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An Other World fan fic

Ch. 1: The Children From Another World and the Boy in the Iceberg

"KENNETH YOU RUNT! YOU GET BACK HERE!" roars one of a few bigger students, most likely one of the bullies.

Kenneth 'Kenzaki' Blue runs for his wellbeing alongside young Daisuke Hayashi from. Earlier they had to run from the bullies because at first they were pressuring the younger man into giving them whatever money's on him, but Kenneth saw this and punched two of them to rescue his friend and have the both of them escape.

It's not that these two boys who live in the Little Tokyo district of Boston, Massachusetts don't like being bullied; they hate it.

As soon as they make it to a path where the bullies never can look for them, the two of them sneak toward the school grounds safely.

Kenneth 'Kenzaki' Blue is a young man who excels in a lot of physical activities against a lot of people his age but he also has really low confidence. Because of his confidence problem, a lot of people never saw him at his fullest potentials. Kenneth often acts tough, fiery, and confident just to build his confidence, yet a lot of people mistake it as him actually being brash, hotheaded, and impulsive and don't see his true nature underneath that façade. To him, it felt better than feeling shy or left out.

A lot of his classmates had also called Kenneth an idiot, a runt, or even a loser since he got the most barely passing grades without any help. But despite Kenneth not precisely being the sharpest pencil in the box, he has some intelligence and a distinct maturity. Unfortunately to his misfortune, there are very few that see it. The bullies in school call him a runt because of all the 15-year-old men in his class; he's the shortest, standing a mere 5'3". He has short and wild brick red hair and his eyes are blue.

What those outside his small circle of friends don't know is that Kenneth is an orphan since he was seven years old, so the young man had to fend for himself for a long time; looking for food to survive, picking such items such as old clothes out of the garbage, learn from viewing how other people live, etc. His father, Kenneth Blue, Sr., had died moments after naming him when was born. Then when he was seven, his mother, Belinda, mysteriously disappeared into a strange phenomenon.

After running out of food for a few days while never been outside before, Kenneth decided for the first time to go outside to get some. He got lost wandering the streets, he was too shy to talk to people or enter buildings, and he couldn't get the right amount of money to get things so he chose to pick it off the streets. When he found his apartment complex/home, it was closed due to disappeared residence and lack of payment because of it. It was a few months before Daisuke's grandfather, Hikaru, who was a friend of the unfortunate child's parents finds the poor boy out in the streets and takes the child in under his care instead of being in the orphanage.

Hikaru gave young Kenneth's nickname 'Kenzaki' to him during swordsmanship practices, to help build his character. In Japanese, it means 'Spirit of the Sword'.

Daisuke Hayashi is a 12-year-old genius Japanese boy with incredible wealth. He is the reason that Kenneth hadn't repeated any grades, in return for keeping the other company. He has straight blonde hair in a ponytail and bright blue eyes, which is considered unusual for a Japanese child but all the more interesting.

Once upon a time, the younger boy's life was once so full of pride and annoyance because of his advantageous privileges (wealth, status, etc.) that he even thought of taking over as head of the family, so he could be recognized as for himself and not just 'young master'. Seeing Kenneth initially in the home of his grandfather, he thought everyone was seeing the older boy more the heir than him and got jealous of him; their relationship was initially rather unpleasant. Having enough of the child's excessive pride, Kenzaki struck him; which is something no one's ever done before.

Realizing the older boy is different from everyone who treated him before, Daisuke hung around him to be better than him. After their heated confrontation between them starts cooling down, they come to an understanding of one another. It took Kenzaki's words to teach him that there are no shortcuts in anything in life, not everything in life can be given to you on a silver platter, and everything else in life matters most. The two then became friends. Because of that realization, he had learned to turn his life around. Because of him letting go of his old self, he got popular with others his age. His genius was recognized two years ago, having him skipping grades to join alongside Kenzaki's side.

When Kenzaki was first having trouble with his academic grades, Daisuke decides to give him a few helpful hints and minor bits of tutoring to help him avoiding being in summer school or repeating grades. But because of his need without the bodyguards, he depends on Kenzaki and advised him into heavy and seemingly gruesome and grueling exercises so he could help him not only build his abilities to their finest, but also build up his confidence. The two remain friends to this day.

