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"Pokémon Talking"

"PokeDex Info" "PokeGaze Talking"

Chapter One

The last few warm days of summer were dwindling. Noon arrived in the Region of Kanto on one such day, sending rays of gorgeous gold over the land. Several of these rays landed on a mansion a mile or so west of a place called Pewter City. It was a white mansion, surrounded by forest and fields, with a long driveway where a limo usually sat. A little ways behind it, in a large clearing that would be considered its' backyard, sat a stable. Farther away, through a small patch of trees, down a well-trodden path, was a large pond.

Splashing and playing in this pond, was a group of four kids, and a variety of different types of strange creatures known as Pokémon. There were two girls, and two boys. One of the girls, the oldest, had blue hair that reached a little ways past her chin thanks to a recent haircut. Her hazel eyes were bright with warmth and determination as she threw a foam water toy heavy with water at one of the boys. Her name was Heather, and she had dreams of becoming a magnificent Pokémon Breeder when she got older.

The boy she had attacked ducked under water to avoid it, laughing as soon as he reemerged. He had brown hair with sun-bleached highlights, and his skin was tan from lots of time outside. His eyes were honey brown, and were bright with laughter and playfulness. His name was Eric, but he preferred to be called Ric. He wanted to be a great Pokémon Trainer, and was fascinated by Technical Machines, or moves that you had to teach your Pokémon in order for them to learn, instead of something that they got naturally.

The other girl was his twin, Evelyn, though she preferred to be called Lyn. Her hair was the same color as her brothers, and reached down nearly to her waist, held in check by a braid. Her eyes, the same shade of honey brown as Ric's, were intelligent and observant. Together, they were known as the Terrible Twins, almost always ending each other's sentences. They were both twelve, and would be thirteen in December. She twisted agilely in the water, dodging her brother's throw, and catching the foam-ball.

"Catch Harry!" She cried, slinging it at the final member of the group. He was smaller then the others, and thinner, but he was also the leader. His name is Harry Morsinger, and he was a psychic of great power. Oh, you wouldn't think it, with his small body, elf-like facial-features, messily spiked black hair that was tipped in green, or his large, expressive eyes that were the most remarkable shade of green, or even by the thick band of scars that circled his pale, elegant neck. Of course, you wouldn't have thought that he was from a different world, either, or that he was one of the richest people in this world because of four potions, but he was. And now he was ducking under the water to avoid his friend's attack, swimming deep, where his Dratini, Prophesy, was playing with Zeke, Heather's Magicarp. The boy waved at them cheerfully, cheeks puffed out with his held breath. Prophesy giggled and swam up to him, nuzzling her large white nose against one such cheek, her snake-like blue and white body wrapping around him.

"Hello Harry," she told him; Harry smiled at her, and then scratched her under the chin before kicking up towards the surface, lungs beginning to ache. That was one of his abilities as a psychic. He could talk to Pokémon. Head erupting from the water, Harry gasped, then laughed warmly as Prophesy popped up beside him, her tail moving in the air behind her, a coo escaping. In her mouth was the foam ball. Grinning, the eleven-year-old psychic took the toy from her and scratched her neck gently, making her thrum with happiness and pleasure, eyes closing.

"I'm going on land for a bit," Harry told his friends, tossing the foam ball to Heather. She smiled and nodded, and Harry turned, swimming for shore. Climbing out, he shook his head like a dog, stretching. He let out a startled laugh as a fluffy towel was dropped on his head, pulling it off in time to watch Bravery, a Fearrow he'd won in a battle, eying him with amusement. He stuck his tongue out at the large russet-colored bird. Chuckling, he dried off, cuddling the soft towel close as he trotted over towards Lord Persian.

Lord Persian was a giant Persian, with large saber teeth, tiger-striped fur, and was one of the first of his kind. An Ancient Pokémon, one of ten. He was lounging in the thick, green grass, napping. Persian, who belonged to Harry's adopted father, Giovanni, was curled up near him, dozing. She had adopted Harry even before Giovanni had, back when the eleven-year-old had been ten, and staying with Giovanni's sister, Sarah, and her family. Plopping down next to the maternal feline, Harry smiled and she yawned, giving him a warm look.

"Having fun, cub?" she asked him; he nodded, stretching out alongside her on his stomach, on top of the towel in case there were chiggers.

