Chapter Four

Thirty minutes later, Rose had been moved to the communal ward along with David, who would from now on be staying in the cot next to Rose's bed.

The Doctor had disappeared thirty minutes ago and hadn't returned since, it didn't worry Rose too much as she was getting to know the other women she was sharing the ward with. All three had had baby girls; it was a first baby for one woman called Sophie, a second for another named Rebecca and a fifth for the third woman named Julia. Rose was the only woman who had had a caesarean and all three of the women were horrified to hear of how Rose had come to be in a coma and how she and the baby had narrowly escaped death or serious injury.

"So is it your first baby?" Julia, a woman in her mid thirties, asked.

Rose nodded a bit shyly but smiled.

"What a dramatic way of coming into the world though" Rebecca responded.

Rose laughed "Yeah certainly was…one of my friends said my husband was beside himself with worry."

"Oh I bet he was the poor dear…haven't had the pleasure of meeting the man in question."

Rose chuckled "He went wandering a while ago; don't know where he's got to. Then again he always gets caught up in something that intrigues him and he loses all track of time."

The Doctor returned soon later and was introduced to the other woman. However he had to leave an hour or so later as it was late in the evening and Rose wanted some sleep, he returned to the TARDIS and fell fast to sleep himself. Something he had not experienced for four days.

The next morning the Doctor headed back into the ward in the maternity unit of the hospital, smile plastered on his face. Sophie had left the room to use the bathroom, whilst Rebecca and Julia had not long woken up, as the Doctor came in through the double doors. Rose was sitting up in bed, wide awake, leaning over the perspex cot and stroking David's cheek with her finger. However she had looked up and turned her head when she heard the doors opening.

"Morning ladies" the Doctor said politely.

They all said morning back and the Doctor beamed as he came up to Rose, he was hiding something behind his back.

"Hello sweetheart" he said sweetly and kissed her lips briefly.

"Morning, what have you got there?"

The Doctor produced an enormous bunch of red, pink and white roses from behind his back and presented them to his wife.

"Awww! They are beautiful!" Rose said with extreme happiness "Thank-you so much, I love them." She smelt them before laying them on her lap.

"How are you feeling?" he asked in concern as the Doctor removed his long brown overcoat and draped it on the end of the bed.

"Yeah a lot better, although still pretty knackered."

"How about junior, how was he last night?" the Doctor asked Rose as he went over to the cot and lifted David out carefully.

"A right handful" Rose said with a chuckle "Kept me awake most of the night, doesn't seem to want to sleep." She smirked "Remind you of anyone?"

The Doctor grinned and sat on the edge of the bed next to Rose, he looked down at the baby "Have you been causing mummy trouble little man?"

"And us too" Julia said with a smile.

The Doctor chuckled "Sorry about that, he didn't keep you all awake too much did he?"

Sophie had now returned to the room, and was sitting on her bed "Nah he was fine… all of the babies kept us up so don't worry."

The husbands of the other women soon appeared in the room within the next half an hour, all eager to see their wives and newborn babies.

By mid morning the room was buzzing as visitors started to arrive too. Rose and the Doctor were happily chatting away when Jack and Gwen came in through the double doors. Jack holding a large bouquet of flowers in his hands.

"Hey here's the proud parents" he came over and kissed Rose's cheek "and these" he indicated the flowers "are from all the Torchwood team."

"We got you a card too" Gwen said as she handed that to Rose.

The Doctor and Rose smiled "Aww that is so thoughtful, thank-you guys."

"How are you feeling?" Gwen asked, whilst she and Jack moved to look at David in the cot.

"Yeah not too bad, Dr. Adams said all being well, me and David can leave in a few days."

"Aww that's great!" Jack said happily.

"Can we have a hold?" Gwen asked politely as she indicated the baby.

"Course you can" the Doctor replied with a smile.

Gwen lifted baby David out gently and cradled him in her arms "Ooo aren't you a precious thing eh, hello sweetie."

"Don't get too attached Gwen, you can't keep him" Jack said with a smirk.

Gwen rolled her eyes and nudged Jack "I know" she giggled.

"Oh by the way guys, Ianto is back in the Hub we've got some important data need processing by tomorrow, but he said to send his love" Jack told them.

"And Martha and Donna said they will be along later aswell" Gwen informed the Doctor and Rose

"Aww that's sweet of them" Rose smiled.

"Donna is still here?" the Doctor wondered, the corner of his mouth turned up in a smile as he said this.

Jack laughed "Oh yeah. Can't get rid of her! She's staying at Martha and Tom's place at the moment; don't think Tom's too happy about it."

They all chuckled.

"Well Donna can be a bit of a handful" the Doctor said.

"You're telling me!" Jack chuckled as Gwen handed him the baby.

"Have you guys got the nursery decorated yet?" Gwen wondered, curiously.

"Oh yeah, Rose had me decorating that months ago."

Rose hit the Doctor playfully on the arm "It wasn't that long ago!"

"Would you call, a month after finding out you were pregnant, a long time ago?"

Jack and Gwen laughed, whilst Rose blushed.

"I couldn't help being over excited" Rose said to her husband who smiled at her and kissed the top of her head.

The Torchwood team carried on chatting for another thirty minutes, Gwen was now holding baby David and seemed to be working wonders on the little baby, who had fallen fast asleep.

"Aww Gwen you're a star!" Rose said delightedly as she saw that David was asleep. "Could've done with you at 4:00am when he wouldn't stop crying!"

The others gave sympathetic smiles.

