Shugo Chara ~ The Vampire Loves

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Chapter 1:

Ikuto lands inside the abandoned old house; his body covered in blood, clothes torn. He looked pale under the full moon when his powers should have been in the fullest.

'Master, are you alright?' Ikuto's small servant asked in a small voice. A small human-cat like creature floats near Ikuto's face, the creature practically the size of a milk carton. He kept pacing worried of his master; looked for the injuries his master have.

'I'm fine.' Ikuto mutters. He wasn't exactly fine though; he lost too much blood encountering the vampire hunter. He should have known that he is falling into a trap. He cursed himself for falling into it.

Ikuto faces Yoru, pets his familiar and mutters, 'Go ahead and hide yourself. I do not want you to endanger yourself because of me.'

Yoru face his master worried. He couldn't leave his master so easily knowing that his master might die in the hands of the vampire hunter. His ears perked up sensing presence in the vicinity. He glanced at his master before he left to search for the presence. He could tell from the scent that the ones who entered are humans. He figured his master can drink the blood of the people just to recover. He led the people to his master by scaring them.

Ikuto looked surprised as the door to the room where he rest banged open; he saw a female child look back at him on all fours. He could sense strong fear coming from the child.

'Must be Yoru.' Ikuto thought. He leaned forward, lift the child's chin. He gave a gentle smile, 'How old are you?'

'Twe… Twelve…' the child answered trembling in fear. Her face is so close to the male to recognize that what is dripping is blood. She wanted to run but couldn't; her legs felt numb.

The last time I recalled that the youngest I consumed when I turned 20 is 18, he thought looking at the child. He looked at the child's face. This child is too young. I guess she'll have to do, desperate times calls for desperate measures. He hypnotized the child and put her into trance but his power is rendered ineffective. He looked surprised to see the child continue to cry.

Will I die like this… ugh… I do not want to… mother… father… Ami… The child continues to cry as her head up facing the vampire. She prays that somehow she'll get be saved.

Ikuto gently leaned forward with a smirk. He saw no reaction other than crying from the child. He whispers, 'What is your name child?'

The child stiff scared stutters. 'A… Amu…' She is afraid that she'll get in more danger if she would not answer.

'Remember my name well…' he said slowly aiming to the child's neck. 'Ikuto…' He barred his fang to her neck making her bleed.

'Iku...' the child's face became bitter as she felt him sank his fangs to her neck.

He sucks her blood until she lost consciousness and his strength returned a bit enough for him to move.

Six years later.

'Amu it haven't disappeared yet, huh.' Nagihiko said staring at Amu's neck. He accompanies Amu to the green house.

The two students walk enduring the heat of the sun.

'Yeah…' Amu touched her right side of her neck. 'This wound.' She forced a smile as she covered the scar left by an old wound feeling conscious. She recalled when she received the wound. Closed her eyes and then tried to recall the face of the man who made her wound. Although he wasn't rough with her, she couldn't forget it.

'Amu?' Nagihiko calls seeing Amu suddenly quieted down.

'Hey are you the students going to help me out?' a voice from the greenhouse uttered.

The voice is unfamiliar. Amu turns to look, shocked when she saw the person walking out of the greenhouse coming to greet them; it made her remember the past clearly, the man who made the wound. Her hands gone cold, her feet froze.

'Tsukiyomi-sensei!' Nagahiko greeted back with a smile. He ran towards the teacher he greeted.

Amu wonders if her nightmare had come again. She felt as if her feet glued to the ground. She kept praying that she is in a middle of a dream.