AN: Hello, everyone! HeartfeltDream here. This is a little three-shot I devised this afternoon and just had to begin. I hope you like it!

Some things in life seem to be held just outside of my grasp. I always knew that, when something really mattered, I wouldn't be able to get it. That thing, in this case, was the local doctor, Jin. I've never been blessed with the sort of fairy tale luck that seems to shroud every story. I've never trusted in my instincts as far as love went. Suppose I was right. Whenever I liked someone, it was almost guaranteed that they wouldn't return the feeling, or worse, hurt me with it. That sucks. Well, perhaps this all requires some sort of explanation.

This is my third season here in Waffle Town, but boy, it has been a really long time. I've recently taken up a part-time job at the clinic to top off my pockets, which, I think, was a good choice, if it weren't for that man. Were men even meant to be beautiful like that? I don't think so. I've never figured myself for that type, either. Well, case in point, he was most certainly a man, and I a girl.

Waffle Town was my choice of home after leaving my family. I went to a local commuter college and stayed with my folks before moving out here to become a farmer. I guess I've always enjoyed the idea of farming, but it wasn't until I began to take agricultural and animal medicine classes at college that I decided that this would be my course of action. Furthermore, I could really enjoy all the space out here, and the people are just downright sweet.

Take Anissa, for example. The gentlest, most beautiful girl…. No, woman, I've ever met. When I stayed with her and her folks at their farm before moving onto my own property, she'd always be a chirrup away with that warm smile of hers and that dainty step. Compared to her, I'm just downright awkward. Sure, I've been called a "cute girl," but she, she is a beautiful, breathtaking woman in every single way.

No wonder Dr. Jin fell for her.

He never told me outright, of course, but I know these kinds of things. I'd be working, filing papers or some such, and in would skip Anissa with her basket of posies and strawberries for everyone to eat. This would be a daily occurrence, and who could help being swept into her spell? Dammit, be mean once in a while. Then he could see… how perfectly….

Perfect you are.

"Oi! I'm here for my first day on the job!" I smiled brightly, parading into the clinic. Irene looked up to me, her stern features sobering me immediately. "Hello, Ma'am." I said with a slightly more subdued smile.

Irene looked down at her papers and began muttering, "Well, let's see what you can do here…" I folded my hands a bit nervously, rocking back and forth on my heels. Jin came through the curtains, his silver spectacles perched on his nose.

"Please order another shipment of green herbs, Irene," He said, that cool voice slicing the dead air.

"Already done, Doctor," She replied, gesturing to a box by her feet.

"You're a live-saver," He smiled that gentle smile, and I saw the corner of Irene's crinkled mouth lift in return, though her eyes remained trained on the papers. Huh. I guess she had a soft spot after all.

"Oh, Akari," He said, looking to me. I looked up to him, nodding.

"Good morning, Doctor," I smiled. I guess he was rather attractive, but I never really had the chance to get a good look at him. He seemed sort of… distant, but there was a softness about him that could not be denied. Heehee.

"Jin will suffice," He said and continued, "When you are done helping Irene organize the files, could I ask you to please pick up a box of medicine from the town hall? All of our shipments are delivered there."

"Of course," I said, looking to Irene, who sighed.

"Yes, that is what I was going to have her do. Thank you, Doctor." She seemed to respect him very much, I gathered. He simply nodded and retreated to the world behind the curtain.

I did as Irene asked and then made my way to the town hall, picking up a conversation as I walked. "Hey, Maya," I smiled as she bounced over to me. She was pouting, and I knew I would have to listen to a story.

"So guess what Chase did this time!"

"I couldn't imagine," I replied with a sigh.

"Well, he-…" And I proceeded to hear how he had basically gotten all defensive when he forgot to get Maya a birthday present. They had been going out for two weeks at most, and already I heard a little too much from my faithful friend,

"You knew he was a jerk when you decided to go out with him," I sighed, not much liking the rude boy.

"But," Maya retorted, tears in her eyes, "How could he forget my birthday?"

"Exactly as he said. He was too busy preparing for whatever competition."

"But…" Maya continued, looking down. Maya would never accept anything, even when she heard it a few times over.

"Look, the important thing is you like him, and he likes you, and no matter what happens, you know you have him to depend on."

"Akari…" She looked up at me, brimming with happiness, before charging off, no doubt to forgive Chase, "THANK YOU!" She called, and I smiled a little. Hah…

"And this is the X-Ray you took of the patient last year," I said, handing it to Jin. It was later that day after more errands had been completed. As he took the X-Ray from me, our hands brushed, and I folded mine in front of me a bit self-consciously.

"Thank you," He nodded, proceeding upstairs.

I couldn't help but look after him, the shape of his back, the paleness of his skin, the silkiness of his hair…. Men definitely weren't supposed to look like that.

They would all get raped.