A beeping went off on Jack's wrist strap "Ooo looks like we're needed" he said to Gwen "I'm sorry guys but we have to go."

The Doctor and Rose completely understood and each said goodbye to Jack and Gwen before they left the ward through the double doors.

The Doctor placed a sleeping David delicately in his perspex cot next to Rose's bed "Sweet dreams, little guy."

Rose watched on happily and gave a yawn "Doctor, d'ya mind if I have a nap? I'm still really tired."

"That's fine, go on you get some rest. I'll stay here and keep an eye on David, and try and do some of those Sudoku puzzles."

Rose laughed "Hope you have better luck than I did with them" she smiled as she closed her eyes and within a minute or so Rose was out for the count.

Donna and Martha came into the ward near tea time. Martha carrying two large bunches of flowers, two cards and Donna was holding an 'It's a Boy!' helium balloon in her hand.

"Hey! How are you all doing?" Martha asked as she handed over the things to Rose, who had woken up an hour ago from her nap.

"We're all okay, aww you guys all these things are wonderful. Thank-you."

"Tom and I got you one bunch of flowers and a card."

"And I got you the same" Donna smiled.

"And the balloon?" the Doctor wondered with a cheeky glint in his eyes.

"All Donna's idea" Martha told them and the Doctor and Rose chuckled.

"I thought we should go for a humongous teddy bear, but Martha only let me get a big balloon."

Rose beamed "I love it, thank-you" she said as Donna put the balloon near the top of Rose's bed.

"Goodness Rose, you could start a florist with all these flowers you've got."

Rose gleamed "Yeah I could actually. Everyone has been so kind."

"I love the roses, who got you those?" Martha wondered.

Rose nodded her head in the Doctor's direction and Martha smiled.

Donna looked stunned "Spaceman does romantic gestures? Well I never!"

Rose and Martha laughed.

"Hey I can do romantic gestures" the Doctor said, trying to defend himself.

Whilst this had been going on, Martha went to have a look at baby David who was very alert from his earlier nap.

"Awww hello sweetiekins. How's he doing?"

"He's very good …you can have a hold if you like" Rose said to her friend.

Martha smiled and lifted him out carefully.

"How was it last night?" Donna asked.

"It was great thanks Donna; I went to bed at 10:3..."

"Not you!" Donna said hitting the Doctor lightly on his arm.

The Doctor gave a cheeky smile whilst Martha and Rose dissolved into giggles.

"It was a bit hectic; he kept waking up a lot…so got hardly any sleep" Rose responded.

Martha was bouncing the baby gently and smiling at him.

"Sure you're not getting broody Martha?" Donna teased.

"No" Martha assured her "I'm not even married yet, Donna."

"I'm sure David would like a little friend to play with…"

Martha rolled her eyes "Donna it isn't gunna happen, not for a long while" she said as she handed the baby over to Donna, who asked "So do we get to be Auntie Donna and Auntie Martha?"

The Doctor and Rose grinned "Of course" the Doctor responded, "We'll put you guys down for babysitting duties; I know how you women love babies."

"Well he isn't going to be a baby forever" Martha reminded him "He'll be causing all sorts of mayhem in the TARDIS."

"Ohhh I could so imagine that!" Donna said with a laugh.

Rose was laughing at first, but then she started to cry.

"Aww Rose what's the matter?" Donna asked.

The Doctor sat next to Rose on the bed "Rose? Sweetheart, are you okay?"

She smiled as she laughed "I'm sorry …my hormones are still all over the place. …I'm just so happy!" she started crying quietly again.

The Doctor enveloped her into a hug and rubbed her back.

Donna said "Awww bless ya" whilst she and Martha gave Rose sympathetic and heart-warming smiles.

"You'll be fine soon Rose, don't worry" Martha piped up.

Rose stopped crying and used a tissue to dry her eyes, smiling at them all.

Donna put the baby back into the perspex cot.

"Right I think we had better head off now" Martha said "Leave you to rest Rose."

Rose gave a smile "Aww thanks so much for coming guys!" she gave both Martha and Donna a tight hug.

The Doctor coming over and hugging Martha goodbye.

"Look after them now spaceman or you'll have me to deal with!" Donna warned him.

The Doctor just smiled "I will Donna don't you worry" he gave her a hug too "See you soon."

The girls bid their final farewells before leaving the three of them alone.

Within a few minutes David began crying loudly and Rose reached into the cot and picked him up gently "I think someone's hungry" she said sweetly "All that fussing you've been getting has made you hungry hasn't it sweetie, yes it has" Rose cooed to her son and started to breastfeed him.

The Doctor smiled "I love it when you do that baby voice."

Rose giggled "Right back at you…daddy."

The Doctor sat on the edge of Rose's bed "I love you, d'ya know that?"

"I do…and I love you an' all" she kissed him briefly before they watched their son having his feed.

Rose remained in the hospital for another three days, when she and David were then discharged from hospital, both with a clean bill of health.

Rose and the Doctor walked out of the hospital, hand in hand, Rose carrying a carry car seat in her other hand with David in.

"It's been a mad old week hasn't it?" Rose said as she looked up at the beautiful blue sky and sunshine.

"Sure has" the Doctor said, squeezing her hand gently "It's just you, me and David now."

Rose beamed "Our perfect little family."

The Doctor kissed Rose on the lips before the three of them got into the TARDIS.

They went to say a final farewell to Donna, Martha and the Torchwood Team before heading back into the TARDIS that flew up into space.

A new chapter in the Doctor and Rose's life was only just beginning.

And it was going to be…fantastic!


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