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Gwen sat bolt upright in bed as her mobile bleeped. She fumbled for the phone on her bedside table and flipped it open. Owen had sent her a message; she opened up the attachment and screamed.

Rhys shot up, "What's going on?" he groaned sleepily.

"Ianto had the baby!" Gwen thrust the phone under his nose. Rhys blinked away from the glaring backlight of the screen.

Gwen carried on gushing, "Oh she's gorgeous! I've got to get over there. You go back to sleep, sweetheart." Gwen leaned over and gave Rhys a quick kiss, then stood up to get dressed.

Jack was holding Lowri to give Ianto a rest. Ianto was tired from the birth and had gone to have a lie-down and a nap. Lowri had grumbled at being forced to give up her very comfy position on Ianto's chest. (Jack knew because it was a position he often found himself in.) Jack had opened up his shirt so that Lowri could get contact with his skin and this seemed to calm her down again.

She stared up at Jack's face as he started to do that sort of funny jig-thing that people do when they're holding babies. A little pink tongue poked out from between her wet lips and she dribbled on Jack's shirt, but he didn't mind. Soft wisps of light hair covered her head and her eyes were big and dark blue. Babies were born with blue eyes but colour sometimes changed once they got the pigment developed. Both Jack and Ianto had blue eyes though, so the colour was likely to stay the same. Ianto had stayed awake long enough to feed her on formula. Lowri had struggled to get the hang of the bottle at first, but once she tasted the milk she wouldn't stop suckling.

Jack was watching Lowri just begin to snuggle back into her bunny-hood and close her eyes when the door sounded.

At this moment, Jack thought that maybe the flashing lights and sirens really were a bit too much. Lowri startled awake and began to wail loudly at the sudden noise.

Jack looked up in time to see Gwen come rushing over to greet him.

"Sorry! Sorry! I forgot the door!" she cried, "I'm really sorry! Who's this then?" Gwen beamed at the noisy bundle in Jack's arms.

"Hey, hey!" Jack was attempting to soothe his daughter. "Shush! Its all right, daddy's here. It's just the door." Lowri latched onto Jack's neck and began to mouth at the skin there. Sucking seemed to calm her down.

When Jack had got her settled again, he allowed Gwen to come closer. Gwen peered at the red-faced baby Jack was holding.

"Aww, she's so cute! Hello, I'm your Auntie Gwennie. Yes, I am, yes I am!"

Jack had never understood what it was about babies that made women go all gooey. But then, Lowri was his daughter after all. Some of it was bound to have rubbed off. She was gorgeous after all, the complete spitting image of Ianto. Lowri had Ianto's eyes and Ianto's mouth; but with a temper to match Jack's.

Gwen was currently cooing over Lowri's attempts to fit her entire fist in mouth.

"Congratulations! Where's Ianto?" Gwen asked, never taking her eyes off the baby.

"Sleeping off the anaesthetic. He's exhausted; it was really hard for him." Jack kept his voice low, so as not to reawaken Lowri.

"Do you want to have a lie-down too? I don't mind taking her." Jack passed Lowri to Gwen.

"Thanks. I think she'll just sleep if we keep it down. Speaking of which, I better disable the alarms before Toshiko comes in." Jack stroked his little baby's cheek before striding off to turn off the door alarms.

Jack had put the baby carrier in the corner of his office so he could watch Lowri while he worked. He slipped down the step-ladder to reach his bunk, where Ianto was beginning to stir.

"Morning, lover." He whispered, kissing Ianto on the forehead.

Ianto swallowed, "Where's the baby? Where's Lowri?"

Jack chuckled softly, "She's in my office, Gwen's watching her."

Ianto sat up, "Gwen? What time is it?"

"It's only seven in the morning. She came in early, how are you feeling?"

"Fine. I've got to see Lowri." Jack shifted on the bed to help Ianto stand up.

"We'll get you set up with her on the couch; she's due a feed now anyway." Jack smoothed back Ianto's hair, "I don't think I've ever loved you more than I did last night. Our daughter is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen."

Jack helped Ianto up the ladder and walked across the office. The anaesthetic was still wearing off, so Ianto was having trouble keeping upright. He plonked himself down on the rec couch, wincing as his stitches pulled when he sat. Jack passed him their baby to hold and went to make up the formula, after telling Gwen not to crowd Ianto.

Jack had just passed the bottle to his lover when he found a bouquet of flowers thrust into his face. Behind which, a very over-excited Tosh beamed.

"Sorry I'm late; I had to stop to pick up these. I got your message!" she smiled when she noticed Ianto holding the baby.

"Awwww! Hello Lowri! She's so beautiful."

Ianto looked over at Tosh, returning her smile, "Yeah, she is, isn't she?"


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