Chapter one: Stupid Mistakes and New Places

Out of all the dumb decisions 17 year old Alex Russo had made in her life, this one by far had to be the stupidest. It was supposed to just be a simple run in, say hi and leave, but no, her boyfriend of almost 2 years, Jacob Black, decided that he wanted to stay "a little longer" at his friend Anthony's house party.


As Jacob and Alex pulled up outside of Anthony Clark's house they could already hear the commotion coming from inside the house.

"I'll just be a sec, you gunna wait out here?" Jacob asked. Alex looked around and decided that sitting outside in the middle of the night by yourself in a car wasn't exactly on her to do list.

"No, I'll come in." Alex insisted taking off her seatbelt and opening the passenger door. Taking Jacob's hand Alex followed him to the front door where they were greeted by Anthony.

"Jake! What up my man!" Anthony hollered over the blaring music. Jacob and Anthony shared their secret hand shake before Jacob led Alex into the house.

"Want something to drink?" Anthony offered, pulling out a red cup from the huge stack on the table.

"Sure." Jacob answered as Anthony filled the cup with vodka and Pepsi. Alex watched in shock as Jacob took the cup and downed it in mere seconds.

"How about you?" Anthony asked looking at Alex. Alex looked at him, worried about how her answer could effect the night. After a few seconds she looked at Jacob, if he was drinking, she might as well do it too...right?

"Uh...sure." Alex answered as Anthony grabbed her a cup and filled it for her. While Alex looked up at Jacob she didn't realize how much more Vodka Anthony had actually put in her drink compared to Jacob's. After adding the Pepsi Alex took a drink, the alcohol burning as it made its way down her throat. After downing her first cup Alex could definitely feel the buzz of the alcohol in her, she giggled at pretty much anything and was having a bit of trouble keeping her balance. Soon her first cup became a second, a second became a third and now she and Jacob were on their fourth cups.

" lllex, I need to get you home." Jacob said through slurs.

"But were hav*hiccup*ing fun." Alex protested.

"And I don't wanna go home."

"How about you come home with mee?" Jacob asked.

"okay." Alex giggled as they began walking down the street. On their walk Alex began prancing down the street singing lyrics to random songs that came to mind. After about 10 minutes they had reached Jacobs house and Jacob led Alex up to his room. After Jacob closed the door Alex threw her arms around his neck and started to kiss him roughly. Jacob didn't refuse as he began to kiss Alex back just as hard. The two fumbled over to the bed as their lips kept contact and soon they had fallen back on the bed causing Alex to shriek in surprise

"Hey, keep it down." Jacob whisper yelled.

"Sorry." Alex giggled quietly as she kissed Jacob again. The make out session lasted a few seconds before Jacob's hands began to lift up Alex's shirt. As soon as Alex felt the cool air hit her skin she stopped kissing Jacob.

"You're not taking advantage of me are you?" Alex asked in shock.

" No, of course not baby." Jacob assured her. Alex looked at the boy for a moment before taking his word and kissing him again while he started from where they left off. Soon Alex's shirt and all her other clothes had found the bedroom floor, soon followed by Jacob's….

End flashback

Alex couldn't believe how stupid she had been that night. Sure she liked Jacob and he was her boyfriend but she wasn't exactly proud of the fact her first time was while she was incredibly drunk. And now here she was just over 2 months later sitting in her bedroom waiting for a little plastic stick to basically determine the rest of her life. She had been sitting on her bed cross legged for about 5 minutes now waiting for the results and she could still feel her heart pounding. She had talked to Harper on the phone earlier(she had decided to move back in with her parents after realizing how much she actually really missed them) and she had tried her best to calm her best friend down but nothing had worked.

Beep beep beep…beep beep beep

The alarm that Alex had set went off and Alex could feel her heart beating so hard she thought it would burst through her chest. She crawled forward a bit to where the test was facing upside down so she couldn't see it until it was actually done. After grabbing the test she closed her eyes and flipped it over. When she opened her eyes they instantly filled with tears


4-5 weeks

It took everything in Alex's body not to snap the test in half and pretend she didn't even see it. But it was useless hiding from the truth. Alex let the test drop to the floor as she burst into uncontrollable tears. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to finish High school this school year (school had only started a month before) and go to college to become a fashion designer next fall. But now that would never happen, not with a baby. It truly amazed her how one little mistake could change your life so drastically. After a little while Alex had managed to gain her composure. She grabbed her jacket quickly and headed out after leaving a note for her parents. Stepping out into the early October air was surprisingly refreshing and eased her nerves quite a bit. In about 10 minutes Alex had reached Central Park and took a seat on a nearby bench, collecting her thoughts in the silence that surrounded her. She was going to be a mother, at 18(her birthday was about two months before she would most likely be due). Reality hit her once more and again fresh tears fell from her face. How would she tell her parents? Jacob? Would Jacob even stay with her after she told him? Would her parents completely disown her? After taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from her face she made her way back to the apartment. When she opened the door she could hear her parents and Max talking in the loft about the hockey game that was currently on, New York Islanders vs The Vancouver Canucks

"Hey sweetie, where did you go?" Theresa asked.

