Petals and Fangs: Who I am Inside pt. 2

By Spunky0ne

Chapter 1: Temptation

"Correct me if I'm wrong," Byakuya said rather breathlessly, "but isn't this how we got into trouble, Abarai Renji?"

The redhead paused very briefly in his exploration of his spouse's soft, sakura scented flesh and flashed a charming smile.

"Yeah," he agreed, "it was something like that, but that was a one-time thing…and besides, we can't get any more pregnant than we are."

He lowered his head and a shiver went through the noble as a wickedly probing tongue sank into his navel and a hot mouth closed over the area and teased it with warm suction. The sensation dragged a deep, languid moan from the noble as his back arched and his fingers tightened in his lover's thick, red mane.

"S-still," Byakuya managed in a soft, broken hiss, "we are supposed to be talking about how to explain this to Gia…S-soutaichou…everyone…"

"Relax, Bya," Renji said, pulling away, then beginning to kiss his way down from the wet navel to the thickened, blushing member that waited beneath it, "We're not even showing yet. We should be enjoying this while we can. In a few months, sex is going to be pretty much impossible. Besides…this is helping me think."

Byakuya caught his breath sharply and thrust upward hungrily as Renji's mouth wrapped around him and slid slowly downward. He forced his breathing to slow and looked down at Renji's blissful face as the redhead moved up and down, alternating teasing strokes and dizzying suction. He felt warm fingers gently stroking him, and couldn't help releasing another pleasured moan as his hips fought the hand that moved to hold them down.

"How in kami's name c-can you think at a t-time like this, Renji? I c-can barely form a coherent…thought."

Renji chuckled, causing a deep vibration, and Byakuya bit back a cry of pleasure. The noble wanted to kick himself for asking when that wonderful mouth released him and Renji smiled up at him. He had to pinch himself to avoid releasing a pained whimper.

"Do you really want to distract me right now?"

He paused, looking into the glazed gray eyes and laughed softly.

"I didn't think so. But to answer your question, I can think, because I am giving pleasure. I'm sure I'll be as scattered as you when we change roles."

He watched as the smoldering eyes blinked slowly and the noble swallowed…waiting. He was trying stubbornly to look unaffected, but Renji could see the slight tremor in his body and read the impatience beneath the forced calm in his eyes.

"Can I go back to what I was doing now?" Renji asked, smiling devilishly.

Byakuya's eyes narrowed and Renji realized that if he didn't move quickly, he would be the one held down and tormented…a good thing, to be sure, but he enjoyed pleasuring Byakuya, sometimes more than receiving pleasure himself. There was something deeply erotic about seeing his expression change as his controls released and he came undone under the redhead's hands and mouth. There was something patently thrilling about the sensuous sounds he made, sounds that might enter Renji's ears, but then traveled straight to his groin. And both were quite clear in their mutual belief that neither should leave the bedroom until both were sated…sometimes several times over. Although Byakuya was still 'Taichou' at work, their home life was much more equal. Renji couldn't imagine things being much better than they were.

Although, he was still worried about what it would be like to give birth. It was a frightening thought, but one the two of them would have to cope with all too soon. He opened his mouth to say something about it to Byakuya, but swiftly found himself being turned and thrown down somewhat forcefully onto his back. Byakuya's warm weight dropped onto him and held him down securely as the tables were unexpectedly turned and Renji felt the heat between them rise noticeably.

"I don't know how many times I've had to remind you, Abarai," Byakuya said in a low, seductive purr, "not to lose focus in the midst of battle. The tide of the battle can quickly turn and you run the risk of being overtaken."

"Trust you for that!" Renji gasped as Byakuya's mouth invaded his.

He lost the ability to speak as the noble's kido bound his hands and Byakuya began a slow, teasing crawl down his body. He was fascinated with the dark markings that ran all over the redhead's golden tanned skin, and he took every opportunity to explore them…an exploration that left Renji breathless and aching for his lover to leave off them and take him already. But he had asked for it. Upon entering the bedroom, Byakuya had yielded more easily than usual, something that was happening more frequently as of late, leaving Renji convinced that it had to do with the pregnancy. After all, his own sexual drive had been similarly affected.

He didn't have much time to dwell on it as Byakuya's fingers traced their way down the markings on his throat and that wicked mouth followed, his tongue teasing its way along the edges and too slowly downward. He reached the bottom of the tattoos that marked his throat and Renji quivered. He caught the noble looking at him and tried not to look like he was going crazy with lust…but Byakuya's hand was sliding down over chest and stomach, moving over the soft skin of his abdomen and even lower to touch the part of him that couldn't be anything but honest about what it wanted.

