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Chapter One - Auditions

Right now, families are scattered across the beaches of the west coast, enjoying summer vacation as much as possible. Millions of Americans are making the most of the luxurious vacation time, wearing minimal clothing, consuming popsicles at an unhealthy rate, and having pool parties that, against the wishes of parents, do indeed have alcohol.

All of this fun across the country, and where does it leave the folks from Lima, Ohio, during a stormy day?

Still in Lima, Ohio, unfortunately.

To be more specific, a couple of them are hanging out in a local burger joint, spending their vacation time tossing French fries in each other's mouths and keeping score; winner buys the next milk shake. How exciting…

Honestly, this is the way Mike Chang and Matt Rutherford spent most of their off time, but who could blame them? There's not much to do in this town for fun, especially during a torrential downpour in the summer, and when parents don't want to spend too much money on a deluxe vacation in a popular city, that leaves teenagers with only one choice: hanging out with friends indoors.

The score was tied at two-to-two, and one more point from either competitor would win him the 'national' tournament. Already, they've blown through twenty dollars worth of fries (they weren't very good at this game…) and ten dollars in Pepsi to wash down the salt. This may put the two best friends at risk of heart disease or diabetes, but they could care less, they were just having loads of fun.

"Gah, that one went in my eye!" Matt complained, rubbing said body part (A/N: Hehehe…Don't take that the wrong way). Mike just laughed, but that was met with another fry flung at his face.

"Oh, it's on!" Mike challenged Matt, and so ensued the largest French fry war in Lima's history, which isn't saying much…

The intense battle only ceased when the entire stock of fries was on the floor for probably the twentieth time, and both boys were left laughing hysterically, holding their stomachs from the pain of cramps.

"We…need…lives…" Matt choked out between laughs, wiping away a tear. Mike took deep breaths before he spoke again.

"Yeah, but lives are for people with lives," he sighed.

"That makes no sense."

"Says your mom."

"That doesn't make sense, either."

"Nothing I do makes sense, Matt. But then again, neither does anything you do."


"Do you even know what that word means?"

"Shut up."

Mike sighed again. "We're only a week into summer vacation and we've done absolutely nothing interesting."

"Yeah, life has been pretty boring ever since Glee club ended…who know we were going to be so attached to it like this?"

"I'd give anything to suddenly break into song and dance right here, right now."

"Yeah, I don't think so."

"Just an idea…" Mike put his elbow on the booth's table and his head in his hand, looking out the window. "You know…" he said, lost in thought, "…I've always liked storms, especially when it's like this: no thunder, no lightning, just rain, rain, and more rain…I think it's one of the most romantic things, like, ever…"

Matt stared at Mike before saying, "That was the most beautiful yet least masculine thing I have ever heard you say."

"Shut up, I have my moments," Mike defended. Matt smiled at his best friend, who smiled in response.

Their moment was interrupted by the jingling of the bell on the entrance door and the appearance of some familiar faces. A laughing Mercedes strode into the store, an equally as joyful Kurt in tow, putting away an umbrella. They were quickly followed by Artie, who was then revealed as being pushed by Tina. The group was as happy as, if not happier than Mike and Matt.

Mercedes seemed to be in the middle of a story: "So the guy was like, 'that ain't no rhinoceros, that's my mother!'" All four of the teenagers burst into another round of laughter until Tina spotted Mike and Matt surrounded by twenty dollars worth of fries in one of the booths.

"Hey look who it…what happened here?" She said, walking up to the booth. Artie had taken his wheels into his own hands and followed his girlfriend. Mercedes and Kurt stopped at the counter to order their food.

"We had a French-fry-mouth-basketball-tournament…thing…" Matt explained as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Speaking of which, we never even finished – BLEH!" Mike was interrupted by a fry landing in his mouth. Matt jumped up.

"YES! I am victorious! You, my friend, have just been owned!"

Mike chewed and swallowed. "Where did you get that fry?"

"The floor."



"You guys need serious medical attention," Kurt stated as he walked up to the table and set a tray of food down. Mercedes followed him with four drinks in hand.

"See, I told you guys I'd buy you lunch," Mercedes said as Tina, Artie, and Kurt grabbed their respective drinks.

"Well, look at you, all Oprah and stuff. Where'd you get all this money?" Matt questioned.