"Just to Central Park." Alex answered.

"Are you okay Alex? You seem a little upset." Theresa asked.

" I'm fine mom. I just need some time to myself." Alex told her as she made her way to her bedroom. Alex curled up in her sheets and decided a nap was definitely what she needed at that point.


"Mitchie honey, come on its time to go." Connie called out to her daughter. It had been almost fifteen minutes since she last called her daughter and by this rate the moving van would be in New York before they were.

"Coming." The 17 year old girl called down to her mother. Mitchie said a solemn goodbye to the bedroom she had called her since she was about 5 years old and headed down the staircase.

"Okay, I'm ready." Mitchie reported as she got to the bottom of the stairs. Beside her mother was Mitchie's best friend (and ex girlfriend) Cassidy Harrison.

" I'll miss you." Cassidy said bringing Mitchie into a tight hug. Mitchie felt a tear slide down her cheek.

"I'll miss you too." Mitchie replied. The girls broke apart and Mitchie got into her parent's SUV. Driving off Mitchie looked back at the girl she was leaving behind and saw how heart broken she looked. Mitchie felt terrible for breaking it off with Cassidy. But she was moving, and she was scared at how a long distance relationship would work between them. But moving gave her a fresh start, she could be whoever she wanted to be. As the Torres family left their beloved Dallas, Texas behind them they were hopeful that they would love their new place in New York just as much. When Mitchie found out her family was moving to New York she was very against it, she loved her life in Dallas and the thought of moving was one she didn't want to accept. But her parents didn't give her a choice, her father's company (he's obviously not a hardware store owner in this) insisted that the job in New York paid extremely well and gave him an offer he just couldn't refuse. So in less than 2 months the family had found a new house and packed to leave. They were taking a couple days to make it up to New York and after they arrived Mitchie would start school at Tribeca Prep. Thankfully Mitchie had an easy time making friends, she was probably the only girl in her class to go up to everyone and ask them to play on her first day of school, so that wasn't an issue for her at all, although graduating with new people instead of the friends she knew her whole school life wasn't exactly what she wanted to do. After about 2 hours of driving Mitchie grabbed her copy of "Pretty Little Liars" and began to read. Reading was probably one of Mitchie's favourite things to do besides writing songs. Song's were Mitchie's way of release, her way to be able to show people how she felt. She began writing songs after her dad got her a guitar for her 10th birthday and ever since Mitchie had about a dozen or so note books filled with songs she had written over the years. Every once in a while Mitchie would grab a random notebook and look through the songs she had written, some of them were extremely corny, which made sense at age 10 through 12 or 13 and others held special meaning to her and the memories of the muse of the song sometimes stung depending on the memory. Another two or three hours passed before Mitchie had put her book down and decided to take a nap for a little bit, it was about 6:30 and her parents had decided they would stop at around 7:30 for dinner. Letting sleep consume her Mitchie sunk her head in the crook between the seat and the passenger door, her eyes shutting and falling asleep almost instantly.


When Alex had woken up she looked at her clock. 6:47pm read the screen. After stretching Alex got up and headed for the kitchen for something to eat. The smell of steak and mushrooms filled the air as Alex made her way into the kitchen and her stomach turned into knots as the smell intensified. Alex sat down and talked to her mom while trying to block the horrid smell but when her dad came in from the terrace saying dinner was served the smell was overwhelming and Alex ran upstairs to the bathroom, emptying her stomach almost instantly. Alex felt someone hold her hair back and after she felt like she was done she lifted her head to see who it was.

