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A/N – I was bored and decided to write a story of Annad's thoughts about Rowan and Sharaan (I always imagined a romance between them!)

Anyway, enjoy!

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"Mummy (A/N-I'm Ozzie, so I don't spell it as mommy =D), why are Rowan and Sharaan staring at each other?" asked innocent little Annad.

Sure enough, tending to the bukshah, were the two, staring into each other's eyes then looking away quickly with a blush...

"Strange, I never noticed before...Well, I always thought there was something special between them, lovebirds..." murmured Jiller.

"Mother, can I ask you something important?"

"Of course Annad," she answered in a curious tone.

"Are Rowan and Sharaan going to get married? And if they are, can I be the bridesmaid?" asked Annad with puppy-dog eyes that no-one, not even Zeel could resist.

Caving in, Jiller replied "If they are, then of course you can! But I'm afraid you're going to have to ask them."

"Okey-dokey!" bouncing on her feet, she skipped up to the two lovebirds.

"Rowan, are you and Sharaan getting married?" inquired Annad.

(Insert sputtering =P) "W...wha...what? Annad!" exclaimed the pair.

"Mummy, called you two lovebirdies!"

The couple, now a brighter red than a tomato, if possible turned even redder. Rowan had started a coughing fit which Sharaan joined in soon after.

"Do you need me to get Sheba's cough medicine? You both seem very sick..."

"Arrggghhhh, no, we're fine! Perfectly fine, just choked on my breath, taken by surprise is all!" still red-faced but not coughing anymore.

"I wonder if Uncle Lief and Auntie Jasmine (A/N-I know, just a mini crossover) could help me decorate your new house when you get marrie..."

Before she could finish, and appearing out of the shadows, Jiller said "Annad, let's go and visit Allun and Marlie, and give these two some privacy, come on!"

"Just one more minute mummy!"

"Oh, alright then"

"Can I become the bukshah keeper after you get married, or do you want to still look after them?" asked Annad.

"Uhhh, we can both look after them," said Rowan.

With a snort, Star stared at Rowan with that mischievous stare of hers and with her newly sharpened horns, picked up a bale of hay, and threw it at Rowan, which also hit Sharaan.

Skipping along to Jiller, Annad said happily "I bags' being bridesmaid!"

She skipped all the way to Allun's bakery leaving a tomato coloured couple covered in straw with jaws on the ground (literally).

Little did Annad know, that they were planning their revenge on her and Jiller for embarrassing them (in front of the bukshah).

Well, that's that! Hope you liked it! This IS going to be a one-shot, so if you beg for me to continue, sorry, but you're going to have to use your imagination and visualise what happens next! Sorry if you think I'm a big meanie!

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