly peered up to see Timcanpy chopping away at his pancakes.

"Ah! Timcanpy! Give them back! Where in the world did you come from anyway? He wasn't with me this morning." Allen was now glaring at the golden golem as it finished off his pancakes.

"Oh, he's been with me all morning. I was with Bookman and Komui. We had things to talk about and Tim's video recordings came in handy." Tim often went with Lavi for these kinds of things, especially since Tim is the only one that's constantly at Allen's side. Central had ordered the Bookmen to keep a very detailed report on Allen by monitoring his actions during missions, and reviewing his moves that Tim has recorded. Knowing all this, it shouldn't have surprised Allen that Lavi had Tim, but it seem odd because he hadn't been away from the Order as of late, and the viewing of Tim's memory was usually done later in the evening when Allen was around to help explain and write his own report on the mission.

Allen didn't really question it too much though, at the moment his thoughts were more wrapped up in the theft of his pancakes.

Lavi saw the small confusion and questioning on Allen face for the moment, but also took note when the young teen just shrugged it off. Though it was easy for Allen to shake off the constant watch he was under, Lavi felt a little more weighed down by it. So much he hated having to do this to one of his closest friends, but it was the only way to keep Link off Allen's back all the time. The reports were the only things keeping central from posting Allen with a inspector. Lavi also couldn't refuse because of his position. He is the Bookman Jr. and cannot go against orders.

"I'm sorry, Allen…"

Allen was taken back a little by the apology, but just smiled at Lavi and said, "It's okay, if Tim can be of any help than i'm glad to let him go with you… Especially if he's going to come in and steal my food." Allen gave another glare at Tim. Timcanpy just ignored it and placed himself on Allen's head. "Jeez, Tim you sure have gotten heavy. Your almost as big as when master had you."

Now that Allen had said something about it, Lavi and Lenalee couldn't help but wonder why the golem changed sizes. Lavi was about to ask when he remembered what he had originally gone into the cafeteria to tell them.

"Speaking of Timcanpy, while i was with Komui and Tim this morning, Komui told me he wanted to see all three of us when you guys were done with your breakfast."

Allen and Lenalee just nodded and said okay.

After Allen had gone up and got some more pancakes since Timcanpy stole his others, he finished up and all three of the exorcist headed out. They leisurely made it to Chief Komui's office, where they knocked and waited for a response. After some time with no reply, Lavi knocked on the door once again. Still no answer. So in a meek voice Lenalee called out to her brother.


Next thing they knew, there was a loud bang and the sounds of papers flying every where. There were loud foot steps coming up fast and getting louder. With a sigh, the three exorcist took a giant step back and waited for the inevitable. Just as they had predicted, the sister-complex man came barging out the room, swinging the doors open forcefully, then went on to find his younger sister and hug her with full force.

"Lenalee! My sweet sister! Who's the creep thats been looking at you this time? I'll kill him!" With a swift turn of his head, he peered at Lavi and Allen with a glare. After a minute of debating in his crazy scientist head, he let go of Lenalee and pointed a accusing finger at Allen's face. "You! It was you wasn't? Allen you perverted General!"

As if out of thin air, Komui grabbed a giant drill that not one of the exorcist could figure out where it came from. He had a helmet on that said "Pervert Destroyer" and a sinister smile. There was a scary glint in his eyes that told Allen he was really going to try to kill him.

"Wait, wait! No, Komui! I didn't do anything!" Allen was panicking. He had experienced the pain that came along with that drill, and was not ready to go through it again!

"Liar! Your just like your perverted Master! I will destroy you before you touch my sweet Lenalee! Bwhahaha!" Komui began closing the space between him and Allen, obviously going for the kill. The poor young exorcist was scared out of his wits, and began trying to convince the mad scientist to stop by holding his hands up in front of him innocently and backing away quickly.

Lucky for Allen, just as he was driven into a corner, Lenalee activated her innocence and side kicked her brother into the wall knocking him down before he could make any contact with the fearful teen.

"Nii-san! Allen didn't do anything. Would you let up on this sister complex!" Lenalee was fuming. She loved her brother very much but, with him like that, she was sure she'd never get a boyfriend. Komui crawled over from the spot he had fallen and grabbed Lenalee's leg and started to sob. "Lenalee! Don't ever get married! I'll kill who ever touches you!"

