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Chapter 14 - Storms

It's over…It's already over…

Mike sat alone in the desert dirt, the same place Matt had left him just minutes before.

It's…over. I don't want…to lose him…

Mike silently sulked, suddenly remembering their conversations earlier, about how Matt just wanted Mike to have patience. He mentally beat himself up for not remembering that when it would've saved them.

Then, Mike considered the fact that Matt had overreacted, getting so mad like that.

Or maybe Mike himself overreacted.

Maybe they were both to blame?

Mike shook his head and sighed. Thinking about it was practically mental suicide. He gave up, putting his head between his knees, closing his eyes, and trying to completely clear his mind.

It wasn't working.

Upon returning to the van, Matt was confronted by his fellow Glee clubbers.

"Do you want us to go talk to him?" Finn suggested.

"He probably just wants some time alone," Matt said, adding a little too much ice in his words than he planned. Avoiding eye contact with the rest of the group, Matt slipped away to the van, opened the door, and jumped into the driver's seat. Before anyone could ask what was wrong, he slammed it shut.

"Okay then…" Finn sighed, leaning against the van. Santana shook her head in disbelief. Rachel scratched the back of her neck awkwardly.

Curious, Brittany skipped over to the passenger side door. Upon realizing it was locked, she peered through the window expectantly.

Matt noticed Brittany try to enter the car, and he considered not letting her in. He needed time alone, after all. But as soon as he noticed her innocent, ocean blue eyes, he had a feeling in his stomach that she could make this all better. He reached over and flipped the lock's switch to let her in. She smiled and hopped in, closing the door behind her.

"Hey, Matt!" She said enthusiastically.

"Hey…" he greeted half-heartedly.

"You okay?"


They sat in silence for a short while before Brittany spoke up again. "You and Mike are really good friends, huh?"

"Yeah…well, I mean, we were."

"Was it something more?"

Matt was taken aback by the sudden question. Before he could answer, Brittany continued. "We all could see it, you know. You look at him like he's the answer to all your problems. You have that signature glimmer in your eyes that screams 'This is love!' And he has that exact same look, too. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the chemistry between you two is unmistakably real."

Matt couldn't believe his ears. This was all coming from the girl who thought 'home-made' meant 'grown in the walls of a house.'

Brittany continued, "Look, I don't know exactly what happened. I don't know who made what mistakes, or how bad they were. But I do know that, no matter what the mistakes were, love can always find a way. If it's true, it's going to work out."

Matt smiled slightly. They were interrupted by banging on the backseat doors. Matt clicked the button to unlock the doors, letting Finn, Rachel, and Santana inside.

"It's getting really windy!" Finn said. "Like, dirt and stuff is flying around."

Matt looked out the window. It was true; dust seemed to be picking up quickly. But even more alarming was the huge, light brown cloud materializing in the distance.

Thinking about what Brittany said, Matt sighed. "I should go get Mike."

"Well then...hurry up! This looks bad!" Rachel insisted. Matt nodded.

Opening the door required more work than usual as the wind was pushing violently against the van.

He shut the door quickly and tried to keep his balance against the wind as he walked as fast as possible toward Mike. He had to shield his eyes from the dust violently flying around with the wind. It became increasingly difficult to see, but Matt could still make out the silhouette of Mike sitting alone off in the distance.

With every step Matt made, the wind seemed to become even harsher, and the brown cloud in the distance seemed to get even bigger and closer.

At last, Matt reached Mike, who seemed to have passed out. Matt could barely stand himself, and realized how impossible it would be to get Mike back to the van.

Squinting through the flying dust, Matt saw the same brown cloud approaching quickly. It must've been twenty feet tall and traveling at least sixty miles-per-hour. It was honestly a sight he's only seen in movies and history books, and he really thought it looked like the apocalypse was coming closer and closer.

Unable to even stand anymore, Matt prioritized protecting Mike from the dust storm. Matt pulled the unconscious Mike into his arms, covering his face with his shirt, before he ducked his own head to protect himself from the impending doom.

The rest of the group sat in the van, worried. They couldn't open the door from the harsh storm.

They had called Mercedes during the event to see where she was. Apparently, the storm had reached her, too, and she had to pull over because it was getting too bad to drive in.

All they could do was wait for it to blow over.

And about half an hour later, it did. As quickly as it came, the dust storm subsided. It was still windy, but dust was not traveling on the breezes anymore.

Finn quickly hopped out of the car, jogging toward Matt and Mike. Once he caught up, he noticed how Mike was unconscious and Matt was still protecting him. Matt noticed Finn approaching, and stood up, trying to pick Mike up with him. Finn quickly helped carry Mike back to the van.

Santana, Rachel, and Brittany hastily made room in the backseat of the van for Mike to lie down. Matt and Finn set him down gently. His breathing was slightly slowed, but otherwise normal. He was scratched up from the dust, and dirt had collected in his hair. Overall, it seemed like he would be okay.

Matt was also slightly shaken up by the storm, so Rachel and Finn suggested he sit down and rest. Though he wanted to look over Mike, Matt's body screamed at him to rest, and so he had to.

While Santana and Brittany watched over Mike and Matt, who were now both unconscious, Finn and Rachel were standing outside the van.

Finn started dialing Mercedes' number before Rachel suddenly gasped. Finn looked over at her, confused. "What's wrong?"

Rachel pointed toward the wheels of the van.

Finn inspected the area closely before coming to a conclusion. "I give up. I don't see anything."

"Exactly!" Rachel said. "The tracks are gone!"

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