"Damn that Banshee could scream," Dean groaned as he and Sam walked back to the Impala.

They had just burned the bones of Betty Jackson; a woman who'd died forty years ago by the hands of her husband, and became a spirit, a Banshee. She had brought death to her husband by screaming so loud he bled internally. She then killed a couple of his male relatives before going dormant. When she reawakened on the twentieth anniversary of her death she killed four more men before Sam and Dean were able to put her to rest.

Unfortunately for them, they weren't able to light up her remains quick enough to avoid her noticing, and in defense Betty had let go a scream that nearly burst the brothers' ears. Luckily it wasn't a death scream, it was just a warning. Dean was pretty sure the ringing in his ears would go away eventually.

Dean and Sam lowered themselves into the Impala and Dean started the engine and shifted it into drive.

As Dean drove down the main road back to their motel he noticed Sam frowning.

"What is it?"

Sam narrowed his eyes in concentration. "I think your phone's beeping."

Dean tried to listen for the sound but he couldn't hear anything except the ringing in his head.

He took one hand off the steering wheel and searched his jacket pockets for his cell phone.

Glancing down he saw that the screen was flashing. He'd missed one call from Bobby. There was a message so Dean played it, doing his best to hear what Bobby said.

"Dean, I've found an article, looks like a demon's attacking young women. If you're interested in the hunt call me back. Call me back even if you're not. I need to know so I can send other hunters."

"Who was it?" Sam asked as the message ended.

"Bobby, he wanted to let us know about a demon hunt," Dean replied.

Dean redialed Bobby's home phone number and waited as it rang.

Nobody picked up, even after ten rings, and Bobby didn't answer his cell phone either.

Dean closed his phone. "He's not picking up."

"Maybe he's outside?" Sam suggested.

"You know Bobby as much as I do, Sam," Dean said. "He always has his cell phone with him. He knows it's important to answer the phone."

"So we should go check up on him," Sam sighed tiredly.

Dean nodded and pressed down on the gas pedal harder.

Forget the motel. They had all their belongings anyways.

When Sam and Dean arrived at the Singer Salvage Yard everything seemed normal from the outside. Everything seemed intact and in place.

"Bobby's car is here," Sam noted.

Dean walked past it to knock on the side door of the house. "Bobby! Open up!"

Nobody came to the door, but it was unlocked, so Dean entered. Sam was close behind, the Colt in his hands and a bag on his shoulder.

"Bobby!" Dean called out again.

He got silence in return.

Dean and Sam turned into Bobby's study, expecting the worst, but the room was empty of any human remains and nothing had been toppled over.

"Where the hell is he?" Dean questioned.

"He's not here," a deep voice said.

Dean flinched, and he and Sam whipped around in their spots to find a familiar dark haired and blue eyed angel standing near the stairs.

"Cas, what are you doing here?" Sam inquired.

Dean shook his head. "More importantly where is Bobby?"

"Nowhere," Castiel answered honestly.

"What the hell do you mean?" Dean yelled.

Castiel starred at him as he explained. "Something has gone wrong in the past. Something changed and his great grandfather died."

Sam and Dean both were in shock.

"So you're saying Bobby doesn't exist anymore?" Sam asked.

"Yes," Castiel confirmed.

"Wait, I thought the past couldn't be changed," Dean frowned.

Castiel huffed. "Not in less the people in the past changes it. Bobby's ancestor somehow broke the pattern in his timeline and made a mistake, one which cost him his life."

"What can we do?" Sam questioned.

"I'm not sure," Castiel hesitated.

Dean gritted his teeth together. "Come on Cas. There must be something. Can't you send us back?"

"I can send you to the past to stop the event," Castiel told him. "But there are no guarantees. If he is supposed to die he will die. There will be no stopping it."

"We have to try," Dean said.

"Alright," Castiel decided. "His name is Rob Singer. He's the Sheriff of Buffalo, Wyoming. You will have two days to find him and stop his death."

He approached Dean and Sam and raised his two hands to send them away but Dean stopped him.

"Where are you sending us?"

"I already told you," Castiel answered patiently.

"What year?"

Castiel smiled slightly in understanding. "Eighteen eighty-six."

Sam and Dean gasped.

"Really?" Dean was stunned.

"Yes," Castiel replied. "I am telling the truth."

Castiel lifted his hands again, and this time Sam backed away.

"What is it?" Castiel sighed.

His patience was starting to wear thin.

"If we're going to be going to the Old West…," Sam paused. "Then we're going to have to look like we're from the time, right?"

"Right," Dean agreed.

"We'll be right back," Sam promised Castiel as he and Dean climbed the stairs with one of their bags in tow.

In reaction to this Castiel stood still and Sam was assured that he was going to stay.

When the Winchester brothers returned they had changed outfits. Sam had exchanged his white t-shirt for a blue one while Dean had changed from his favorite black t-shirt to a grey one and his red plaid. Both of the men wore blue jeans and tan work boots because they didn't have any cowboy boots. They also had taken off their watches since theirs weren't supposed to exist in the time period they were headed to.

"So do we look the part?" Dean inquired, his arms stretched out.

Castiel tilted his head. "I'm not sure. I wasn't stationed on Earth during that time period."

Dean rolled his eyes. It made what? Three years since he and Castiel had met and still the angel hadn't watched a single western movie? He was going to have to get him to sit down and watch one sometime.


"Are you ready now?" Castiel asked.

Sam nodded. "Yes, we are."

Dean closed his eyes waiting for the feeling he dreaded caused by teleportation and seconds later the air shifted and it came.

Sending his brother and him into the west.