The Chaos Saga

Sonic the hedgehog's story


By One Winged Angel666

Before I can tell you my story, I wish to tell you about everything that happened in my life leading up to the events of the Chaos incident. As you're all probably aware, life is like one big roller-coaster. It has its ups, where people succeed, find happiness in their jobs and loved ones, and eventually live a long, happy, healthy life. It also has its downs, like illness, loss, old age, death, and in my case and the case of all those forest-animals I saved in the past, Dr. Eggman. My life was no different, as my downs included my previous life as a typical forest-animal that was hated and feared for my power to run at super-sonic speed, and my ups included my new life as a powerful and influential hero that would protect people from threats like Dr. Eggman. Even though really, I'm the type that likes to cheat death and spit at its face for fun, which was why I used my never-ending battles against Dr. Eggman as an excuse to entertain myself with cheating death repeatedly. Eggman maybe evil, but at least he reduces my boredom with his constant desire to exact revenge on me every time I'd defeat him and his robot armies.

Long ago, before I became a hero, I was like Tails before I met him: A freak just because I had the gift of super-speed. All the other forest-animals would fear and stay away from me just because my gift would put them in danger. I wouldn't be accepted as their new friend, and I wouldn't join them in any forest-animal games or conversations. I was isolated from the others, as my speed would be a curse, a birth-defect that made me dangerous to be around with. And, it didn't help when later on, Dr. Eggman and his robot army appeared and imprisoned every last forest-animal inside his robots, announcing his campaign to conquer the world with the power of those mysterious super-powered gems, the Chaos Emeralds. I escaped Eggman's robots with my speed, and as an act of defense I would destroy a few robots with my power, freeing the animals inside them in the process. In return, they literally thanked me for saving their lives, when they originally feared and discriminated me, and from there this experience would teach me a lesson: If I have a gift, I should use it to benefit other people, as opposed to do nothing and in turn be treated like crap just because of that gift. With my trademark speed, I would battle hordes of Eggman robots, collect the Chaos Emeralds, and use their powers to defeat Dr. Eggman himself in a battle that would determine the fate of the world. I would win and use the Chaos Emeralds' powers to restore the damage Eggman created, and from there the forest-animals would no longer treat me like a monster like Eggman, but rather as a citizen with thoughts and feelings like them, a hero! It was from there, I developed two interests: To use my powers responsibly anytime Eggman would return, and to have fun with cheating death and defying impossible odds. The reason for the 'cheating death' part was because I enjoyed the adrenaline rush from fighting Dr. Eggman and his robots, even if everyone else would hate it, and while I was fearing for Eggman's inevitable return to exact revenge on me, I was also hoping that Eggman would return to entertain me.

From there, I would encounter my eventual girlfriend, a pink, female hedgehog by the name of Amy Rose, whom at the time didn't wield a giant hammer or train with one until much later on. She was one of the many forest animals I had to rescue from Eggman's robots when I first fought him, and ever since then she would develop an annoying crush on me. One day, she came up to me, endlessly commented on my heroism against Dr. Eggman, and forced me against my will to go on a date with her. I was reluctant at first, but I didn't want to be impolite to a young girl like her either, particularly one that was the same species of forest-animal like myself. With no other choice, I went on the date with her by taking her to a special spot: The sight of Little Planet floating on top of Never Lake, which would appear once every December of each year. Legends said that it possessed the Time Stones, which were similar to the Chaos Emeralds' powers over time and space, and with the time stones, Little Planet had power over the space-time continuum. It was a beautiful sight, and Amy and I thought that nothing could screw up our date with each other.

Unfortunately, Eggman would be the one to ruin our date, as he would kidnap Amy Rose, use her against me to exact his revenge on me, and plot to take over Little Planet and its Time Stones, using their powers to go back into the past and alter the future into the one where he's the ruler of the world. Even though I was upset that he'd use Amy as a shield against me, I was also excited for his inevitable return, because I was an adrenaline-junkie ever since I've first fought him and saved the world, and I needed an excuse to endanger myself again for fun. I would explore Little Planet, traveling back through time to collect the Time Stones and use their powers to fix the damage Eggman made on history, creating a good future in the process. He would also build Metal Sonic, a robot version of me just to match my speed, but it was just a copy of me, and copies are often match for the originals like myself. In turn, I'd defeat Eggman with the Time Stones, rescue Amy Rose, and destroy Little Planet in the process, causing the Time Stones to vanish forever, so that no one else like Eggman can use its powers over time again. Amy would owe me a debt of gratitude by continuously annoy me with her love for me, but I was still calm and polite to her, because I had to be polite to her.