"Decided to take a rest," the young psychic explained; the Persian 'Hmm'd' sleepily, flicking her curled tail over his legs. He reached out and gently pet her silky fur. Lord Persian opened one eye to look at him sleepily, then yawned and stretched, rolling onto his side, claws out as he luxuriated in the warm sunlight. A rustling in the bushed nearby got Harry to turn his head to look. A black Ninetails with acid green tails and matching eyes tumbled from the bushes, tails wagging and tongue lolling slightly from his mouth, panting. He looked around, saw Harry, and bounded over.

"Mama!" he cried, prancing around Harry excitedly; Harry smiled slightly. He had raised the Pokémon from egg to Vulpix to Ninetails, and, though Shadow was now an adult, he never ceased calling Harry by the endearment, and the boy didn't mind.

"What is it?" He asked, wondering if the fox-Pokémon had licked something nasty. Shadow had the tendency to lick first, wonder if it was dangerous, and then consider asking questions. It had led to more then one occasion where his poor tongue had needed healing all on it's own.

"Come quick!" the fire-type said, bouncing around. "Come quick, come quick, come quick! I found something!" Harry heaved himself to his feet, smiling indulgently.

"Alight, I'm up," the boy said. "Take me to your find, eh?" The Ninetails let out an excited yip and darted into the bushes once more. Harry hurriedly followed, trotting after his excitable Pokémon. He lost sight of him as they walked farther into the trees, only spotting him when his bright tails caught some stray ray of sunlight and gleamed brightly in the dim lighting. Dodging around a nasty-looking thorn bush, the eleven-year-old swerved past a particularly large tree and saw Shadow with his upper body half-in a bush, tails wagging happily. He pulled out as Harry neared.

"Look, Mama, look!" He whispered excitedly; Harry obligingly knelt and peered into the shadowy confines of the bush. He frowned, squinting. Inside, he could barely make out a few odd shapes. Pulling the bush farther apart, he blinked.

"Whoa," he murmured as he finally saw what was inside the bush. An odd, dead-grass nest lay inside, fragments of broken eggshells scattered within. And, lying on its side near the back of the nest, was a small Pokémon egg. It was a beautiful blue, with a bright green top, that slid down the sides in three torpedo-like designs, pointing towards the bottom, which was a paler blue with purple spots.

"I found it," Shadow said smugly. "And I licked it. It tastes like dirt and dust and grass. But I found it!" Harry ruffled his head, scratching the Ninetails behind his ear as he examined the egg.

"Yes you did, sweetheart," he told the fox-Pokémon. "Do you know if its parents are anywhere nearby?" Shadow shook his head.

"No one's been here in a month or so. I sniffed around, just to make sure." Harry nodded, then carefully reached into the bush and pulled out the egg. It was a little bigger then a softball, and felt a little cool. The boy cradled it in his hands carefully, keeping it close to his chest.

"Come on," he said to his Pokémon. "We need to get this little guy to Professor Oak, so that we know he's okay." Shadow yipped in agreement, and led the way back, this time staying close, and leaping up slightly to sniff the egg every once in a while. When they emerged from the bushes, Harry hurried over to his clothes and set the egg carefully down in the thick grass. Shadow lay down, putting a paw on either side, and watching the egg intently. Apparently, the fox-Pokémon was possessive of his discovery, and was determined that no harm would come to it. Harry shook his head slightly, amused, and let out a sharp whistled.

Lord Persian stood with a stretch, trotting over. Havoc, his unique Ghouleon, slipped from the shadows of a tree, trotting over, his bandanna a little sideways. Prophecy slid from the water, slithering over to coil, snake-like, next to Lord Persian as the Ancient Pokémon sat down patiently. Oridina trotted over from where she'd been playing with flowers. The Charmeleon had made her own crown of flowers, and hummed happily, flaming tail swaying as she came over. Bravery fluttered his large wings, landing on the other side of Lord Persian, matching the cat-Pokémon in height. Harry's friends swam over to shore and climbed out, bright-eyed with curiosity.

"What is it, Harry?" Heather asked, taking her towel when her Ponyta, Dashing, held it up with his mouth. Lyn caught the towel Chloe, her Rhydon, tossed her before the rock-type went back to sleep. Ric muttered a curse as his own towel was dropped on his head much like Harry's was, by his Spearrow, Star. Harry gestured to Shadow, and the fox-Pokémon shifted his tails, eyes remaining on the egg.

"Shadow found an egg in an abandoned nest," he told his friends. "It's been there for a long time, though. I'm going to hurry over to Professor Oaks as fast as I can and get it checked out." Pulling his shrunken pokeballs' from his pocket, he recalled all his Pokémon but Bravery. "I need you to fly me over there in a moment," he told the Fearrow, who nodded easily.

