7 months huh? Sorry I truly apologize to all of you it was not done purposely it just that I was running out ideas I could think of how to conclude the story I still don't but I'm working on it I swear…. DX

To hear the phrase "our only hope always make one anxious, because it means that if the only hope doesn't work, there is nothing left. – The Ersatz Elevator, Lemony Snicket.

To summarize

"What happens if no one comes in?" Connie asked worriedly looking at the doors the surrounded her.

Kullervo looked at her his eyes ever changing. "You'll disappear just like all the others"

Connie felt all the little hairs on her body rise up. She really hoped Chris and Van already had the plan set.

"Enough morbid talking lets have tea. I haven't had anybody over in years." He smiled, Connie stared at the boy did he really have no idea what was going on outside…. Wait where exactly was here.

"Can you please tell me where this is exactly?" Connie asked

Kullervo who was still smiling at Connie answered "Britain my dear where else?"

Now Connie really wanted to face palm herself, "Of course, how silly of me."


Looking around He saw bodies of people lying on the floor who he truly hoped were just sleeping and while he had made a joke about it let's face it somebody had liven up that Rat's Mood he was acting like it was the end of the world. It was close to the end of the world but not quite there, looking at Connie ever shifting color eyes he knew he had done the right thing by calling in the elves.

Speaking of they were all really relaxed, which was good since it radiated the confidence that Van and Rat seemed to need. But Chris knew better they were just naturally like that even if they were panicked or scared it wouldn't have showed on their faces. Of course only they themselves and Connie knew what they were feeling.

The elves where something that was needed in order to help Connie, the reason being that they were truly masters of the mind. There is no mind powerful enough to keep elves out, or trap them in.

The problem now lay on getting Connie to stay still long enough for the elves to have a chance to enter her mind. And the way she seemed to be dancing like a ballerina was enough to conclude that was going to more than complicated it didn't help that it began to rain harder and lightning began to strike inches from where she had just be dancing.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it all out he mentally prepared himself he had at least a 10 seconds before the lightning struck the least he could do was hold her down…

Now was really not the time to be thinking of the Exorcist and he truly hope she wouldn't twist her neck like that, really he had to stop.


Had been one of the most out spoken against Coddrington's, especially after Connie disappeared. There were others that resented him as well but where powerless against him like Connie's aunt.

Standing here looking at all the society members on the floor unconscious, feeling Connie faintly he knew they still had a chance.

There was a moment where all of Connie seemed o have disappeared. He was about to mentioned it but the she returned a bit more strongly he knew time was of the essence now. He truly hoped they would be able to save her before she truly harms somebody. Looking at Ivor he amended his thought, before she mortally wounded somebody.


Mud I need a lot of mud.

Dancing around truly brought forth rain more and more rain, and thus, mud more and more mud.

A golem he was going to build one and destroy it all he shall make sure to bring down the whole society to the ground. But that wasn't enough no the whole human society would be brought to its knees if mythical creatures are meant to be chained then so will humans civilization.

He knew the elves and humans had entered but he didn't care they would be foolish to try to stop him with lightning striking so close to the universal body not that it would harm her she could just channel it out safely.

He didn't know where she disappeared to but he wasn't going to go look for her. She was probably cowering in a corner of his mind somewhere.