I was going on vacation with my best friends Rosalie Hale, our friend Alice was coming to stay for the summer in one more week we were going to South Carolina for the summer, courtesy of our parents. We were currently driving and we were thirty minutes away from our condo.

Rosalie is currently laying on my shoulder when a fly flew across the car and due to my bad singing went down my throat.

"ckkk-ckkc-ckk-ack Rosalie-cough-cough- help meeeeee!" My wild banshee screaming caused Rosalie to wake up.

" Bella what the hell are you doing fuckin drive and stop hacking like my grandpa!"

"c-c-c- ack I can't,cck I swallowed a bug c-c-c." I was expecting Rosalie to pat my back to help me get the bug out but instead Rosalie started pointing and laughing after she was done she then started patting my back, finally the bug came up but it landed in Rosalie's face and she started screaming causing me to bump in to the side of the road making our tire blow out.

I picked the bug out off of Rosalies face and she stopped screaming. We eventually got out the car to check out our tire,when I bumped into Rose.

"WTF? Rose what the proble-" I saw 3 guys playing football on the beach Rosalie started taking off her clothes and searching around for our swimsuits she threw mine at me and started changing.

"Rose we can't change out her some one might see!"

"Then get in the car and change." We both got in the car and changed our swimsuits,and walked onto the beach.I was about to lay down when Rosalie pulled me right back up.

"Bella you can't make me go over there alone it's against the besties rules."

"Hmph. Fine I'll go but I want the blonde one." I looked over just as he tossed the ball, and oh my gosh how can he look so good doing just that, I wonder what else he can do with that body.

" fine I wanted the big one either way, just look at him."

"Rosalie can we at least swim first, I mean its really pretty and noone else is out for right now."

"yeah, yeah lets do that first then we'll go talk to them." Me and Rose ran out to the water and started swimming and splashing each the sun was starting to rise rose and I got out of the water, only to see the 3 guys we were watching earlier watching us I nudged Rose and she noticed and sauntered over to them and she sat right in between the big one and the blonde, so I had no choice but to follow Rose and lay back inbetween the blonde and the one with reddish hair. The silence was getting awkward after awhile so I decided to speak up.

"Well I'm Bella the one who so rudely interupted is-"

"Bells you know we wouldn't be over here if I hadn't done anything and you were the one going on and on about the oh so sexy head of blonde hair you saw." I blushed the brightest shade of red that you could ever find.

"Well Rosalie your'e the one that stopped us so you could talk to the big one that you want to jump!"

"Yes Bella I do want to jump him but I don't know his name, so your name would be"

"Emmett Cullen" Then he started laughing."Just so you know Rosalie you can jump me anytime you want.