And what it wanted paused, barely brushing against it, dragging a groan from deep inside the redhead's chest and leaving him torn about whether losing the upper hand was a good thing or a bad one.

"What's with the kido ropes?" he complained, a bit breathlessly, "You can't just play fair, can you?"

"Hmph," Byakuya mumbled against the skin of his chest, "I don't wish to be disturbed whilst I enjoy the benefit of being the one who maintained focus. If you want the upper hand now, you will have to break the kido and take it…and in any case, I didn't use full strength. You should be able to break them…if you can focus, Abarai…"

The noble's hand tightened around his thickened member and began to slide warmly up and down his length as Byakuya's exploration of his tattoos continued at an unbearably slow speed. Renji strained against the kido ropes, groaning again as a pink lustful tongue drifted over one dusky, erect nipple. He couldn't suppress a shiver of delight as it was repeated with the other. He saw Byakuya smiling and realized he had been distracted again, all too easily. At this rate, he would never be able to retake control…although being on the receiving end of Byakuya's ministrations certainly had its benefits too…Renji sighed and relaxed, closing his eyes and arching his back as his lover's tongue worked its way around the edges of the tattoos on his abdomen.

"Ah…oh kami. Bya…that feels so damned…good!"

Byakuya lifted his head, pausing to gaze up into the redhead's eyes playfully.

"Oh…" he said, almost smiling, "so you're not even going to try to break the kido? How…disappointing…"

He paused over Renji's abdomen, letting his breath tease the damp skin he had so recently been exploring with his tongue. He held Renji's eyes, silently challenging him.

"Oh hell, don't do this!" Renji moaned, "Come on! We aren't in training. Just…let's forget the kido ropes and…make love already!"

Byakuya's eyes took on a stern expression.

"My…" he said softly, his voice laced with sarcasm, "someone is very impatient today. Unfortunately for you, your impatience has caused no deeper determination that might actually help you to…"

He stopped mid-sentence as the kido ropes shattered. The redhead's hands shifted on his body and sought to throw him down again. Byakuya held him down just long enough so that neither could argue that he had lost to the redhead, then he allowed himself to be turned and brought down onto his back. The redhead wasted no time now, but parted the noble's thighs and positioned himself between them. He looked down into the dark gray eyes and felt his heart quiver. Byakuya was looking at him with such affection as the redhead had never seen in his eyes before. He was beautiful…there was no other word to describe it.

"What?" he said, laying his body warmly against his lover's.

"I was just rather…surprised," Byakuya said softly.

"Surprised?" Renji repeated, "Why"

Byakuya's eyes sparked and Renji felt it register in his loins.

"Because…I lied to you…"

"You…lied to me?" Renji asked, frowning.

Byakuya nodded and lifted himself to nip gently at the redhead's ear.

"I told you the kido ropes weren't full strength."

Renji blinked in surprise.


Byakuya gave him an amused smirk and nodded.

"They were…"

"Shit, that's a first!" Renji exclaimed.

"And to reward you, I'll offer no more resistance," Byakuya said softly, relaxing beneath him.

"Aw, but it's fun when you resist," Renji said, forcing himself to resist the urge to dive onto the noble and take him then and there.

Instead, he rested his body on top of Byakuya's and reclaimed his lover's mouth, plunging deeply inside and entangling their tongues. Byakuya moaned into his mouth, running his hands down the redhead's muscular back and pulling at his hips, while pushing his own hips upward.

"Mhmmm," Renji mumbled into his mouth, "Now, look who's impatient…"

The look in Byakuya's eyes warned him not to delay anymore. He shifted his body and brought his hardened member to the noble's entrance. He kissed Byakuya harder, reaching down and wrapping a hand around his lover's flushed arousal and sliding up and down its length as he slowly worked his way inside.

"Abarai!" Byakuya hissed impatiently.

"Well…I don't want to hurt you…"

"I will hurt you if you keep me waiting any longer," the noble threatened, "Enough teasing, move!"

Renji gauged from his expression that he was only half kidding. He dove back into that sweet, perfect mouth and moved experimentally. Practically growling, the deeply aroused noble grabbed his hips and pulled them in roughly. Renji took the hint and began thrusting. He meant to start slowly, but Byakuya's legs wrapped warmly around him and the noble's slender, strong body writhed hungrily beneath his. He attacked the soft, pale throat with kisses and heated suction, smiling against Byakuya's skin as he felt the soft vibration of his lover's moans of pleasure. He lifted his head to catch a glimpse of Byakuya's face and almost climaxed at the sight of gray eyes glazed over and lost and lovely pale features that usually looked so stern or serious, but now were completely transformed…awakened and alive. The dark, beautiful eyes blinked and locked on his, flaring with life as Renji thrust in harder and found the center of pleasure that forced his lover from enjoyment into ecstasy. He clamped his mouth down on Byakuya's, devouring his cries of pleasure, and he emptied himself inside his lover as the noble's hot seed pulsed out and onto their joined bodies.