"Honey are you sure you're okay?" her mother asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Its just a bug that's all." Alex lied. She grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed her teeth well before claiming she wasn't hungry and headed back to her room. Alex turned on her laptop and decided to look up extra information on pregnancy, she had learned pretty much everything in health class but it was always good get a little more knowledge. After pulling up Google she typed in teen pregnancy and looked at the statistics and facts. Admittedly some of the facts did scare her, like how teens were more likely to give birth to a small baby than an average woman, but it was better to be informed than to not know what was coming. After about an hour of looking facts and statistics up she put her computer away and grabbed her cell phone. She went to text Jacob but she remembered he was out of town for the weekend so she couldn't meet up with him and tell him. So she sent him a quick text saying they needed to talk when he got back and left it at that. She made a quick phone call to Harper and told her about everything that had happened that day and Harper told her that no matter what Alex chose to do she would be there for her. Alex thanked her and after hanging up Alex lay in bed, placing her hand over her still flat stomach and just thinking about what the next months would bring. She knew right away the people at school would give her a hard time, the year before a girl named Rachel Williams was pregnant and Alex couldn't even remember all the horrible and nasty rumours and names that went around about her. She was sure since she was known as the bad girl of school the rumours and names would be ten times worse but she was willing to face the music, it was her stupidity that got her into this situation and she had to face the consequences. After laying there for a while Alex looked at the clock she saw what time it was: 10:24. Usually she could stay up until at least 2 in the morning but she changed into her oversized Power Rangers T-shirt and a pair of shorts and went to bed.


"Jake, I, um…I have something to tell you." Alex said nervously as she and Jacob walked over to her house.

"What's that babe?" Jacob asked grabbing hold of Alex's waist.

"Um…I'm…pregnant." Alex finally said. Jacob looked at Alex is disbelief.

"What?" Jacob asked.

"I'm pregnant." Alex repeated.

"Well what do you want to do?" Jacob asked.

"Well I'd like to keep it, I don't want to give my baby up for adoption and I definitely don't want an abortion." Alex said.

"Okay. We'll keep it." Jacob confirmed. Alex was taken aback, how could he be so okay with this?

"Really?" Alex asked. Jacob nodded.

"Of course, I'm not letting you do this alone Alex, I love you." Jacob said hugging Alex and kissing her head.

"I love you too Jake." Alex murmured into Jacob's chest.

*end dream*

A nauseous feeling in her stomach was what woke up Alex the next morning at about 7:30. Holding her hand over her mouth she ran into the bathroom, started the water so no one would hear her, and once again emptied the contents of her stomach. Quickly brushing her teeth and flushing the toilet Alex let her stomach recuperate before she went downstairs to find something for breakfast. She looked around for some food and finally decided she would have some eggs and toast…with pickles and ketchup. While the scrambled eggs cooked and the toast was in the toaster Alex chopped up some pickles and got out the butter and ketchup. The toast popped and right away the butter was added followed by a huge blob of ketchup. Once the pickles and eggs were added Alex took a bite out of the sandwich. It was quite possibly the most delicious thing she had ever had. The sandwich was done in no time and just as she was about to make another sandwich Max came down the stairs.

"Why are you up so early?" Max asked, his sister was never up before 11 on the weekends.

"Couldn't fall back asleep." Alex replied mixing the eggs and milk into a bowl. While Max made his bowl of cereal Alex finished cooking her eggs and once again created her delicious new sandwich.

"What the heck is that?" Max asked in disgust.

"Eggs, pickles, and Ketchup." Alex told him taking a bite.

"And you're actually eating it?" Max asked.

"Yeah, it's delicious, here have a bite." Alex offered. Max leaned back from the sandwich.

"I'll stick to cereal thanks." Max said bringing his cereal with him. Alex shrugged it off.

More for me she thought.


"Mom, how much longer?" Mitchie groaned. They had been on the road for almost 5 hours with no break and Mitchie's legs were almost dead they had been asleep for so long.

"Just another half hour and we'll stop for gas." Connie informed her daughter. Mitchie's head hit the head rest and she let out a huge breath.

"Why don't you look through one of your song books?" Connie suggested.

"Done that….8 times." Mitchie reported.

"Well why don't you write a new song." Steve said. Mitchie considered it for a moment then finally took out her latest music book and thought about some lyrics.

i can make the rain stop

if I wanna

just by my attitude

I can take my laptop

Record a snapshot

And change your point of view

I just entered this brand new world

And im so open hearted

I know I got a long way to go but I'm

I'm just getting started

I'm over my head and I know it

I know it

I'm doing my best not to show it

To show it

Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be

I'm going to try

Cause I'm living the dream

And I know it, I know it

I'm trying my best not to blow it

To blow it

And I know everything will be fine

With me, myself, and time…..

By the time the car parked at the gas station Mitchie had finished her song. She got out of the car for a stretch and a drink then it was back on the road. For the final 8 hours before hitting New York Mitchie sat with her notebook and pen, scribbling lyrics down as they entered her head. It was around 9 o clock when they arrived and Mitchie was awestruck by all the lights that illuminated the city. It wasn't much longer after they got into New York that they arrived at their new apartment so right away Mitchie ran in and up the stairs to apartment 208. The first thing Mitchie thought was that it pretty much looked like the apartments in FRIENDS,which was possibly one of her favourite TV shows. So far New York was impressing her. But the true test would be the next day on her first day of school at Tribeca Prep.

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