Kenzaki is a fan of superheroes and adventures, looking at the lone superhero fight injustice of terrorists and mysterious monsters (i.e. 'Kamen Rider'), but since Daisuke is a super team fan, looking at a group of superheroes fighting as a team to triumph over organizations of evil to save the world (i.e. 'Super Sentai'), he considered togetherness was probably being the best virtue in any given situation. They both agreed to model themselves after various heroes in their own special way.

As soon as they reach class, the two boys look around for their seats…

"Ahem!" they turn to see their homeroom teacher, Isabelle Kay; who reminds people of the stereotypical strict teacher with an inner teenager personality many see in anime and manga, looking at Kenneth with a very strict manner.

Feeling guilty, the 15-year-old orphan walks up to the teacher's desk and asks "What is it, Ms. K?" She strictly asks, "Surely you didn't forget that tonight is the start for time for our assignment to be working in groups for the week?"

Kenneth cringes and then gulps before asking, "So… who am I assigned to be with for the week?" Looking at her papers, "Since you don't have a lot of friends, save for Daisuke, nor a hobby, I'm assigning you to— No wait! That's for Daniel Harvey!" Then she rapidly shuffles through several documents in search for the one with Kenneth's name as well as the ones in Kenneth's group.

Hearing some commotion behind him, he turns to see his other classmates enter the room. Most of who, thankfully not including Daisuke, are not too pleased to see him… again. Kenneth never exactly done anything to upset them, it's just that a lot of them judge him before they get to know him.

"Oh, here it is!" smiles Ms. Kay, "You and Daisuke are going to be teamed up with Namiko Akimura."

Namiko Akimura, the smartest girl in their class and one of the foreign students, groans out with distress and displeasure.

She reminds a lot of people of a randy rabbit when the class heartthrob, Dan Harvey, is around but an overly judgmental and misguided smart aleck who rarely shows kindness and compassion to those she doesn't know at other times around other people.

She has brown eyes and silky, straight, lapis lazuli blue hair in a ponytail that reaches down to the middle of her back. She has an average build (which she is upsettingly sensitive to having, especially when it comes to the T&A department), an embarrassing tattoo (a blue tattoo of the kanji for 'water') on her inner thigh, and a disfiguring heart-shaped scar on her left shoulder.

Kenzaki can see that she's cute, but apparently not cute enough for the attention of other young men's point of view. She hates her underdeveloped figure, wanting it to be bouncier and fuller, as well as her scar and the tattoo. To get her crush's attention, she's been on a number of activities in order to appeal to him. As for Kenzaki, she's one of those who see him as a runt, an idiot, and a hindrance without knowing him first. However, she has the utmost respect for Daisuke despite him being around Kenzaki for so long for whatever reason she among others in class doesn't know.

Kenneth and Daisuke known her and just about every other foreign exchange student from their travels to different schools to fit in.

With no choice but to accept the assignments handed to them, the class quietly sits and listens to the lecture given to them…

Kenneth yawns in boredom as the teacher continues talking about the current class subject. It isn't as if the subject itself is boring, but the way she was talking about it was making it boring. Kenneth figures that literature and social studies is an interesting subject, but Ms. Kay is ruining it.

'As much as I would rather be watching 'Avatar', 'Heroes' or reading comics or doing some other thing with an adventurous feeling… I must endure it a little longer.' Kenneth sighs inwardly.

As soon as school was over, the young man and child are walking with Namiko not looking at the shortest 15-year-old man in class.

Namiko says to Daisuke, "You know, I bet your parents are really great." "I guess they are," replies Daisuke, "but they're not going to be home in Japan or in this country for another six months, they even left this morning, and my grandfather is really busy at the moment. So you should expect a babysitter at my home."

At the fancy complex where Daisuke, his parents and/or grandfather, and Kenzaki generally live in when in America…

The three enter to see an 18-year-old woman in a dark green dress with a white apron embedded with diamond-shaped imprints sewn into it. She is extremely tall; almost Amazonian in height (180cm or 5'11"), beautiful, bosomy, has dark brown hair with strong tints of green and stripes of earth tones dyed parts, brown eyes, and a calm expression on her face. Her build stands in between athletic and sexy.

Namiko blinks in shock, 'OMG! She's taller than my dad! In fact, she's the tallest woman I've ever seen in person!'

"Good day to you again, Emma Blum" nods Kenzaki. The young woman, Emma Blum, pats the young man's head, "Good day to you too, Kenzaki."