Renji collapsed onto the noble's heaving chest and the two continued with a barrage of kisses as the pounding of their hearts very gradually slowed. The redhead closed his eyes, pulling away from Byakuya's mouth and resting his head against a pale and slightly sweat-dampened shoulder, still buried in the noble's depths and their mingled scents blending deliciously in the air around them.

"Mmmm…" he breathed against the soft, white skin, "Can we just forget everything else for a while and stay right here?"

Byakuya sighed softly, his breath disturbing the tumble of red hair his face rested in.

"I knew it was a bad idea letting you talk me into this. Renji…we have to figure out what to tell everyone…"

"Hmmm…" mumbled Renji sleepily, "What's to say, really? The council slipped you a fertility drug…we had sex and we both ended up pregnant. Pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me…"

"And how do we explain this to Gia?" Byakuya inquired archly.

"Hmmm…we should just be honest with her…without going into detail. We'll just tell her that the council wanted you to have babies and they did something that made us both pregnant. After we start talking brothers and sisters, she won't think of much else except a shitload of baby names."

"That's it," Byakuya mused, "We'll have her help us come up with names for all of them."

"Except we don't know how many or what genders…"

"But we'll find out as we go and we'll keep the focus on that."

Renji nodded.

"Good idea. What about Soutaichou?"

"Well…he'll likely be annoyed with the fact you're my subordinate…but he can hardly claim it's never happened before…and the fact that we're both expecting means that he can't say that I used my position to coerce you. We'll likely be on desk duty throughout this…situation…" Byakuya surmised.

"Yeah, most likely," Renji agreed, smiling, "I think I know two knocked up shinigamis who are going to be very bored."

"We won't be bored," Byakuya said with certainty, "I think when reports are filed and there is nothing to do, we will be reading and preparing."

"Reading? Preparing?" Renji asked, furrowing his brow.

Byakuya's eyes narrowed.

"Have you ever had a baby?" he asked with a tone approaching sarcasm.

"No," said Renji, "but neither have you…"

"You are correct," said Byakuya, "but by the time these little ones arrive, both you and I are going to know all we can learn about giving birth and taking care of them."

"Ugh…" Renji moaned, uncomfortably.

"What's wrong?"

The redhead pulled free of him and charged into the bathroom. Byakuya shook his head, smiling and following him into the bathroom. He knelt next to Renji, placing an arm around him as he emptied his stomach, then dropped back against the noble, catching his breath.

"Damn, I wish I could stop having to throw up!" Renji moaned, "That part really sucks…"

"I agree," Byakuya said, kissing his throat, just beneath the ear, "but you're in luck. I'm actually feeling quite good today. I'll be happy to make you some tea. Would you like ginger tea to soothe your stomach of just the green tea?"

Renji look up at him gratefully.

"Ginger, I think," he said, letting his head rest on the noble's shoulder.

"Very well…ginger tea, then. Why don't you go and get back into bed. We have time yet before we have to get up and start dealing with all of this."

Byakuya stood and helped Renji to his feet. They walked back to the bed together, exchanging kisses all of the way.

"Bya, do you have any idea why we're like this…I mean so…so, uh…"

"So…?" Byakuya queried.

"You know…so…well, hell, I just look at you and I can't stop wanting to have sex with you. Everything about you is so…uh…I don't know, just so damned sexy!"

Byakuya allowed himself a soft chuckle and tucked the redhead back into bed. Renji blinked in frustration.

"Ah…is it just me, then?"

Byakuya sat down on the bed next to him and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

"See…you just get near me or kiss me and you smell so good…and your hair tickles my skin and…"



"Do you want that tea or do you want me to climb into that bed and have my way with you again?"

"You mean that I have to choose?" Renji asked, grinning cutely.

"I mean," Byakuya said, placing a hand on his face, "that it isn't just you. I am feeling the same strong attraction you are…and if you continue to tease me, I'll forget the tea and have sex with you right now."

"Kami…the temptation!" mused Renji.

He looked up at Byakuya and read his hungry expression.

"Fuck the tea," he said, taking hold of the noble and pulling him down onto the bed.

Moments later, the two bodies were entwined, the tea forgotten. They were far too involved in each other to notice the servant who peeked into the room, stared for a moment, then slipped out again, closing the door softly behind him.

"Lucky bastard nobles," he breathed, "They get to have all of the fun!"

He continued down the hallway, his mind still replaying the lovely image of that beautifully tattooed ass…