The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod: A Year To Remember Chapter 4: Just Like Henry (Meredith's POV)

Meredith's POV

The light was blinding and I had a semi massive head ache right about now. It had seamed like a dream last night. Except the creepily weird dream that I had felt so real, as if I really lived through it. The dream was that I had woken up in the middle of the night only to find Vlad hungry and ready to attack. He jumped toward me, but instead of it feeling like a gruesome stab in my throat it was as if he was kissing my neck over and over. I didn't have the power to pull away, but he stopped by a miracle after I had passed out several minutes before. But who cares, it was just a dream.

I opened my eyes fully only to see Vlad staring over me like he had just seen somebody die. I looked at him in confusion and then sat up. We just stared at each other, but Vlad for some reason couldn't look me in the eyes. He held my hand and stared at the covers of his bed. I finally built up the courage to speak. But even when I did I sounded like a dying walrus.

"Vlad, what's the matter. You look terrified!" I was so confused.

"Are you okay Meredith? Are you still dizzy? Are you sore?" He was asking a bunch of questions.

"What are you talking about Vlad?"

"Meredith look at your neck and shoulder." He said through his teeth.

There were several bruises on my shoulder and one big looking hickey on my neck with two holes in it. Oh god! My dream was true. Vlad bit me and drank my blood. I mean I didn't care, he'd done it before but again? I got up and started walking to the bigger mirror to get a better look.

"Meredith, come here." He said shyly.

It was like I had no choice than to come. Like he was forcing me to. Without trying my feet turned around and walked my body back to Vlad.

"How did you do that?" I said amazed.

"Well, when I first bit you and you survived, you were turned into my... drudge." He said guilty like.

"What did you just call me?" I said confused yet again.

"Your my drudge, it's a human slave that vampires create. My dad told me when I was young. But I thought it was just a bedtime story,guess not." He said with a smile on his face.

"Cool." I stupidly replied

"Although, I still don't know for sure if your my drudge." He admitted.

"Well then lets test it out. Maybe we can find out!" I said with excitement.

"Meredith, go get me a bag of blood from the freezer." As a response that I had nothing to do with my feet turned and walked themselves down stairs, I involuntarily opened the freezer door grabbed a bag of blood, and brought it back to Vlad.

"Yeah, I think it works." I said trying not to laugh too hard.

"One last thing" He said as he stared into my eyes. "Kiss me."

I involuntarily reached up and pressed my lips softly to his and wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me back and then the worst thing that could have happened, did. Just then Henry opened his bedroom door.

"Hey Vlad-..." He stood silently for a few seconds. But Vlad and I didn't stop. "Oh gross, get a room!" Ugh, Henry.

We parted our lips so Vlad could speak, but my arms were still wrapped around his neck.

"Henry, this is my room." He said sarcastically. "Now go get me a cup of blood." He ordered Henry.

Henry then involuntarily walked downstairs and came back with a cup of warm blood in his hands.

"You know I really hate being a drudge, it's tiring." Henry said as he sighed...

"Henry's your drudge too?" I asked once again confused.

"Aw man, you bit her too? This sucks, I wanted to be the only one!" Henry sounded disappointed.

Vlad and I just nodded, kissed one more time, then separated. He went downstairs to make me some breakfast, Henry went to go plug up the xbox, and I took a shower. When I got out of the shower a hand grabbed me around the waist. For a minute I thought it was Vlad, but then then other hand moved to my neck and pinned me up against the wall. I couldn't breathe. Just struggle for air. He dropped me and I screamed. Then I was back up on the wall. Before he disappeared, he carved something into my stomach with the tip of a blade. And repeated several times...

"I want Tomas Tod." Wait what? He wanted Vlad's' dead dad? And then he disappeared through the open window. I swear that window was shut just a minute ago.

Vlad and Henry came running up the stairs. My wonderful boyfriend knelt beside me and stared.

Vlad's POV

She had a giant bruise on her neck already darkening. It was the shape of a large hand. She was gasping for air. I helped her up and checked to make sure she was okay. I felt so bad. She had just gotten out of the shower and her towel was off of her, probably because of her attacker. He had come in through the window. Ugh creep. I examined her to make sure the bruise on her neck was all. My eyes stumbled across some blood on her stomach. It was smeared and you couldn't tell where the cut was. I ran to the bathroom and got a wet rag. It was going to hurt on her stomach, but I had nothing else. I gently wiped off the blood, and examined it carefully. Could it be? There were letters forming words carved into her stomach. I read them out loud slowly.

Vladimir Tod,

You are dead to me!


I knew who it was as soon as I saw the signature, Otis.