Title: The Unexpected Path

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: M

Warning: Mpreg, slash.

Spoilers: None really.

Summary: After Ianto collaspes in the hub, a medical exam reveals some unexpected results.

Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood but will happily claim ownership of Owen, Tosh and Ianto, since the BBC threw them away so carelessly.

The walls blared orange reflected from the lights as the cog door rolled open. Jack walked into the main area of the hub battling an angry, albeit restrained, weevil to the vaults.

Ianto quickly turned his attention onto the coffee machine. It just wouldn't do not to have coffee ready for Jack and the team, especially after a weevil hunt.

Owen could be heard swearing down the corridor as he attempted to perform a medical examination on what was now a very cranky and pissed off weevil.

As the small kitchenette began to fill with the smell of Ianto's freshly brewed coffee, Ianto began to feel a little nauseous. Frowning, Ianto checked the machine. There was defiantly something wrong with this coffee, it shouldn't smell like that. Finding no fault with the machine, Ianto decided that the milk must be off and decided to start again. The second batch was worse than the first and Ianto found himself biting back vomit at the scent.

Jack strode across the hub as the smell of Ianto's coffee curled under his nose.

"Ianto, did I ever tell you that you and your coffee could save lives?" Jack reached out to clasp a hand to the young man's shoulder.

"No, but don't speak to soon. This coffee is just disgusting, can't you smell it?" Ianto had a hand over his mouth as he emptied what must have been Coffee Attempt 764 down the sink.

"Hey, what are doing with that?" Jack stared, horrified as Ianto poured what Jack deemed perfectly good coffee down the plughole. "It smelt fine to me, there was nothing wrong with it."

"Jack, there is clearly something wrong with the machine. The smell is making me feel sick." Ianto struggled with speech as the bile in his throat became too much to bear. Ianto bent over the sink and promptly threw up.

Jack rubbed Ianto's back until his retching had calmed down. When Ianto's heaving gut had subsided he reached for a glass and poured himself a drink from the tap.

"Yan. You okay?" Jack grabbed Ianto's face in his hands and forced the Welshman's head up to look at him properly.

"I don't feel too good." Ianto moaned, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

"I think you should si-", before Jack could even finish his sentence, Ianto had slumped forward, unconscious, into Jack's chest.

"Yan, baby? Ianto?" Jack's arms encircled Ianto's waist to hold him up as he shouted for Owen to get his scrawny ass down here and come and help him.

Owen rushed over and helped Jack lower an unresponding Ianto to the medical bay. Setting Ianto on top of a bed Owen reassured Jack that Ianto had merely fainted.

"He's exhausted Jack; Lord knows what you've been doing to him. He's worn out." Owen moved to check Ianto's heartbeat.

"It's not just exhaustion, Owen. He was complaining about the coffee machine earlier, said it smelt off. Then he threw up."

Owen frowned at Jack, "I'll take some bloods anyway, get to the bottom of this."

Jack clasped a hand to Owens shoulder.


"I'm a doctor, it's my job." Owen turned to prepare a needle as Jack sank into a chair beside his lover, taking Ianto's hand in his own.

"Get well soon, please." He whispered to a sleeping Ianto.

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