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Behind the Scenes 1: Vanishing Act

The spies kicked down the doors to the mansion that L.A.M.O.S. was currently using as headquarters only to be ensnared in a net that had been there to capture them.

"Did you really think it would be that easy spies", Terrance gloated.

"Uh yeah", said Clover," it usually is." "Well not this time, now we have trapped all three of you."

"What about the red head", questioned Boogie Gus.

"What are you talking about she is…" he paused seeing that Samantha Simpson was indeed missing, "gone?"

"Did anybody see her escape?" "Not me", came the reply of three of the other L.A.M.O.S members.

"Mr. Scam did you see where she went?" "Scam?" "Oh not again", this was the third confrontation this week that those two had disappeared together.

"Where do they even go", he muttered to himself.

Samantha Simpson moaned and leaned back. She then glanced at the man across from her.

"Again", she said.

Tim Scam smirked, "Are you sure your not tired from the last five times", he said.

"Positive", she said.

"Very well then", said Scam resetting the chess board after Sam's latest defeat.

"What do you suppose the others are doing right now" said Sam offhandedly.

"Probably beating the stuffing out of each other, how barbaric."