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'The' – Telepathic Speech

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The Altered Rotation

oO~Epilogue: A Second Chance~Oo

"Oz…Oz," a voice called. "Come on, Oz, of all the days to sleep in why did you choose today?"

'Oz, you might want to wake up before someone decides on a much ruder way to awaken you,' Jack chuckled.

Oz opened his eyes to find his Uncle Oscar leaning over him.

"Uncle…Oscar," he said, dazed. "What happened?"

"What do you mean 'what happened'?" Oscar pouted. "You slept in on the most important day of your life!"

"What are you talking about, Uncle Oscar?" Oz asked, not understanding what was going on.

"Your Coming-of-Age ceremony is today, idiot!" Oscar smacked his nephew upside the head.

"My what?" Oz's eyes widened.

"Your Coming-of-Age ceremony," Oscar repeated slowly. "The one you've been preparing for…are you all right, lad?"

"I-I'm fine, Uncle, don't worry," Oz laughed nervously, "I was just a little dazed. I'm okay."

"All right, now go on and get dressed," Oscar said as he walked towards the door of the room, "if you're lucky, you, Gil and Ada just might have some time to explore this place a bit."

Oz only nodded at his uncle as the older man closed the door behind him.

Oz quickly shot out of his bed and ran over to the mirror, and stifled a surprised shout.

His no longer looked like the twenty-five-year-old man he'd been. Instead, he was somehow reverted back to his fifteen-year-old body.

"What's going on?" Oz muttered, as he got dressed for the day. "I remember flinging my sword at that thing and then nothing…"

'Somehow that last explosion caused by our sword striking that thing did something to fling you back in time,' Jack told the young boy.

'But then how are you here with me?' Oz asked.

'I think it was because our souls merged completely,' Jack told his incarnation. 'Essentially in the process of reincarnation, the soul of the previous incarnation is passed on into a new body that will, inevitably, have a new life and new experiences. But our case is slightly different because while our souls are technically the same, I was missing something when I died.'

'Missing something?' the gold-haired teen questioned.

'A fragment of my soul was somehow left within Alice's memories,' Jack explained. 'Because my soul was incomplete, there was no way it could follow through with the entire process of reincarnation. And so somehow when my soul was put into what would become you, you managed to fill the gap in my soul with something purely from you. So when I merged with you, I was only adding a part of myself to what was once my soul inside you.'

'Ugh' Oz groaned, 'my head hurts from all this confusing talk about reincarnation and all that.'

A knock sounded, breaking Oz out of his conversation with Jack.

"Young Master, may I come in?" Came the voice of a fourteen-year-old Gilbert.

Oz gave his consent and watched with a sense of nostalgia as the younger version of his friend stepping into the room, closing the door behind him.

But then, the gold-haired boy felt a sort of pulse running through his body.

"Young Master?" Gilbert asked worriedly.

Oz narrowed his eyes suspiciously and decided to conduct a small test.

"I'm fine, Gil," Oz waved of the concern, "by the way, how is Raven doing after that battle?"

"I don't kno—Oz?" Gilbert's eyes widened. "Is that you?"

"And I think I'm talking to the twenty-four-year-old Gilbert Nightray inside of the fourteen-year-old Gilbert's body, correct?"

Gilbert nodded, a serious expression on his face. "But how can this be? Break told us that turning back time is a power only the Will of the Abyss holds."

"I've wondered about that, too," Oz nodded, "but there's not much we can do except play along for now. Besides, this time, I intend to go through my Ceremony without any interruptions!" He cast a side-long glance at his friend. "Do I need to force you into taking the suit this time or no?"

Gilbert chuckled. "No Master, I'll wear it with no complaints."

Oz gave a nod. "Good. Let's go, we need to pick that package up from Uncle Oscar."

-That Night-

Oz fastened the final button on his coat and patted the pocket that held the pocketwatch he'd retrieved with Gilbert earlier that day.

"Oz, are you ready?" Oscar's voice sounded through the door. "There's a few people that would like to meet you."

Curious, Oz opened the door and saw his uncle and Gilbert dressed in their attire for the event. He let his uncle lead them to the same room he'd met Sharon on this very day so long ago.

"Oz, this is Sharon and Alice Rainsworth of the Rainsworth Dukedom," Oscar introduced.

