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A young blonde warlock slipped into the library in search of a spell book. Silently, he scanned the books, wondering which would be the most interesting to study. No, no, that one he had seen last Friday, hmm?

He pulled one off of the shelf, wondering why it seemed so tightly bound. Black chains were tightly locked around it and he could barely see the title. "The Black Dragon Spells?" he whispered. Curiosity started to get the best of him as his eyes dilated and the lock on the book fell to the ground, followed by the chains.

"Yup, The Black Dragon Spells un!" he said in a chipper voice, "Looks interesting un!" he flipped it open and started reading it.

About an hour went by before the door opened and a young redhead walked in, "What are you doing?" he asked, curiosity filling his eyes. "Check it out! The Black Dragon Spells!" replied the blonde. The red head walked over and looked at the book.

The two studied it for a bit before they turned to a page with a picture of a blonde haired, brown eyed warlock.

"Who's that?" asked the red head. The blonde shrugged before reading the label under the picture. "Luke? The dark warlock Luke…"

Black smoke started to pour from the book, causing the blonde to drop it. "What the hell?" muttered the redhead as the smoke took on the form of a person. A gust of wind blew and the same warlock from the picture was standing before them.

Once he focused on his location, he looked down at the two teens in front of him. "Ah…Otouto." He said, a wide grin spreading across his face. The blonde and the red head blinked, "Otouto?" they questioned simultaneously.

And that was when Luke focused on the blonde's eyes. "No…you're not Deidara." The blonde had emerald green eyes. (Remember, Sasori has green eyes in this fic.) The red head frowned, "How do you know our father?" he asked. Luke looked at the redheaded, blue eyed boy.

"I see…quite some time has passed then…and you are Deidara's sons…and Sasori's as well?"

The blonde tightened his grip on the Black Dragon Spells, "What if we are?"

Luke smirked.

This was gonna be fun…

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