Allen and Lavi just stood to the side and sighed at their chief's behavior.

"Umh, Chief, isn't there something you wanted from us?"

Komui looked at Allen as he spoke and noticed that him and Lavi were still standing there staring at him.

He quickly stood, up wiping his tears and snot away, while quickly fixing his hat and glasses. "Ah yes. There is a mission i want you three to go on. Come inside my office and i'll give you more details."

Once inside everyone found a spot they were comfortable in and waited for Komui to begin.

"As you know, the Earl and the Noahs have been very quiet the past few years. The Akuma have not ceased attacking though, and neither have the occasional meetings with a Noah or two, but nothing serious has happened like in the past. We believe the Earl is planning something. Planning something big like a final attack. So with this information, we need all the exorcist and help we can get."

All three of the exorcist understood this very well. They had done as much as they could for the Order, Allen in particular. Since he was told by the late Master Cross, that he would one day turn into the 14th Noah due to the memories that were implanted in him, he had to prove to Central and all the people who lost their trust in him that he was on the Orders side.

Komui walked around to each exorcist and handed them a folder containing information about the mission, before going back to his desk. He started to go into detail about the mission as they opened the folders and scanned the contents.

"Finders have informed us of a possible parasite-type innocence user in London. They noticed the holder of the innocence while traveling around London, keeping an eye out for possible Akumas or Noahs. They were not able to get much detail on the innocence's holder because they wanted to wait for an exorcist to accompany them before approaching them. The information they have reported though is: a male of about 11 or 12 years of age, lives in the city's orphanage that is owned by a man named Mark Knots. His daughter, who's name we do not know, is a caretaker there and seems to be the one who cares for the user the most."

Lavi looked over the information more carefully making sure to record everything in his mind. After he was done reading and recording everything, he became very sullen.

"I hate having to reduce ourselves to recruiting children. I feel bad enough as it is that Timothy has been sucked into this but another?" Lavi was pinching the bridge of his nose, with a shameful look on his face. "This damn war needs to end, and soon."

With that statement both Lenalee and Komui had a downcast aura around them because they too hated it.

"I know Lavi, but it's also good for the child. We wouldn't want the Millennium Earl or any of his lackeys finding him first would you?" Komui gave a look to Lavi and Lenalee telling them he knew exactly what they were feeling because he was right there with them.

Komui reluctantly continued with the briefing. "As i had said, the boy lives in the orphanage. We do not know anything of his background but it's possible he was put there as an infant because of his innocence. If his parasite-type innocence is something very noticeable like Allen's then that is most likely the story."

At that they all looked over to Allen who, they hadn't realized until now, was not saying a word, just staring blankly at the contents of the folder. It was as if he was in very deep thought.

"Allen... Allen, Allen!" Lenalee kept calling him but there was no response. So Lavi tried something different.

"Yo, Moyashi!"

Allen then snapped out of it, looked up at Lavi and exclaimed " The names Allen!"

At that, the other three couldn't help but chuckle a little, but briskly stopped when they notice Allen's still very earnest expression.

"So, what's was that all about? What were you thinking about?" Lavi was very curious now.

Allen wore a very sullen expression now. He look around the room as if he really didn't want to say, but finally he broke his silence and decided it was right for them to know. "If i'm right… this is the same orphanage i was kept at until i left for the circus and found Mana." It was also the place he met his first friend and first love but he wasn't going to tell them that.

Chief Komui, Lenalee, and Lavi were a little shocked. They didn't know too much about Allen's past because he always looked sad when he tried to speak of it. Even though they didn't know much about his past, they knew it wasn't very good before Allen had meet Mana. So it came as a bit of a surprise to find out the person they were looking for might be in the same position he had once been in. No one was exactly sure what to say when the room had fallen silent. Komui ultimately broke the stillness of the room.

"Well, i would understand if you chose not to go on this mission. It's not always fun digging up the past." He had known this very well. Komui was always perky but he had seen a lot through out his life. There was a time of silence again as Allen thought it over, finally he decided.

"No, it's fine. I'll go." He gazed up with a smile on his face. "It's been about 10 years, if there was even anyone there that had known me as a child, they wouldn't recognize me." He glanced at his pure white hair and traced the curse on his face again.

