I could feel myself licking my lips as I stared at Jasper in his suit. He looked so God damn sexy and he didn't even know it. I wanted to jump him but I guess that would be really inappropriate at a wedding.

I was standing behind Rosalie as her maid of honor, after weeks and weeks of planning her day had finally come. She looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress. She had decided to get married in her Uncle Ted's hotel where we were also having the reception.

But back to Jasper, he looked delectable he was only wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a sapphire blue tie, and his black pants…gawd I want to rip them off.

After this wedding I'm dragging him to the nearest closet. Emmett and Rosalie had just said a great big "fuck it" to the reception and were going on their honeymoon immediately after the wedding. They were going to Hawaii. I couldn't wait I probably looked like a crazy lady with hungry eyes while biting my lip.

"I do."

"I do."

"You m-"

And in true Emmett fashion he was already hungrily kissing Rosalie, I just knew that he would like the vanilla flavored chap-stick on her.

I wanted to leave now and as Emmett and Rosalie walked down the aisle and walked into their car that would take them to the airport I yanked Jasper's hand into my grip and dragged him down the aisle until Alice and Edward appeared in front of us.

"Bella where do you think you're going, you promised to hang out with me after the wedding remember?"

I glared at her, hot releasing Jasper's hand. "Alice I said I would but we can do that tomorrow. I'm too fucking horny and he looks to fucking good today. So I'm going home and I'm GOING to fuck him okay."

Alice's mouth gaped open "Well that's fine but you should really consider how Japer would feel about this affair."

"What do you mean affair? I'm only having sex with Jasper."

"Oh….Bella you didn't grab Jasper, you grabbed his brother."

And true enough when I turned around I was holding Peter's hand –he had flown down with Charlotte for two weeks- and he was grinning like a fool.

"Awww bellie don't blush I always told you that I'm available."

"Oh my God. Where's Jasper?"

"Right here darlin' what do ya' need?"

I blushed "Were going home."

He looked behind him "Alright just let me say bye to-"

I let go off Peter's hand and grabbed Jasper by his collar "No. Were going home. Now."

"But, Bella baby I really need to-"

"You are going to get in the damn car, drive us home, and we are going to have sex until I am satisfied. Now go start the damn car."

His eyes widened in surprise and I heard him swallow "Okay, by the way you're really sexy when your-"

I'm pretty sure my eyes were blazing "Go start the car!"

He sprinted off while Alice, Edward, and Peter stared at me as if I was an alien until Alice burst into a fit of giggles.

"Okay come on Edward we've gotta get to our place to."

Oh yeah. Alice and Edward had gotten their own place last month. They were living in one story house surrounded by trees two blocks down from us.

"Can we do what Bella and Jasper are gonna do?"

"No, we have to-"

As they walked off to their car I was left with Peter, who kept wiggling his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes and waited for Jasper to show up.

When he finally did I practically leaped into the car in my haste to get home.

As soon as I got in Jasper speed away from the street and headed home. I started rubbing my thighs together to get some type of friction while I eyed Jasper's smirking face.

"Wipe that damn smirk off of you face, what the hell is wrong with you."

"I'm just happy that I finally get to enjoy another perk of your pregnancy, a horny Bella."

5 hours later.

I was very satisfied and jasper rolled over after the 14th go in order to get some rest.

"Damn horny women, can't even feel my dick anymore."

"Well I'm not sorry. Jasper you're like a sex god, can we do it again tomorrow."

"Again? I don't know if I can last that long another day….oh my god I sound like a woman I think that we've switched roles."

I grinned like the cat who ate the canary and put my hands behind my head as I drifted off to sleep, while Jasper grumbled beside me.

When I woke up I was very well rested and I smelled chicken. I stretched and put on robe before going downstairs before seeing Jasper sitting on the couch watching TV.

He looked up at me and smirked "Ready for another round already?"

I groaned "Shut up I'm already embarrassed enough I can't believe I practically told everyone we were leaving early just so I could fuck you."

He smiled "It makes me feel good that you want me that bad."

"Fuck you Jasper."

"You already did that 4 hours ago."

I sat down next to him on the couch before he slid me onto his lap while I groaned.

"Jazz I'm too fat for that now I could probably break your legs by now."

"Your only seven months besides I don't even have to work out with you around."

I froze and my eyes started to water.

"Awww no babe, I meant it as a joke your beautiful, gorgeous even."