Namiko asks the older woman "How do you know each other, madam?" "I've been babysitting these two forever, but I'm enjoying their company," replies Emma. Then she pinches the younger girl's cheek, calmly stating "Plus I'm not that old; I'm still 18 and unmarried." Namiko's eyes widen in surprise, then she bows apologetically as soon as her cheek is freed "I'm so sorry, Ms. Blum." Emma returns to her work, "You're forgiven."

The two young males on the flat knew that Emma makes it no secret that she is an otaku in several areas, as well as cornucopia of other kinds of fans of other things in one person. The weirdest thing was that she doesn't really look like one. She looks more like a beautiful woman with an Amazonian physique. Emma feels insecure because of her height, but that doesn't stop her cosplaying as big characters like Alphonse Elric in his gigantic armor body form from 'Fullmetal Alchemist' or Sailor Jupiter or Wonder Woman and the like during several conventions she visited. But one unbelievably unheard of, if not unique, thing about her amongst the 'otaku' is that she doesn't need to buy any graphic novels or DVD's to keep up with any series; she's got an eidetic memory.

Namiko lays out the first homework they have to work on together for the first day on the tea table in front of Kenzaki, who silently thanks the spirits that she's being merciful toward him this once. Some of the students prefer their daily life in class while some would like to take on the world already, but the young man is bored out of his wits of this casual reality. There's a lot more things that he would rather do with his time. One of those things would be watching his favorite superhero series or perhaps an adventure film.

He isn't sure why he likes it so much. Maybe it was the ideals that superheroes held on to as they fight evil, or even that the characters in an adventure would be determined to continue on despite the hardships ahead. He thinks it's pretty cool. Of course, the battles in the tokusatsu series were pretty cool too. Although he knows that if they were any real as he is that those Kamen Riders and Sentai were taking incredible risks, but they're still pretty cool to him.

He doesn't know it that he isn't the only one in the room with those thoughts, Daisuke and Emma both has about enough of the current status quo too.

Emma slumps down on the floor in back of the living room while typing on her laptop computer.

"Another day, another bore," sighs Kenzaki as he struggles to study. Emma looks him, as she and Daisuke have greater understanding and liking of Kenzaki than Namiko does.

"Listen, Kenneth…" says Emma, "if you finish up the homework you have for tonight, we'll all play Hero System with me as game master." "Hero System?" blinks Kenneth, Daisuke, & Namiko in confusion. Emma explains, "It's a role-playing game like DnD or GURPS, but it's universal but got a new system for you." Kenneth's face brightens, "Alright! Now I'm really motivated!"

Then Kenzaki realizes something, he asks Emma "Hey, wait a minute, Emma-san! What's the campaign or genre of the game?" "I'm glad you've made a successful wisdom roll, Kenzaki" giggles a smiling Emma, "The genre is sort of a teenaged hero, plus the whole fantasy kitchen sink, plus some Wuxia, as well as have us feel like living a big adventure."

"What kind of adventure specifically?" sighs Namiko, "I'm a magical girl fan." Emma states, "You don't have to participate if you don't want to." "Never mind, the teacher will get on my case if I don't participate in any activities after homework" defends Namiko with a groan.

Daisuke asks, "Is it alright if I play a sidekick to whoever Aniki plays?" Emma nods "You bet. I'm thinking of putting several bits of stuff from other stories in, to get your creativity and imagination ablaze along with hopefully self-discovery of yourself. I call it the title of this campaign 'Super Wuxia Teen Heroes'."

"Super Wuxia Teen Heroes?" repeat the younger three in a confused unison.

Emma smirks, "Finish your homework and I'll let you watch something that could help you with it, meanwhile I'll make some dinner for you."

"I'll help!" says Kenzaki. Namiko politely says "I'd prefer to decline, but since I am not able to cook, I have no other choice."

As soon as everyone was done studying for the evening, Emma puts on a Wuxia movie, and then a few Chinese martial arts films, and finally a few random episodes of 'Avatar: the Last Airbender' so they could get some ideas.

Then as soon as they got their individual dinner meals, Emma gives them time to build their role-playing characters—

As the RPG fan, Kenneth sits on the bed in his room, watching a show on his own laptop while working on his player character according to Emma's game world.

He works on making his character to correspond to Emma's game world and researching the information he doesn't know of.