Sharon looked the same as she had when they first met. Alice, on the other hand, looked the same, but wore a periwinkle and white dress similar in design to her sister's. A black cat was nestled within the brunette's arms.

Like before, Oz greeted Sharon politely and invited her to sit. Once the pleasantries were out of the way, Oscar left the small group to talk amongst themselves.

"Would you happen to be our Oz-sama and Raven?" Break asked quietly.

Oz blinked once before nodding.

Alice squealed as she launched herself at Oz, hugging him with all the strength her little arms would allow.

"You all remember, too?" Gilbert asked.

Alice, the black cat that was Cheshire, Sharon and Break all nodded in reply.

"But how?" Oz asked. "How could we have been taken back in time? It makes no sense!"

"Sometimes powers beyond our control have strange intentions that even we cannot predict," Sharon said quietly, sipping her tea. "But why they chose this day to bring us back to and with our memories intact, is a question even I can't answer."

Oz thought hard for a moment. Everything that had happened in the previous timeline happened because Glen was coming back and the catalyst that set off the events to come was his activating of the silent clock tower.

"I think," Oz said quietly, getting everyone's attention, "we were sent back here because it was this day that set everything to come, in motion."

"So what do we do?" Alice asked.

"We need to stop that minute hand from moving," Oz told them. "If that hand doesn't move, then the Baskervilles will have no reason to come out of hiding. We can take them out easily and this time, we can put a stop to the Baskervilles once and for all."

"But what about Glen?" Gilbert asked. "Isn't he alive, too?"

"No," Oz shook his head. "I don't know why and I don't know how, but somehow, his defeat in the future caused some sort of reaction that caused his passing here in the past."

"How would you know?" Break asked, red eyes narrowing. "You seem to know quite a bit about it."

Oz sighed as he went on to explain. "When Jack first defeated Glen, a sort of…connection was born between them. Don't ask me how, because not even he knew how that could be. Anyway, when Jack and I merged before I escaped the Abyss, I gained that connection."

"And what do you feel now?" Break inquired interestedly.

"He is dead," the gold-haired teen said confidently. "As of now, the Baskervilles are trying to find a Master that is long gone."

"Break," Oz turned to the white-haired man, "can you get the minute hand to stop completely? Or at least prevent it from moving for just tonight?"

"I just might," the white-haired man said mysteriously.

"Alice, are you and Cheshire still Chains or do you not have that power anymore?" the gold-haired teen asked.

Alice shrugged. "We don't know, so why don't you find out?"

Doing just that, Oz called upon the powers of the B-Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. Within seconds, both Chains stood there as they had in the previous timeline, though it seemed that the B-Rabbit was a little more than just squished.

Placing the seal on their powers once more, Oz sighed. "Well at least we know that your powers are there."

"Gilbert, do you still have the connection to Raven?" Oz turned to his friend.

"I thought I wouldn't, but I still do," Gilbert answered dutifully. "Surprisingly."

"Won't the Nightrays find it strange that Raven is gone?" Sharon asked.

"It isn't our problem," Oz grinned. "Now is it?"

"Milady, do you still have Eques?" Break asked.

Sharon shook her head sadly. "Unlike the three of you, I woke up with my memories from that timeline, but no more than that. So in answer to your question, Break: No, I don't have Eques …yet."

That said, for the next couple moments, the groups discussed what they would do to change the timeline and how they were going to bring the Baskervilles out from hiding.

A few minutes later a knock sounded. "Young Master? It's time."

"Well, here we go," Oz smiled with no true humor, finding the same expression mirrored on everyone else's faces.

-Outside of the Chapel of Legend-

A grave expression was painted on the gold-haired teen's face as he thought about the things he would be doing for the next few years or so.

'To think, I get a second chance, only to do what I was doing before, only this time it's not as complicated,' he chuckled in a low tone.

"Onii-chan!" whispered a soft voice he knew very well.

"Ada?" Oz chuckled. "What are you doing here? You should get inside before you get in trouble, or worse, catch a cold!"

"I just wanted to wish you luck," Ada smiled at her older brother from under her umbrella.

'Just like last time,' Oz smiled fondly at the young girl. "Thank you, Ada. Now go on!"

Ada flashed one last smile at the teen before running off.

Not even a moment later, Oz found that his cue to enter was coming up soon. The teen steeled himself and awaited the moment he was to enter the chapel.

'And here's to a second chance,' Oz thought, stepping through the doors.

A bientôt once more,