I sniffled "Don't try to get yourself out of the doghouse Mister."

He squeezed me closer to him while rubbing my belly.

"I love you."

I snuggled into him "I love you too. "

I looked up at him "Jasper?"

He looked down at me and my heart swelled. He looked at me as if I was his universe. "Yeah?"

"I love you more."

He smiled and captured my lips with his for a brief moment before moving us out onto the balcony.

Sitting under the millions of stars with Jasper made me feel as if my world was complete. With Jasper rubbing my belly made it all the better.

As we looked out at the stars together I couldn't help but think about our future, of course our future was awe bit out of order, but I wouldn't have it any other way. After a long silence laying in Jasper's arms I couldn't think about having lots of babies with Jasper…..in a three bedroom apartment. I wanted to move.

We had the money, jobs, insurance, and everything to make it work for us so why not now. My lease was almost up anyway.

So I swallowed my pride and broke the silence that Jasper and I had comfortably been sitting in.


He snapped back to reality like a rubber band. "Yeah Bells?"

"I want lotsa babies with you like…six or more?"

He laughed "Didn't you tell me that you only wanted four."

I frowned "Well now I want six or more, deal with it and be happy."

He smiled down at me before soundly kissing me "Whatever you want baby-girl, but how about we try these two out first you might change your mind."

I grinned smugly "I won't I want lotsa babies and a house full of em' with little pitter patters of feet everywhere."

Jasper froze "Oh my god, lotsa babies means less sex. Bella I can't live without sex and-"

I giggled "We'll be having lotsa sex call it practice for my six or more kids."

Jasper looked down at me "I'm not making more than eight hun I don't wanna be like that Dad from Cheaper by the Dozen or somethin' like that."

I rolled my eyes "I'm not asking for a dozen kids I'm asking for six or more…eight kids."

He laughed "Eight kids."

I pouted "Yes eight kids."

"Then why eight Bella."

I blushed "Well because you said that was your limit."

"You know were gonna need a big house with all those kids."

I gasped "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I wanna move!"

He looked down into my eyes with a shocked look. "A week ago you were crying about moving out."

I looked down "Well I was thinking abo-"

Jaspers lips were upon mine shortly after my unfinished sentence.

"We..can move…were gonna…need a place…to put…all these…babies." Jasper said while giving me kisses in between each word he said before thrusting his tongue into my mouth.

I could feel myself becoming aroused again, when I heard our doorbell ring.

I groaned with dissatisfaction, and Jasper helped me to stand before just deciding to carry me bridal style in his arms, while we continued to make out.

When we actually managed to get to the door Jasper gently put me down before opening the door.

We were very shocked to see a crying Alice in sweatpants and a T-shirt none the less.

She ran into our apartment settling down on the couch while I waddled after her.

"Alice what's wrong this time."

She threw herself onto my shoulder "Edward doesn't wanna have sex because it'll hurt the baby!"

I gently rubbed her back hoping to calm down. "Why does he think that?"

"I don't know! He's paranoid because he's a doctor maybe, but I'm horny damnit and I don't wanna use a vibrator unless I have to!"

I shushed her "It'll be alright, does he know you're here?"

"No! I just left, I want sex Bella and I want Edward's dick penetrating my fucking pussy soon before I fucking explode."

It was just as she said that, that Jasper walked in mumbling the words "Fucking pussy exploding." before walking out of the room.

Alice giggled a tinkling laugh before sniffling and calming down.

"Jasper's funny he's perfect for you Bells. Anyway do you mind if I crash here tonight?"

I laughed "You don't even have to ask. You know where your room and everything else is so just make yourself at home.

She reached over to hug me "Thanks Bella, you're a great friend."

Alice wandered off down the hall to her bedroom.

I walked down the other hallway to Jasper and I's room. I found him laying on the bed half asleep with his eyes half open.

He winked at me lazily "What are you doing sexy, take off your clothes and get in your pj's."

I laughed lightly "You just want a free show."

He sat us propping a pillow behind him "I wouldn't exactly say free, I mean I do make breakfast tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I said while pulling off my bra.

His eyes widened "Hey, hey, hey go slow. I think your boobs grew."

I rolled my eyes and put on my yoga shorts and an oversized T-shirt.

"Yeah, they tend to do that when you get pregnant."

His mouth opened and his eyes widened "So they'll do that everytime?"

I blinked at him astonished as I crawled into bed "Yes Jasper, and sometimes you get to keep them."