"My dad likes to spoil me sometimes," Mercedes smiled, "and Tina here was all nervous about sending in her audition tape for some upcoming musical movie, so I thought I'd hook her up with lunch to calm her down. Kurt and Artie happened to be there when I offered."

At this, Kurt and Artie smiled slyly.

"So if they liked my audition tape, they'll be calling my cell today…" Tina took a bite of her fries. "I can't think straight, I'm so nervous." Tina stated, but despite her words, she had true confidence in her voice and was stutter-free. This confidence was one of the many side-effects Glee club had on its members.

"Girl, you best calm yourself, I'm buying you lunch for a reason, you know!" Mercedes reassured her friend. The rest of the group laughed.

"You're right, you're right…I have nothing to worry about. And besides, even if I don't make it, it's not the end of the world…in fact, I could care less about that phone call!" Tina's lie was immediately followed by her Barbie Girl ringtone, causing her to jump, scream, and grab the phone out of her pocket so quickly that it flew straight into an astonished Mike's hands.

"Answer it!" Artie yelled.

"Yes! Wait, no! I'm not ready!" Tina screamed.

"Yes you are! Do it!" Mercedes shrieked.

"It's now or never, Tina!" Kurt added.

"Do it!"



"I can't!"

"Guys! SHUT UP!" Mike shouted. Other customers watched the events with annoyed, puzzled, or amused faces. The only sound was the Barbie Girl ringtone still rocking out. "I will take care of this." Mike pressed the answer button on Tina's phone and put it to his ear. "This is Tina's personal assistant speaking, how may I help you?"

Tina made a move to grab the phone, but Mike held up his hand.

"…uh-huh…I see…good…great…well, she will be glad to hear that. Here she is right now; I'll put you on speaker phone!" He pressed a button and held up the phone for everyone to hear.

"Hey, Tina, this is Barry Cook, director of the newest hit musical movie, and I'm calling to tell you that we loved your audition!" Tina screamed in joy and received several high-fives, then stopped to listen to the director again. "You made the callback! We'll need you to come to meet an agent for a live audition in Hollywood, California, exactly three weeks from today! We'll call you later tonight for all the details, but prepare yourself for the biggest audition of your life!"

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Tina exclaimed.

"Congratulations, and I'll be talking to you later! See you soon!" The director hung up, and soon after, Tina let out another scream, hugging Mercedes, Kurt, Mike, Matt, and kissing Artie.

"See, I knew you'd make it!" Mercedes told her friend.

"Wow…I never imagined how great I would feel at this moment…I have to call my parents!" Tina grabbed her phone and dialed the number, squealing and stepping away for just a second.

"You still owe me that milk shake, you know," Matt stated to Mike.

"I'd buy it for you, but I blew all my money on the fries, so you're out of luck, buddy," Mike snickered. This made Matt grab another fry and throw it at his friend, but Mike quickly dodged it this time.

"You two are such teenage boys," Kurt shook his head.

"Kurt…" Artie said, "You are, too…"

"Details: who needs them?" Kurt replied.

"Mom, you don't understand, this is a once in a lifetime chance!" Tina's conversation was suddenly brought to the group's attention. "Can't we scrape together the money or something? I really need to take this opportunity!...Yes, I know we're in a recession…no, I don't want to live in a box…no, I don't know that homeless guy you pass every time you go to the store…fine, we'll talk about it later, then." Tina hung up reluctantly, her previous excited attitude completely wiped from her face. She walked back to the table and sighed.

"So I'm guessing your parents won't pay for the travel costs?" Matt asked.

"Yeah…but it'll be okay, right?" Tina tried her best to smile. "Like I said, life won't end if this doesn't happen. Hey, Mercedes? Can you take me home now, please?"

Mercedes opened her mouth, ready to give her words of encouragement, but she didn't have any left. "Sure, no problem," she said as sympathetically as possible. Kurt and Artie understood, and they took their bags containing their lunch as the group left, saying goodbye to Mike and Matt.

Matt sighed and looked at Mike, but was shocked to see his face in a devious smirk. "Why am I afraid to know what you're thinking?"

"Because you're afraid that my brilliant idea will make you look dumb?"

"Like that's possible…okay, just spill it, what's on your mind?"

"So we're bored, right?"


"And we miss Glee, right?"


"And Tina needs to get to Hollywood, right?"

"You don't think–"

"Two words! Road trip!"

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