"As you wish," he replied in a deep voice, utterly serious. Heather took her towel and wrapped it around the egg, the yellow terry cloth providing warmth as well as cushioning.

"Here," she said, carefully handing him the thickly wrapped egg. "Be careful, though. If there is a baby Pokémon in that, it'll be underdeveloped from so long in the shell, and any sudden movement could cause brain damage, or deformities in limbs. It could even stunt the baby's growth, and make it next to impossible to evolve. Or," she added warningly, sternly. "A hard enough movement could even kill the baby. Fly fast, but no sudden movements or turns, okay? Gliding is best." These last things she said to both Harry and Bravery; the two nodded seriously, listening to the older girl intently. The young Breeder-to-be was excellent with Pokémon, and knew how to care for eggs. She was also trying to get a job that allowed her access to Pokémon eggs, so she could learn how to tell the eggs and species apart, so she could care for them properly.

"I need someone to head to the house and tell dad where I'm going and why," he told them; Lyn volunteered.

"Can I borrow Dashing?" she asked Heather, who nodded, going over to the Ponyta. Lyn was light and lithe, so the fire-type should have no trouble carrying her to the house. A makeshift saddle made of Heathers jean jacket, sleeves tied on Dashing's underside, helped her hold on, and Heather showed her how to wrap her arms around the Pokémon's neck so she wasn't burnt by the flaming mane. Not that Dashing would burn her in the first place. He tended to like everyone, but Sasha, seeing as how she was a water-type and all, but that was understandable. The Gyarados didn't like him much either.

"I'm off, Harry said, climbing up onto Bravery's back, placing his knees behind the large birds wing joints and placing the egg between his stomach and the Fearrow's back, and putting his hands on the place where neck met torso, holding firmly. "Remember what Heather said. Gliding is best." Bravery nodded, flapped his wings twice, and launched smoothly into the air.

Harry closed his eyes, and just enjoyed the feeling for a few moments. Opening his eyes, he looked down, watching trees and fields fly by as Bravery picked up speed. Laughing, delighted, Harry tilted his head back and enjoyed the wind on his face. He ducked his head again, though, so his body cradled the egg better, just in case. The usual forty-five minute drive to the Lab was only a five-minute flight. Landing with a pair of small dust twisters, Bravery, tilted his body, crouching so Harry could slide off easier. As the boy did so, cradling the rolled-up towel to his chest, Professor Oak and one of his Aide's hurried out.

Oak was an elderly man, with sharp blue eyes, square chin, quick smile, and gray hair. His hands were calloused from lots of hands-on work with Pokémon that needed special handling, but they were nothing but gentle when doing so. He dissuaded any physical retaliation when Pokémon got rough or unwieldy, believing they can be soothed under the right conditions with words and gentle touches. A few of his Researchers thoroughly disagreed in some cases, but never to his face. He could really have a temper on him…

"Harry!" He cried, smiling widely. Harry smiled and carefully recalled Bravery. "What a pleasant surprise! What can I do for you?" Harry carefully unwrapped the top half of the egg and showed it to the professor.

"Shadow found this egg in an abandoned nest," he explained, carefully handing it to the professor when he held out his hands, absent-mindedly folding Heathers towel over his now-free arm as he spoke. "He said that it didn't look like anyone had been near the nest in at least a month. It may be even longer, I don't know. We wanted to make sure the egg was alright, though, incase there was a baby Pokémon in there." He nodded to the small egg.

"Hmm," Oak said, peering at the egg. "I'll run some tests. Ryan," he said, looking at the Aide. He was a short man, thin, with slicked-back black hair and large, round glasses. His blue eyes were more gray then blue, but were nice all the same. "Why don't you show Harry the newest batch of baby Pokémon while I check on this little guy?" The Aide nodded firmly.

"Yes, Professor," he replied, turning to Harry with a small smile. "Right this way," he said, gesturing, before leading the boy into the lab. Oak disappeared with the egg into a room, and Ryan led Harry to the familiar glass cases. Harry admired the baby Pokémon, smiling when a baby Charmander licked the glass when he saw Harry, cooing and babbling as baby's do. Harry cooed back, wiggling his fingers in front of the glass. He was watching a baby Marril roll around, chewing on the ball on it's tail, when Oak returned with the egg, smiling.

