By Shahrezad1

Summary: Not all pathways are doors, and all doors pathways. Hatter finds out the hard way that space and time are all relative sometimes. A humorous drabble-tribute to the brilliant Andrew-Lee Potts.

Disclaimer: Right. For me to own this I'd have to either be British or possibly quite brilliant. But as I don't really fit the bill for either of those requirements… XD –laughs-


An irritated shout echoed across the empty clearing within the forest of Wabe, and if anyone had been in earshot they would have recognized equal parts frustration and rage, "I said stop following me!"

"I can't help it," a second voice interrupted, sounding just like the first, "I mean, just look at us! It's like Dolly the Sheep all over again, only with anomalies thrown in."

"I think I've had more than enough of 'us' to last me a lifetime," was the terse response as the figure continued pacing. Abruptly he stopped as he shot the doppelganger a look, "and did you just compare me to a sheep?"

The youth, no boy, ignored his offended state in favor of more rambling. A form of rambling which the more sane of the two-as tenuous as that was-couldn't understand one bit of.

"It's bloody fantastic! Sure to get in the record books for sure. Or at least the internet, anyway. Wait until Abby hears about this, she'll flip! But does that mean I came from you or you from me? Or was it completely spontaneous-same person, same parents, but different location?"

"No, nothing is getting into the record books, much less this…enter-netting. You're leaving right now, and then I wash my hands of you," his mouth twisted into an angry parody of a grimace, and for a second he thought about taking his anger out on one of the trees surrounding them, towering branches just barely blocking out the light.

"But don't you see? We could be an Alternate Universe concoction of one another, like in String Theory! Or we could somehow be genetically related."

"Related?" great, now he was saying he was some sort of Oyster, "Well if we are related, then you'd be the cousin that everyone avoids at parties because he's off somewhere talking to the plants."

Ah, it seemed he'd managed to shut the boy up. For a few seconds, anyhow.

"Well, I..I-I can't believe you just said that!" gaping, the youth looked very much like a razor-trout, complete with floppy hair and a black fedora in place of a fin. Well, at least he had good taste in hats, even if he was completely barmy.

"I can call you worse things if you'd like me to. I've even picked up a few choice phrases from a certain Oyster, yeah. I could always try 'em out on you if you'd like, if you don't shut up before my brain explodes!"

"Alright. Sorry."

Blessed silence spanned between them. And after the elder (?) of the two breathed in a few deep breaths, he finally turned to the younger for questioning.

"Alright, here's what we're gonna do. You don't belong here in Wonderland-."

"Wonderland, serious? You've got to be joking, we can't actu-!"

"You don't belong here in Wonderland!" the shout turned the Oyster silent again, and the Wonderlandian sighed, "So you're gonna tell me how you got here, and then we're gonna send you home. You still with me?"


"Okay. Describe it to me."

"Well, we passed through this anomaly-."

"What does it look like?"

"Um. Light. Glittering like…like looking into a crystal prism or a cut gemstone!"

"Cards almight, you traveled through a broken mirror? I didn't even think that was possible…so how are we going to…"



Just a bit of a crossover drabble. My sense of humor is twisted. This is definitely connected to the small piece of fanart that I created, though. http :/ shahrezad1 .deviantart . com /gallery /#/ d2tjx3d "Put it together, and what have you got? Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo!" XD