He sighs writes on a card, to playfully rewrite a certain Superman scene—

'You will endure much, my little Kenzaki, but we will never leave you— no matter what. You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone. You will make our strength and power your own. You will see our lives through your eyes, as your life will be seen through ours. The child becomes the parent and the parent becomes the child.'

"Do you wish to change your life forever, Mr. Blue Kenneth II?" asks an ominous disembodied female voice from somewhere around Kenneth. Kenneth felt like saying yes, but remembering the old phrase 'be careful what you wish for', he wonders what the catch is.

"Do you wish to change your life forever, Mr. Kenneth 'Kenzaki' Blue?" asks an ominous disembodied female voice from somewhere around Kenzaki. Kenzaki felt like saying yes, but remembering the old phrase 'Be careful what you wish for', he wonders what the catch is.

"I'd like to," he brings up out loud, "but…" he becomes listless before he could continue. Maybe whatever the voice is talking about, his life would get infinitely better. Inwardly, he feels his heart is saying 'yes' to the question.

Then he feels the temperature in the room begin to rise and a growing quaking of the earth. He thought nothing of it for a while before he realized that his room was beginning to be filled with violet light.

"What the heck?" gasps Kenzaki as the light begins growing brighter and brighter. The energies are becoming unbearable and soon Kenzaki was struggling to get off the bed and to the front door. However, his legs are quickly becoming disobedient.

Daisuke struggles to get to his best friend but is having a similar problem, "What's going on here, aniki?" Kenzaki asks, "Why are you asking me, Daisuke?"

Namiko starts screaming, and then looking to Kenzaki she hisses out "WHAT DID YOU DO?" "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" pleads Kenzaki.

Emma rushes into the room, she worriedly calls "What the heck is going on—" and then she squeaks out "here?"

The four of them couldn't even reach the door to escape the room before the light became too bright for him to see anything but the violet hued atmosphere.

That is when the floor gives out beneath the four of them.

They then fall before being launched upwards!

Kenzaki suddenly feels himself and the other three flying uncontrollably through what feels like space, but they can still breathe. All around them is blinding purple light. He cannot tell up from down. All of it looks more or less the same to him as he's flying through the violet space. They look in every direction that they could, hoping that they could find something to stop their fall or even an indication to just where the heck they are. Looking around himself, Kenzaki spies something that isn't violet light appearing around the four of them: pure white spherical star-like phenomena that collide against them. Some of which go into each person, while some of them harden into solid objects. Kenzaki thinks of them like a lifeline if he could collect enough of them, only to discover that he needn't worry about losing anything since they attach to him like magnets.

The non-solid stars are like small electrical shocks at first but feel comforting as if they are part of him, while the metallic surface of each solid star is cool against his fingers and definitely real. He manages to use his weightlessness to his advantage to move himself toward his panicking friends and lasso them to him with the solid stars stuck to them. After Kenzaki reels the three closer to him, all four of them begin to feel a sensation that fluctuates from burning to shocking to freezing erupt not only in their bodies, but from the solid stars stuck to them as well. Whatever's going on, they hope that it would end soon.

Then all of the sudden, four glowing yet semi-translucent creatures appear around their individual bodies; a majestic red bird around Kenneth, a bold white tiger around Daisuke, a magnificent blue dragon around Namiko, and a gigantic green turtle around Emma. Then the ghostly-looking beasts contract themselves in size as they soak themselves into their respective hosts' bodies.

He faintly sees something akin to people in the distance around him, with the same events happening to them just as him and his group.

When the fluctuating sensations become almost too much to bare, Kenzaki's world goes black.

Kenneth wakes in a daze. His vision is blurred and he couldn't see anything. He wanted to wipe his eyes but his muscles feel as stiff and as heavy as rock at the moment. He wants to move but his body doesn't seem to want to comply with his wishes. It's a big enough chore to just to breathe properly. Whatever that phenomenon had done to him was as pretty effective.

"My son," speaks a woman's voice familiar to Kenneth in the darkness "Please pray that we'll meet again, for a new lives and fates await for us in the future."


Finally Kenneth's breathing returns to normal, following it is feeling throughout his entire body. His hearing seems to return and he hears the sound of a breeze. It was a few more seconds before he could feel the temperature; which happens to be quite cold. His head buzzes with pain only matched by what his eyes were feeling at the moment. He could feel ice beneath him.

