Doctor Who Fic

Pairing: 10th Doctor/Rose

Disclaimer: I dont own anything

Summary: Very short one-shot. Rose collapses after inhaling volcanic gases from an alien world.

No Smoke Without Danger

Rose came through the open doors to the TARDIS, coughing profusely, the Doctor came running in behind her, closing the doors.

"Are you alright?" the Doctor asked as he placed a hand on her back as Rose was leaned over, trying to breathe.

"I'll" she coughed "be okay" she continued coughing.

"I should've known that planet was now filled with volcanoes, it's been heading that way for centuries."

"Don't worry about it" Rose managed to splutter out, finally being able to breathe properly "We managed to save the Xnighta that's the main thing" she said with a smile.

"Yep we certainly did" the Doctor said grinning proudly.

Rose was about to sit down onto the yellow captain's chair, but she was suddenly overcome with another coughing fit.

"Rose, are you sure you're alright, do you want some water?" the Doctor asked in concern.

Rose could not reply as she was coughing too violently "I…I can't breathe!"

She gave a final cough before beginning to fall.

"Rose!" the Doctor cried as he managed to catch her before she hit the ground.

"Rose! Wake up, come on" he tried to rouse her but with no success. She wasn't breathing.

Trying his hardest not to panic he immediately gave her mouth to mouth "Come on Rose, breathe for me!" he tried it again, but to no avail.

"Rose, please!" He attempted once more and to his sheer relief he saw her chest begin to rise and fall.

"Oh thank heavens" he hugged her to himself before getting up onto his feet and lifting Rose up into his arms in the process.

He got Rose into the Medical Bay of the TARDIS; he placed her on a comfy bed and got an oxygen mask placed over her face. She was still unconscious but thankfully she was still breathing and her heartbeat was normal.

The Doctor knew how harmful volcanic gases, or any alien gases for that matter, were to the human lungs. He injected some clear liquid into Rose's arm, which would destroy any kind of unnatural gases she had inhaled, hopefully bringing her back out of her unconscious state.

The Doctor sat on the edge of her bed, holding Rose's hand and watched her intently for any sign of movement. The gentle beeping of the machine, informing him that Rose was still alive, kept his hope and spirits going.

Rose Tyler was a strong human being; he knew she would fight this off easily. He just wished she would wake up.

He sat there for hours, what felt like the whole day, before he heard a very tiny cough and he saw Rose's eyes open.

"Hey you" he said softly as her eyes rested on him.

"Hello" she said weakly.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, shifting closer to her.

"Okay I think" she moved the oxygen mask away from her mouth "What am I doing in here?" she asked, looking around at the spacious white room.

"You collapsed; I even had to resuscitate you, you needed some medical attention so I thought it best to keep an eye on you in here."

Rose gave a frown "Am I alright now?"

The Doctor gave a slight chuckle at this "Of course. With me to look after you, how could you not be?"

Rose grinned "Thank-you, you saved my life."

"Not for the first time either" he said cheekily and Rose giggled and sat up before they shared a hug, Rose soon letting go and kissed his cheek.

"Just promise me something?" Rose said to him.

"Anything" the Doctor replied, looking at her sweetly.

"Next time you do mouth to mouth, make sure I'm conscious first" she winked at him, before catching him off guard and kissed him fully on the lips.