"That...is a pretty large bridge."

"I must admit, I am impressed."

"Damn. You're more impressive than I thought."

Three of the six Genin looked impressed at the sight above them, whispering in hushed tones, though Naruto's expressive nature did manage to stand out at the last statement.

The boat owner managed to shush them as he continued to row slowly towards the shore in the dark mist. It was a bit of a tense ride, the boat packed with ten different people. Kakashi and Asuma had decided to go with the larger boat instead of following the smaller one. Naruto was a bit surprised too until she thought about it, though she stubbornly refused to deactivate her Sharingan.

The blonde girl knew there was something odd with this mission. Why else would the Hokage send two teams on a single C rank? Especially Asuma's team? Was this a first blood mission for the two teams? But then why the hand signs? She continued to think about things as her body reacted without even thinking, a kunai being drawn from her pouch and flung through the air with one smooth motion. Only once the blade was in the air did she actually react, her eyes narrowing.

"Kawamiri." She murmured to herself suddenly. "We've got company." Naruto raised her voice and announced to everyone.

Chouji was the first to react and went to the bushes, pulling out a kunai to replace his bag of chips and went over the bush. "It's a rabbit." He reached down and grabbed the rabbit with his free hand. "Looks kinda tasty." He eyed it, bringing it into full view of everyone.

"White...?" Shikamaru and Sakura asked in unison.

The sound of displaced air was the only warning anyone got. Naruto tackled Chouji down to the ground while Sakura pulled Tazuna out of harm's way; Shikamaru had already ducked, grabbing Ino with his shadow to do the same while Asuma and Kakashi simply moved out of the way. Overhead spun one of the largest blades any of them had ever seen, sailing just over them in a way that would've cut even the smallest of them in two if they hadn't dodged. It struck a nearby tree expertly and upon it appeared a man.

"Well look see...a bunch of targets." The voice was low and had a bit of a rasp to it.

It was Kakashi that spoke first in response, his voice mild, all things considered. "My my, if it isn't Zabuza Momochi."

"Copy-Cat Kakashi...one of the Twelve Guardians of the Fire, Asuma Sarutobi, if I'm not mistaken." The man on the sword, Zabuza turned around so he could get a good look at everyone. "..And a bunch of mostly Konoha clan brats I see."

He was taller than most, with hair black and spiked up and off to the side slightly; bandages were wrapped around his lower face and chin. His headband was tied to his head, but it was tilted off to the side and he wore an open vest exposing his chest. His leggings were loose and there were more bandages on his body, The sword he was standing on was easily as long as he was tall and still very large.

"Nice to meet you too, Demon of the Mist." Asuma responded, pulling out his trench knives slowly. "Anything we can do for you?"

"Oh, I'm just here to kill the bridge builder, so if you don't mind?"

"Ah, I'm afraid we'll have to decline that offer. We've been paid and all."

For some reason, Kakashi's answer seemed to cause Zabuza to twitch slightly, and to Naruto's trained Sharingan eye, she could see the frown behind the bandages.

"You do make a good point." Zabuza nodded after a moment. "But then again, this does look fun. Let's see, a barely trained Yamanaka, an underfed Akimichi, a pink haired civilian girl, no? A Nara by the looks of that one, and an Uchiha." Zabuza brought his hand up to scratch his chin despite it being covered in bandages. "What has me wondering is why the Uzumaki is blonde and has an Uchiha's eyes. Steal those, did you girl?"

"My Father was a blonde, you jerk! And I didn't steal no one's eyes! These are mine!" She proved it by deactivating them with a blink, staring sullenly at the man before her with bright blue eyes. "Now get out of here or I'll kick your ass! Demon my foot! I'll show you a real Demon!"

"Naruto!" Kakashi barked.

"What!" She snarled, turning her once again activated eyes, after she blinked again, at her Jounin sensei.

"No sharing S-class secrets with enemy Nin." Kakashi scolded gently causing the girl to slump a little and mumble under her breath. "What was that?"

"I said fine...you old scarecrow!"

"I think I get it." Zabuza said with tilt of his head. "Not a Yamanaka and not many blondes in Konoha. How old are you, girl?"


"Naruto, dammit, shut your mouth!"

Naruto turned to stare at Kakashi sullenly, wishing she could put the man under a Genjutsu and not get in trouble for it. "He called me a thief! I refuse to be insulted like that, Kami-be-damned!" It was one of the few things Naruto was very sensitive about, especially since she had the Sharingan. "Besides, it has to get out some time."

The looks of confusion on everyone's face but Sasuke's was the real kicker, it was almost as if they forgot they were in a deadly situation. Zabuza himself let out a bark of a laugh. "I wonder what Iwa would pay for information like this." He kicked his sword out of the tree with a shift of his foot, dropping down and hefting the blade on his shoulder. "Why don't we make a deal then?"

"A deal?" Kakashi looked less than impressed, which was a feat in of itself for someone who's face was mostly hidden away. "And why should we deal with a Mist Missing-Nin?"

"...This is why two teams were sent, isn't it?" Naruto finally asked out loud, the memory from the day in the Mission Office kicking in. "You knew this was going to happen!"

Tazuna looked mildly shocked and then guiltily at the two Jounin whom were eyeing him for a half a second before taking a step back.

"Naruto." Kakashi almost sounded pained. "Will you please shut up?"

"Never!" She shouted cheerfully before her happy facade faded into seriousness. "So, Bandage-Face, what's it to you? You know who everyone here is obviously. Including my parents. You want to take a chance on pissing of old-man Hokage when his son is right there?" She motioned towards the Asuma with a negligent wave of her hand.

"Keeping up with the Uzumaki Tradition as well?" Zabuza retorted blandly, setting both Jounin on edge as well as Sasuke and Naruto. "Oh yes. I know that too. You pick up some interesting information as a Missing-Nin." The look of minor amusement passed over the exposed portion of his face. But then he grimaced slightly as he started to speak his next set of words. "Me and my team request Asylum within Konoha."