Kenneth groans and puts a palm to his noggin "Oh… my head." 'Huh? ' he silently exclaims 'Breeze, ice, snow, cold, and the smell of the sea? Where the heck am I sent to? '

He notices that he is stranded on an ice flow in the middle of some large body of water—

"ACK!" screams Namiko's voice, "It's cold!"

He then remembers that he isn't alone; he turns to his companions and finds out that he and they are all have their clothes replaced with different garments—

He is clad in dark red breeches and a bright red tunic with single plates of flat black shoulder armor. Nearby him is a black parka with white fur lining, in which he quickly changes into due to the weather.

Daisuke is in an orange shawl over a long-sleeved yellow shirt with an orange sash, double-layered pants (with brown and a loose yellow layer on top), and high boots that reach below his knees. He's got blue arrow-like tattoos on his hands. Next to the younger male is a brown wooden staff with orange or yellow bags tied on each end.

Namiko is in a blue anorak and trousers lined and trimmed with white fur, mittens, and mukluks. She lets her hood down to check her surroundings, exclaiming worriedly "Is this the Arctic?"

Emma is in a green tunic with beige trimmings, a pair of breeches of lighter green, brown boots, and a dark green cloak. She finds a green and beige backpack close by.

Every one the other three are slowly trying to look into their surroundings and situation.

Emma studies the garments she's wearing, "The style of outfits look familiar to me in every detail…" then realization hits her like a grenade to the head.

"It can't be" gasps Emma. Kenneth and Daisuke ask, "What can't be, Emma?"

Emma answers, "We've been transported to another dimension." "Another dimension?" ask the boys in unison, "How is that possible?" "I don't know," replies a thoughtful Emma "but I have a feeling we're all going to find out soon."

"Great," huffs Namiko "leave it to Kenneth Blue to ruin our lives." "Now how was our situation my fault, Namiko?" asks Kenneth "It couldn't be my fault; I don't have any powers like that. What reason would there be if I had such powers to transport us and change our clothes?" Namiko just huffs and crosses her arms over her chest, saying "You're always have been nothing but trouble."

Emma frowns and steps in front of Namiko, "Look here, Namiko! As far as I've heard, you and every bastard in town back home has been giving Kenneth your rubbish for over 7 years! You must be the most heartless, childish, and harebrained young woman I've ever met! These boys should be embarrassed to call you one of their classmates! I'm absolutely sure that I am!"

Namiko cringes, the water begins to shake while the sound of undersea ground shaking occurs, shocking the young males, but Emma doesn't notice as she's continuing to scold the younger woman, "Ever since his father died witnessing his birth and his mother later disappeared when he was seven-and-a-half, he was alone and scared!"

The water and ground shakes harder as Emma continues lecturing, "He had struggled to survive as a child on the street, then even he ran away from the welfare department. But what have you and most of the rest of the world do? Do you give him support and warmth? NO! You ignore him! And then you say horrible things about him! You're not even smart enough to find out that all that bravado he displays was just an act to help him get stronger in spirit and in character!"

"At least he is fortunate to have friends like me and Daisuke to give him the decency of friendship! But you wicked monsters don't! Why do you do that? For the use of him as a scapegoat, placing blame on him to focus your aggression or embarrassment on, or just for kicks? Have you ever seen the poor boy cry? Let me tell you that you're just one of those who truly don't deserve any attention!"

Finally noticing the tremors, Namiko gulps nervously "Uh… Ms. Blum?"

Emma continues "They say that you are be the smartest girl in your class, but apparently you're not using your brain and focusing it on this Dan Harvey. From what I've heard, he has never given you or any girl attracted to him the time of day. My advice, grow up and open your mind to other boys already, you're not a little girl anymore! Because what you have been ignoring Kenneth far too long, so do yourself a favor and befriend him!"

Namiko gulps nervously, "Uh… Ms. Blum?"

"I even help him when times were rough as a substitute mother! Have you ever bothered to chew the fat with him? Let me tell you! He needs more people than what we've been giving him lately! Him being alone; NOT COOL!"

Seeing brown stone formations rise, Namiko gulps nervously, "Ms. Blum… the sea…"

"NO!" screams Emma, "THAT IS IT! Until you are ready to grow up and accept Kenneth for who he is and not for who you think he is, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!"

One by one behind her, a rugged stone rises from the water and then another continuously into a trail, leading out to the larger glaciers.

Kenneth says "Um, Emma…" Emma looks at Kenneth and asks "What?" He points behind her, "I think you've just caused our small island to re-shape and move."

