A month later

The wedding was beautiful. On top of a marble platform, all the villages sat, headed by their Kages. Naruto stepped forward, as Konoha's Kazekage. He'd achieved his goal, with Hinata Hyuuga at his side.

"Gaara. As your best man, it's my obligation to say…your fly's unzipped."

He grinned one of his cheesy grins and watched with the pride of a father as Gaara zipped his trousers and strode to Tsunade, who was acting as a makeshift priest.

They waited, silent.

Chi walked toward Gaara, a smile on her face.

Pristine white silk fashioned into a Greek, elegant toga style draped her lithe form. Her hair had grown longer, long enough to look like a jet-black version of Sakura's hair during the genin days, held back by a golden headband.

Fast-Forward A Couple Minutes

"Do you, Sabaku No Gaara, take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you, Chi Senshi, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Hell yes."

She grinned through the tears flowing down her face.

"You may now—"

Gaara pressed his lips against Chi's, cutting off Tsunade.

"Well then…"

"Er…that's enough now…"

The couple ignored her.

"…seriously, stop. You need air at some point."

Gaara merely smiled against Chi's lips.

Eventually they broke apart, amidst cheers and cat calls. He brushed his lips against her neck and whispered,

"So…when are we going to tell them you're pregnant?"



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