"It's a good thing you brought this little guy straight here, Harry," he told the eleven-year-old, handing him the egg gently. "The tests show that, if it had been left untouched for another week, the fetus would have died. It's a very lucky little Pokémon, I can tell you." Harry sighed, relieved, cuddling it close.

"Do you know what type it is?" He asked; Oak nodded.

"It should be a grass-type considering it's coloring, or maybe a water-type. Of course," he added with a smile, "I once had an egg I was certain was going to be a water-type because it was blue, and it turned out to be a Charmander. Eggs are never totally alike, no matter what. Even if they're from the same parents, they could all look totally different." Harry nodded, stroking a finger down one of the green torpedo designs.

"What do you suggest to take care of it?" He asked; Ryan spoke up.

"Well," he said with a smile, "Lots of human and/or Pokémon interaction are a must, as well as a lot of gentle movement, like walking. That's usually a sure-fire way to get an egg to hatch." Oak nodded, smiling.

"An occasional dip in some cool water would do it some good as well, and perhaps a few minutes every once in a while near a heat source." Harry nodded, smiling.

"Awesome," he said. "Thanks Professor, Ryan," the two nodded in reply. Harry wrapped the egg once more in Heather's towel, heading outside. Once there, he called out Bravery. "Back home, now, big guy," he announced; the Fearrow nodded. Harry smiled at him. "We have a new family member to take care of!" Bravery let out a triumphant cry and took to the air gracefully.

With Sevy, Siri, Remy, and Saber…

Severus groaned softly, blinking open his eyes slowly, only to hiss and lift a paw to block out the bright sunlight.

Wait a minute. Paw? Sunlight? Paw?

The Potions Master's eyes shot open again, focusing on his limb. A blue paw moved when he moved his arm, and he quickly raised the other one, finding another paw of the same color. Rolling over quickly, he stumbled to his four paws, looking at himself in shock. About halfway down his body, the blue fur turned to black, ending in a tail that had a yellow star on the end. Sitting down abruptly, he looked around him. Lying a little ways away were three other creatures. One was a gray and black dog-like creature, with a set of slightly protruding fangs. It looked almost like a miniature version of a werewolf, only more dog-like then humanoid.

The other animal was bright green, and also a dog. Its head was nearly rectangular, and yellow lightening bolts slid up it's side. Static flickered occasionally around it, and Severus knew it would shock him if he touched it. Of course, if the static that flickered around his paws was any indication, he was likely to shock back.

The final creature was a small white and black bird. It was sprawled on its back; wings spread wide, feet in the air. Black eyes narrowing, the wizard-turned-cat-thing stalked over to the bird.

"Saber," he called, staring down at the bird. "Sa-a-a-a-a-ber-r-r-r…" he purred, lifting a paw. Smirking, he extended a claw with an experimental flex of his forelimb, and touched the tip to the bird's forehead, right between the eyes. Instantly, electricity flickered from his paw to the bird, shocking it badly. It woke with a startled squawk, wings fluttering and thwacking Severus, who darted a few steps away. The bird managed to use its wings to get itself to its feet, eyes bright green and blinking rapidly. It stared at him, and then looked at the slowly waking pair of canines.

"Uh-oh," the bird said with Saber's voice. "This was not planned." The green dog yawned hugely, exposing needle-sharp teeth.

"What the bloody hell's going on?" it asked in Sirius's voice, blue eyes bewildered as it stared around. It stared at Severus. "Sev?" The Potions Master nodded.

"Sirius?" Remus asked from the gray and black dogs body, amber eyes sleepy and confused. Sirius stared at him, blue eyes incredulous, before looking down at himself. Then he looked over at Severus, and slowly smirked.

"Aren't you a pwetty pussy, Sev," he crooned sweetly; Severus's eyes narrowed dangerously. Electricity danced around his fur.

"Watch it, green-mutt," he growled; Remus sighed and staggered to his feet, giving them a droll look.

"Children," he said in his best teacher voice; they looked at him. "I believe that we should figure out what's happening before you two kill each other." Severus and Sirius nodded, and all three of them turned narrowed eyes on Saber, who fluttered his wings.

"Alright," he said, clearing his throat nervously. "First of all, I want you all to know that this wasn't planned. I did not do this on purpose, it was a freak accident, I am not to blame. Okay?" They remained silent, staring at him. The bird ruffled his feathers nervously. "Er, anyways, on to the explanation, yes?" He took a deep breath.

"Let me tell you about Pokémon…" he started, and the Shinx, Poochyena, and Electrike sat down to listen to the Phoenix-turned-Starly.

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