Everyone could tell he wasn't as comfortable with it as he tried to say he was. The room went still for the umpteenth time that day.

Komui was the one to break the hush yet again with a loud clap. All heads turned to him as they saw him hop up from his chair with a slight grin one his face. "Alrighty then! Everyone go get everything prepared for the trip. You're not going to be able to take the ark because Allen has yet to be ordered by central to make a door to near this area, so it's going to be a bit of a long journey." As he said this he was shuffling them out of his office.

When Lavi and Lenalee were out the door, Komui stopped Allen just before he left.

"Oh! By the way General Walker, if you can successfully retrieve the child, i want him to be under your jurisdiction as his master." Komui was wearing a broad smile.

Allen was taken aback. He didn't really understand because he never believed they would ever let him, the 14th Noah, have an apprentice. Allen couldn't tell if Komui was serious. The Chief saw the confusion and debating that was going on in his mind. So to reassure the young general that he was serious he firmly put his hand on Allen's shoulder getting his attention and earnestly said, "I'm proud of you. You've been through so much but that never stopped you. You deserve this, and i really think the kid deserves a kind master that can understand what its like to have his kind of innocence." Allen looked into Komui's eyes and could tell her was being sincere.

With this, a huge smile spread across Allen's face. He couldn't believe he was going to have an apprentice! He quickly perked up and actually couldn't wait to get to the orphanage. Allen thanked Komui with a quick hug and a huge grin while dashing out of his office to get ready.

With everything packed and stocked up, the three exorcist were now on their way. They boarded the train and started to walk down the aisle to find some seats. Lenalee had quickly noticed the happy mood Allen was in, and saw him smiling genuinely, which is something his scarcely did anymore. With his face being like that, Lenalee couldn't help but think how much younger Allen looked like that, and how much it had reminded her of the young innocent boy she had met almost four whole years ago. Back in those day, things were still complicated, but they just seemed so much easier and happier. Lenalee hoped this mission would help to bring things back to the way they used to be.

As the young women exorcist was reminiscing about the old days, she didn't realize Allen had come to a halt in front of her. With a slight thud, she ran right into his back, and fell to the floor from the impact. Lenalee had been walking pretty fast, without realizing it, so it was no surprise she fell, that didn't mean her behind wasn't aching greatly from the fall. Allen regained himself after the small shove and quickly turned around and apologized while holding out his hand offering her help.

She grabbed his hand accepting his offer of help. "Oh, no it's okay, I'm the one who bumped into you, i should have been paying attention. I'm s-"

Lenalee's breath suddenly caught in her throat as she looked up from the ground and into Allen's gorgeous grey eyes. As she looked up at Allen's smiling face she thought back to the young Allen and then to the one standing right in front of her.

'When had Allen grown so tall? Why did I never notice until now that he towered over me? His shoulders have become very… broad.' On each shoulder laid his white hair, which he had let grow over time. His hair was very choppy and thin at the ends because it was always taking some damage during their battles. It really suited him though. 'Allen has matured and grown into a man right before my eyes. He is no longer cute… but drop dead gorgeous. Any girl would be lucky to have him'

As all these thoughts were going through her head, Allen was still bending over her with his hand reached out ready to help her up. "Umh... Lenalee? Are you okay?" Allen looked at her with a puzzled and amused grin. With the sound of Allen's voice Lenalee snapped out of it.

"O-oh yes!" She giggled a little embarrassed. "Sorry, i guess i was out of it for a moment." Lenalee was stuttering nervously. 'Since when was his voice that deep? What happen to his-... No! No, no. I have to stop thinking about these kinds of things so much. We're on a mission and i have to do my best!'

Allen and Lavi watched as Lenalee stood up with a look uf deep thought still. She then shook her head as if disagreeing with something she was thinking. After that she brought her hand up into a fist as if she just triumphed in a decision. Lavi found this hilarious and started busting up. Allen found it very amusing too but was wondering what in the world she was thinking again.

"Are you sure your alright Lenalee?" Allen couldn't help but ask. She then snapped out of it again.

"Huh? Oh! Y-yes!" She gave Allen a teeth filled smile while blushing wildly. Allen couldn't help but think it was cute and gave her a warm smile back. After the whole incident, it took Lavi forever to stop laughing at her. Once it finally calmed down, everyone got comfortable and prepared for the long train ride.

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