He smiled before talking in a really squeaky voice "Really?"

I rolled my eyes before kissing him goodnight "Yes, Jazz."

I rolled over onto my side when I felt Jasper cup both of my breast before wiggling them in his hands.

I groaned.

He smirked "So there's a possibility that they'll get even bigger?"

"For the last time, yes Jasper."

He kissed each one before nuzzling his face into them and kissing my stomach goodnight. When he rolled back over onto his side of the bed he kissed me until I had no breath left to say goodnight to him.

"Oh yeah, Bella?"

"Is this about boobs again?"

"No…we'll talk about your boobs again tomorrow though." He said giving me a playful grin.

I groaned "What did you wanna say in the first place?"

He smiled "Your Dad is coming by tomorrow with Sue to have dinner. So do you want me to cook or do you want take-out."

I laughed "How about I cook for Dad and Mom."

"You already consider Sue you Mom."

I looked down "Sue was basically my Mom growing up, my own Mother was like my child. It was nice to be taken care of instead of taking care of someone."

Jasper pouted "But you take care of me…"

I smiled "And you take care of me."

I kissed his still pouted lips when my phone rang, and Alice's voice flitted down the hall "if that's Edward don't tell him where I am and I don't wanna talk to him."

Sure enough it was Edward frantically calling.

"Bella! Oh my gosh I'm so happy you answered me and Alice-"

"-had another fight and she left again?"

"He breathed deeply over the phone "I see that she's already told you."


"Does that mean you know where she is?"

"She asked me not to tell you I'm sorry Edward but I think that she just needs some time to calm down."

"Calm down! Bella, I'm worried sick about her what if she gets hurt or something?"

"She's completely fine, and we had this talk a month ago, remember?"

He laughed "Yeah, anyways I'm just gonna let you get some sleep, because I've discovered that our keys to your apartment are missing so she probably at your place."

I yawned "Alright, bye Edward."

Jasper was looking at me expectantly "Goodnight Jasper."

"Bella." He whispered so softly I almost didn't hear him.


"I love you, and your boobs."

I laughed "You're boob obsessed."

"Damn straight." He said with a smile.

After Jasper's confession I feel into an empty sleep.

Jasper pov. (yeah I know it's been a while)

I could feel the room getting colder and colder and colder.

What the fuck? I left the window open. I got up from the bed and closed the window, and noticed Bella's shivering form. I grabbed another blanket from the cabinet in our room and placed it over Bella, before giving her a light kiss on her lips.

I could wake her up with an orgasm….but no she needed her sleep. I walked out of the door to see Alice and Edward sitting at the coffee table talking.

I guess I was making breakfast for six then.

I abruptly turned around though when I heard the bathtub start running water. Bella had taken to taking baths recently, not wanting to be on her feet, and so help me God if her wet and covered in bubbles was something I would get tired of seeing.

Just as I walked into the bathroom she was lowering herself into the tub while I stared at her like a pervert.

"Jasper you know you can come in, you always do anyway."

I smiled and stripped off my clothing while she eyed me. I slid in behind her while she put her head on my chest.

I grabbed her towel and soaped it up getting ready to wash her as I usually did. Sometimes it was just because it made me seem useful, or because Bella liked it, but today it was so I could feel her body all over.

I started by rubbing slow circles with the towel into her neck before drifting down to her sides. Eventually ditching the towel and using my hands instead I ran my soapy hands down her sides before moving to her breasts and playing with her nipples.

I had thought that I was pleasing her with my hands but apparently my gentle touches were enough to put her to sleep, I figured that out when I heard her give off a gentle snore. I groaned and got out of the tub.

Grabbing a towel and placing it around my waist before grabbing another for Bella to wrap around her.

I kneeled beside her to lift her out of the tub and when I had done that and successfully wrapped her in the towel I carried her wet body back to our room.

I gently put her on our bed being sure not to wake her up, and put her in her T-shirt and underwear.

I put her back in the bed while I listened to her snore softly, when I heard a knock at the door.

I walked to open the door only to see Peter and Char coming in with ihop. I was relieved I really didn't feel like making breakfast anymore, and I still had to figure out what we were eating for dinner. I didn't think Bella was going to wake up in enough time to cook.

I still couldn't believe she fell asleep, I was really hoping for some pregnant sex.

The Chief would be coming over at 8:00pm and it was 10:23am right now, I had plenty of time.

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