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'What are you doing?' Rima exclaimed seeing the desperation Amu did to open the door. She grabbed Amu's shoulder to stop the female from charging the door, 'Stop that!'

'I need to go to where Ikuto is or he'll die!' Amu reasoned trying to break free from Rima's hold.

Rima frowns seeing the desperation Amu is in as she refuse to let go knowing that Amu would charge the door again. 'Don't be like that! In the first place, creatures like him shouldn't exist! They are born of darkness!'

'But it is still Ikuto!' Amu sounded as if nothing had mattered, tears filled her eyes. 'He came to rescue me!'

'Avampireisavampire! I am sure that Tadase warned you!' Somehow, Rima started arguing with Amu which she didn't intend to. 'They kill humans to feed themselves! They increase the creatures of the night by creating more monsters! He is no different who walks freely among humans!'

'But Ikuto is Ikuto!' Amu cries almost pleading to Rima. 'I won't change my mind just because he is a vampire! Pureblood or whatever, it is too late! I... I love him! I do not want to lose him!'

Rima couldn't believe what she is hearing – a human declaring her love to a vampire. The words did not please her, rather than hearing more, she decided to silence for the moment. She took out a medicine forcibly made Amu drank the small ampoule.

'What is that?' Amu stepped back away from Rima covering her mouth. It didn't take three minutes when she suddenly felt sleepy. She fell on the floor unconscious.

HmpfThat'llkeepyouquiet!Rima stares at the sleeping Amu. Idon'treallycarewhoeverdies.ButIsupposeIdocheerabitaboutIkutoknowinghe'llfollowusaslongasyouliveandstaysafe.ButIthinkitisbetterthattheworldisridofvampires. She sighs as she looked around the room; she turned to Amu, drags the sleeping female into the bed after deducting that the safest place for Amu is in the room all locked up while she figure out a escape plan to attack.

…. Two years later…

'Where are you going Amu?' Nagihiko asked as he saw Amu took off right after class.

Amu stopped walking; she turned to face Nagahiko showing a bright smile. 'On a date!' she rushed away immediately leaving the university. She skipped as she reach the university main gate, standing, she saw Ikuto surrounded by females who are flirting with him.

Ikuto who spotted Amu left the females that swarm him ignoring them. He went to Amu's side, gave her a deep kiss then faced the females that stood stupefied at the public display that he did. 'Sorry.' He apologized with a smile, insincere. 'As you can see, I am tied to someone.' He escorts Amu away ignoring the disappointed females.

'Honestly, couldn't you have shooed them away in an easier manner?' Amu grumbles.

Ikuto gave a kiss to Amu's forehead. He smiles, 'Are you jealous? Don't worry; you are the only one for me.' He touched her gently, embraced her close that he could give a kiss on her lips.

Tadase stood from the distance, looked at Ikuto and Amu in disbelief that the two different beings a love could actually exist. He recalls the last when he found Rima shouting towards him during Amu's abduction panicking. He follows only to find Amu bathe in blood while Ikuto stare blankly at the body as did the other vampire. 'Amu!' he called as he dash towards Amu not even confirming what happened or who did it. Too focused on Amu trying to stop the bleeding from her stomach, he turned to Ikuto when he heard a croaking sound. He saw Ikuto strangling the vampire who no longer had an urge to fight.

'Ikuto…' Amu weakly called lying on the ground unable to see.

Ikuto dropped the vampire, rushed back to Amu's side. He looked relieved to see that Amu is still breathing though not out of danger.

'Ikuto…' Kairi called approaching Ikuto battered as him. 'We can save Amu, though it isn't sure with a risk that it might worsen her situation. Both of us will give her our blood. You know what may and may not happen, right?'

'Giving blood?' Tadase looked alarmed at Kairi and Ikuto. He knows perfectly that there will be a chance that Amu will die or turn into a vampire or heal back.

Ikuto slashed his wrist without a second thought, 'If she dies I'll follow her. If she turns into a vampire or remain as a human I will stay beside her.' He looked at Kairi waiting if the megane vampire would offer up blood.

Kairi smiles at Ikuto. He cut his wrist, let blood drip into Amu's lips as Ikuto did the same.

Back to the present.

'I never imagined that Amu would survive and remain as human though.' Tadase softly spoke. He turned away, left the other direction Ikuto and Amu took.

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