A couple of months would pass, and from there I would meet another forest-animal I used to rescue during my first time as a hero, a two-tailed fox by the name of Miles "Tails" Prower. Like me in the past with my super-speed, Tails was discriminated against and excluded from the other forest-animals for being born with two tails. However, in a world that would hate others for being different, I would actually feel sorry for Tails, and from there I would befriend him. In turn, Tails, who wanted to thank me for saving his life along with the lives of the other forest-animals, slowly developed a bond with me, even if everyone else wouldn't do so with him, and we would become inseparable. Tails also wanted to repay me for saving his life, and he thought that anytime Eggman would return, Tails would use his ability to fly with his two tails to help me anytime I need it. At first I was reluctant, but when Eggman returned with the Chaos Emeralds, I had no other choice but to accept Tails' help. When the two of us fought Eggman and retrieved and used the Chaos Emeralds' powers against him, I underestimated Tails' abilities, and we were a more powerful fighting-force together rather than separate. After defeating Eggman and destroying his ultimate weapon, a space-station with his face on it, the Death Egg, which was powered by the Chaos Emeralds, Tails would eventually become a hero for helping me fight Eggman again, just like me. I would also discover a new power that had been innate within me until now, and that was to change into my super-form with the Chaos Emeralds, which involved not only changing my fur from blue to gold, but also giving me the power to fly, extra speed, and incredible god-like powers beyond imagining.

I was once a nobody born with a curse, and not only did I turn that curse into an asset, I also became a hero with a girlfriend and a sidekick in the process.

More months would pass, and we would discover that Eggman is plotting on rebuilding the Death Egg, which crashed on an island, called Angel Island, floating in the air. That's right, not on the water, but in the air. Tails and I would fly his plane, the Tornado, and use the Chaos Emeralds to combat Eggman again, when on the island we would run into a red, egg-laying mammal that lived on Angel Island as its guardian, Knuckles the echidna. Because he lived on the island for so long as the guardian of its many secrets, isolated from the outside world, that he didn't receive any news about my heroic acts against Dr. Eggman, the fat scientist would use that to his advantage, tricking Knuckles into stealing the Chaos Emeralds from us and believing that Eggman is the hero while Tails and I were the villains trying to steal the emeralds for ourselves. Knuckles believed his lies, and from there, Tails and I would fight Knuckles and Eggman for the Chaos Emeralds, and their little remote control, the giant-sized Master Emerald.

As Tails and I explored and survived Angel Island and its many traps and puzzles, we also discovered the secret behind the Chaos Emeralds and their origins, which we wouldn't learn about until that point in our adventures. Thousands of years ago, a tribe of echidnas, Knuckles' ancestors, invented the Chaos Emeralds to be their source of life and power, until countless nations would discover the secrets behind the emeralds and wage war with the echidnas for them. Preventing any future outbreaks of war and chaos, the echidnas would spread the Chaos Emeralds around the world in separate hiding spots, while they created the Master Emerald, a means to control their powers anytime someone were to find and abuse their powers. Knuckles the echidna would become the emeralds' guardian, isolated from the outside world and any knowledge of it, included the fact that Eggman was the real villain, who tried to conquer the world with the emeralds and exact his revenge on us for constantly foiling his plans.

The two of us would arrive at the shrine of the Master Emerald, where we would fight Knuckles for our lives and win despite his incredible strength. After losing to us, Knuckles would learn the truth, and the three of us would discover Eggman stealing the Master Emerald for himself, causing Angel Island to fall into the water without the giant emerald as its power source to keep it afloat. Knuckles would open the path to Eggman's newly-restored Death Egg for us, but it was up to Tails and I to finish the rest of the job. We battled Eggman on the Death Egg in one final battle to get back the Master Emerald, and after the Death Egg was destroyed, I transformed into Super Sonic with the seven Chaos Emeralds to chase Eggman in his mech suit, carrying the Master Emerald, in space, until I defeated him and got back the Master Emerald. Tails and I would deliver the Master Emerald back to Knuckles, raising his home island back in the air like in ancient times, and we would develop a new friend out of Knuckles.

The time would pass, and my friends and I would fight Eggman every time he'd return with a new evil scheme to conquer the world, and both us and him would grow more powerful than last time, making our never-ending battle with each other much harder than last time. However, because Eggman grew more powerful, I started to actually fear Eggman as opposed to enjoy my battles against him like the previous times, fear that one day Eggman will grow so powerful that not even my friends and I could stop him at his peak potential, despite the fact that we'd also grow more powerful, too. And, because Eggman would often use my friends against me, I would also fear and obsess over my friends' safeties, fear that I would actually lose them.

However, this one rainy night, when all hope seemed lost for me, when my friends and I would die and Eggman would succeed, would soon begin my step-by-step process of changing me from a hero that fears for his friends' safeties, to a hero that would actually rely on them as his teammates. And I had her to thank had I not yelled at her instead, for risking her life for my own when I should be the one to save her.