Part Two

Dean felt a little guilty, watching Sam sulk off to his booth in the corner. He wasn't sure where the anger had come from; it just sort of came out.

He and Sam had been travelling together for a couple months now, and while he was loving spending time with his brother again, Sam could be a lot to deal with. Winchesters were stubborn by nature; they wouldn't be Winchesters otherwise. Put two such people in a car together – even as incredibly sweet a car as his Impala – and the results spoke for themselves.

Dean sighed and lined up his next shot. He could see Sam in his periphery; the kid was just sitting there, slumped in his seat with his arms crossed and his bangs in his face. Dean knew he'd have to make this right before they moved on, but they really did need this money. What he said to Sam was unjustified, but there was no point in taking it back now.

Another thing about Winchesters; they never apologized. It was one of John's more idiotic laws, but one Dean and Sam had grown up with, and Dean'd be damned if he was gonna start breaking it now.

But… that girl was watching Sam. Come to think of it, Dean had noticed her on their way in, and not just because of her forever-long legs and low-cut top. Something about her was, well… creepy.

Now that Dean was looking, the way she stared at Sam was something beyond disturbing. She reminded Dean of a stalker ex he had at one point… what was her name? Not important. What was important was the fact that her eyes were so milky and pale they looked almost white. And the symbol she was wearing around her neck; that couldn't be something just anyone picked up in a gift shop.

"Hey, buddy, it's your shot." Sean growled. This night wasn't going the way he had expected it to; whoever this guy was, he could play. And Sean had lost all of his beer money to him.

When Dean didn't respond right away, Sean poked him in the ribs with his pool stick. The reaction was immediate and violent.

Sean looked up from his new position on the floor, staring at Dean in shock. Rick was gaping like a codfish caught downstream when the dam shut off. Half the bar patrons had turned to stare.

Dean blinked once. Oh. Well… shit. Sean was bleeding from the nose and everybody was looking at him.

This is why you never lose focus; losing focus causes mistakes – how many times had John Winchester drilled that into Dean's head? And all for nothing, apparently; Dean had let himself get distracted by Sam and the girl and he reacted on instinct when someone jabbed him with… a pool stick.

"Um, Sir, I think you should leave." A waitress – the cute one Dean winked at earlier – said timidly.

Dean nodded and glanced around for Sam; time to go.