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Welcome to Within the Pages of a book.

Chapter 1: The Devil's Diary.

Deidara snuck into his grandfather's library. These were the books filled with forbidden spells and such not that Raito didn't want his grandson to know. He said it was too dangerous. He said that Deidara wouldn't be able to handle them.

As if the young blonde ever listened to that.

After all, being a sixteen year old who hated being told what to do meant that Deidara would not listen to authority…ever. He did what he wanted, when he wanted. And the fact that he was a warlock just helped that fact. The blonde stopped in front of the mirror in the room.

His long blonde hair reached his lower back; as usual he had some up in his trademark ponytail. His bangs covered the left side of his face. He wore all black. Black skinny jeans, he had given up on trying to dress masculine, his friends would make fun of him no matter what. His black leather shirt fit his toned chest nicely. He wore black eyeliner and nail polish, making his friends call him emo. He wasn't really. He just liked to look it. He pulled himself away from the mirror to the tall shelves of books.

As usual, he scanned them aimlessly. His eyes fell on a book with the title written in red ink. "Cool." He muttered as he pulled the small, leather bound object out of the shelf. "The Devil's journal? Is this some kind of fiction novel un? It's not like Gramps to have one of these." He muttered to himself as he flipped through the pages."Blank page, blank page, blank page….is this a book of blank pages?" he thought out loud.

He came to a page with a name and a couple of statements. "Akasuna no Sasori?...Trapped in this book is the true heir to the underworld's throne. Akasuna no Sasori. Hmm…creepy. If you are a warlock and believe this story to be true, free him with his translated name. Translated name un? The hell is that supposed to mean? Like, he'll come out by me just saying, Scorpion of the Red Sand?"

The book started to glow. Deidara dropped it as red smoke began to come out of it. "What the hell?" he muttered as the smoke took the form of a person. A strong gust of wind caused the smoke to disperse, leaving a man with red hair in its place. The man was dressed in an old-fashioned, black and red suit. Deidara could see a pair of sharp fangs peeking out from the man's mouth. When the man opened his eyes, they were a mesmerizing green that captivated Deidara's attention almost immediately. "Well, that was certainly unexpected." Muttered the blonde.

Once those eyes met the blonde's, the redhead let out an inhuman growl. "YOU."

Deidara blinked, "Huh?

"You've got some nerve Raito!" he exclaimed as he grabbed Deidara by the throat.

Deidara looked at the man unfazed. "Ok, if what the book said is true, you must be Sasori, correct un?" Sasori glowered at the blonde, "Don't act dumb with me Raito!" he said as his hands turned into sharp red claws. Deidara observed the claws. They looked as if they had been stained with blood.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now, Sasori, two things. One, Is this the way you thank the person that just freed you from your imprisonment in a book? And two, I'm not Raito. My name is Deidara. Katsu Deidara. If you're talking about Katsu Raito, he's my grandfather, or Gramps, as I like to call him un."

Sasori blinked and looked the blonde over. His eyes widened in realization and he put Deidara down, "Forgive me, you look just like-wait, GRANDFATHER?" he exclaimed with shock apparent in his voice. Deidara found the sound smooth and dark. "Yeah, he's my Gramps." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Sasori seemed to think it over for a bit.

"What year is it?" he asked with uncertainty. Deidara looked at the calendar his grandfather kept, "The date is exactly March 1, 2010." Deidara burst out laughing when he saw Sasori's jaw drop. It was just a hilarious site. The redhead glowered at him, "Silence boy." He said. Deidara just laughed some more, "Silence? Dude, people say Shut the hell up now a days un!" Sasori continued to glare at the blonde.

Why was this boy not affected by him? Usually, when Sasori gave someone a death glare, that person would shy away in fear. This boy (Deidara was it?)wasn't scared of him in the least. Why was that?

Deidara turned to the book shelf and seemed to scan the books. "Anywho, let's see…no….no…memorized all the spells in that one un…no…where is that spell book un?" he muttered. Sasori took this time to look around the library. It looked as it did the day Raito had tricked him into coming in here. Ungrateful man. Sasori had given him the honor of being his right hand, made sure he had access to every spell book in existence, and he trapped him in that book for fifty years!

He wanted revenge. But how? He turned to the boy as a thought hit him. He smirked.

This boy would be key in his plan…

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