Back and better than ever

Chapter One – It's for the best

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The whole thing was completely silly. Really like if she was in full control of her powers. It wasn't her fault she wasn't born with a manual on how to be a universal. They were the most hypocrites of all and she was sick and tired of dealing with them. Picking her cell phone up, she searched her contacts for her parent's number specifically her mums'.

If the society expelled her there was no use staying here where she might accidentally hurt her family. She would miss Argand the most, but Dr. Brock could always find her a better companion especially since was so young. After all Connie herself was expelled and cannot be expected to continue the bond…

Checking her shield was up she sent a text to her mum...


Connie? Isn't it late over there is something wrong

Mom I don't' want to stay here anymore I wouldn't feel comfortable anymore with aunt since she got married she might want some privacy with Uncle Mack.

Really honey, are you sure? I mean what about that society thing and your friends?

Mom I decided to leave the society I just want a normal childhood while I still can.

Oh honey of course we will go online right now and get you on the earliest flight I'll call you uncle and tell him honey

And just like that Connie was on the earliest flight to San Francisco California USA.

It was after she finished texting her mom that she noticed the baby dragon

She headed towards the cliff with Argand, Connie spent a few hours with the baby dragon and after a while Convince Argand that she was tired and she was going to go home and sleep. Connie stood up and as she began her long walk back to Uncle Hugh's cottage.

On the way she met Col and Rat. They said they were looking for her and that she was their friend, so they weren't going to listen to Mr. Codington. Connie hardly heard anything they said. She politely told them that she didn't want to get them in trouble and she was going to go to sleep. For their - they were really sorry.

As soon as the universal got to her room, she sat at her desk and started writing a letter to her Aunt she pull out some paper and pencil from her backpack and began to write:

Dear Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Mack,

It is my duty to inform you that I have been expelled from the society. In hope for a brighter future I have decided to go to boarding school far away from here where Argand will not be tempted to sneak in to see me. I hope to star in a new place with a fresh start. I do not wish to be reminded of what I lost. My mother has alreay found a boarding school for me and shall be staying there, I do hope to continue speaking with you at least if not by phone then by emails.

Love your niece,


The next day before her uncle drove her to the airport Connie left the letter on her aunt's kitchen and finally turning her back on everything that ever matter to her. For the rest of the day she packed and avoided her friend even asking Uncle Hugh not to tell them of her departure.

Finally the time came to leave taking in one deep breath Connie stepped into the car and watched the scenery change from country to city…

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