"What are we going to do about Bobby?" Sam inquired as the dust settled.

Dean startled at the reminder of their situation and bit his lip. "Call Cas," he decided. "Get him to bring us further into the past."

"What if that still doesn't work?" Sam frowned. "Maybe Bobby isn't meant to…"

"Of course he's meant to live," Dean cut him off. "He wouldn't have ever existed otherwise."

Sam nodded.

"Cas!" Dean called out. "We need your help."

After a few seconds of looking around Dean and Sam spotted Castiel walking off the road towards them, and met him half way.

"We need you to bring us further into the past," Dean told Castiel.

The angel shook his head. "It won't change anything. You already tried."

"You didn't give us enough time," Dean argued.

Castiel sighed. "It wouldn't have mattered, Dean. You couldn't have saved Rob from his demise."

"We have to try again," Dean shouted angrily. "Bobby has to live!"

At that Castiel raised his head to meet Dean's eyes with his own. "He is alive."

"You're kidding me," Dean said.

"I am not."

"How?" Sam questioned, entering the conversation.

At this, Castiel turned his head to stare at him.

"By saving Rob from the ghost at the jail he was able to return home to his wife," he explained.

Despite the vagueness, both brothers got the hint.

"That's awkward," Dean said with a twisted face.

"So Barbara's pregnant?" Sam asked Castiel, needing reassurance.

Castiel gave him a nod. "Yes."

With that, he approached the Winchesters and laid two fingers from each of his hands on their foreheads, sending them back to their time and dropping them off outside of Bobby's house.

"Now I must get back to Heaven," Castiel told Sam and Dean as they were recovering from the trip back.

"Thanks for your help," Dean said quickly.

A faint smile appeared on Castiel's face. "You are welcome."

And then, with a noisy flap of his wings, Castiel was gone.

Immediately after he disappeared, Dean and Sam raced onto the house's porch and banged on Bobby's door.

When Bobby opened it he was bombarded by them both as they pulled him into a group hug.

"What the hell is going on, ya idjits?" he inquired in his usual gruff voice.

The brothers pulled away from him and glanced at each other before Dean said "It doesn't matter now."

"You sure?" Bobby asked as he narrowed his eyes. "You boys don't normally squash me whenever you walk through the front door."

"We're sure," Sam told him.

Bobby nodded. "Alright, then. You want me to show you what I have on the case?"

Dean's happy expression turned quizzical. "What case?"

Bobby rolled his eyes. "The demon hunt I mentioned when I left a message for you on your phone earlier. You sure you're alright? Banshee didn't mess up your mind, did she?"

Sam and Dean laughed.

"We're fine," Dean assured him. "In fact, we're more than fine, and itching for another case."

"If you say so," Bobby said as he cocked an eyebrow.

He then turned to head into the library and Sam and Dean followed, ever so grateful to have their mentor and friend back.

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