She turns around, looks down, and sees the stepping-stones leading out to the glacier-covered lands, "Did I do that? I can't even Earthbend in real life." Then she thinks a bit before making a soft motion with her hands, making more stepping-stones with her will. She laughs nervously and finally says, "Until now, that is."

"Earthbend?" blinks Namiko in shock and confusion. The boys follow and exclaim in unison "Earthbend?"

Suddenly, a dragon-like creature walks out from the water's surface. It has a long serpentine body, horns, very large wings, fin-like ears, four short legs, emerald colored cat-like eyes, and dazzling violet-colored scales.

On the other side comes another enormous beast; it has in shaggy white fur with a brown stripe that runs along its back from its tail-tip ending in an arrowhead shape on its forehead, six legs with three toes on each foot, a flat beaver-like tail, and horns.

"THEY'RE GOING TO EAT US!" screams a terrified Namiko, she then shoves Kenneth toward the violet dragon before them "Go ahead and eat this guy! He's young, fat, plump, and delicious! No unpleasant aftertaste—"

The dragon growls gently, Kenneth blinks "She doesn't want to eat me, nor any of us for that matter." Namiko shrieks, "We can't be sure of that!"

The dragon crawls closer to the group and nuzzles against Kenneth. He says to the others "She says she's my familiar and that her name is Mioha." The wooly white creature grunts, Kenneth says "That Flying Bison-like creature is Daisuke's and her name is Anna." "It does sound like something I would name a Flying Bison if I had one" nods Daisuke.

Emma says, "I think that she is a Flying Bison." "What are you saying?" asks the younger ones with her. "Doesn't it add up to any of you? The dragon? Flying Bison? Me Earthbending? The environment? The garments we're wearing? If anybody here remembers 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', I think we're currently part of that fictional world."

"We're in the world of 'Avatar' now?" exclaim the younger teenagers and kid in unison. Emma nods to them.

After a brief moment of silence…

"Out of curiosity," asks Kenneth "do you think it would be around the time of Aang the young Air Nomad to escape?" Emma shrugs "I just don't know, but we can't be too careful."

"Could you recap things for me and Daisuke?" asks Namiko "We're from Japan and as such we wouldn't know that much about that cartoon." "Yes, that would be nice" nods Daisuke.

Emma summarizes "Okay, long ago in this world, the four nations themed lived in harmony when the Avatar preserved the balance and peace. These nations included the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads. But that was the old days… it was then that it all changed when the Fire Nation rose into power and attacked. Only the Avatar mastered all four elements, only he could stop the ruthless Firebenders. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A century later, the Fire Nation was close to winning the war. Some people believe that the Avatar was never born in the Air Nomads and the cycle was broken."

"Born into the Air Nomads?" asks Daisuke "you mean like with the Dalai Lama?" Emma nods, "Yes." "Cool!" says Daisuke.

Namiko shrugs "Hey, since the cartoon was done in its series back home, it should conclude after that. Right?"

"As I was saying," sighs Emma "until we could get home, we'll have to pretend to be part of this world and adapt to it. Be thankful I'm able to read the language." "Are you going to teach us?" asks Kenneth. Emma nods in response.

The boys are excited and ready for adventure, "Let's go!" "Oh man!" sighs Namiko.

It's been a week since Kenneth, Daisuke, Namiko, and Emma crashed in a new world.

While ice-fishing one day…

Namiko, half-bored with homesickness, sighs while still fishing "I think I'm getting tired of learning to read Chinese writing, learning to fight, and everything else having to adapt to this world."

"You're just griping because we've been avoiding civilizations for the first week," shrugs Kenneth "while I, on the other hand, think it's fascinating."

"The first week was when our real teacher assigned the three of us together," groans Namiko "so far I haven't seen my parents or Daniel Harvey and I'm already missing home. The only people I see from home are the class runt, the youngest genius in class, and Wonder Woman."

Emma says, "Technically, Wonder Woman is 1 inch higher than me and a lot more powers. Plus I've got a wide variety of tastes in men, if you knew Kenneth better, maybe you'd find something to admire about him."

"Me, still the 'runt'?" asks Kenneth "You have the temper similar to the sea and focus too much on your looks to get the attention of one guy who hasn't looked your way when he's got a lot of other women our age eating out of his hand. For all we know, he's just a successful Sasuke Uchiha offshoot wannabe."

Hearing voices conversing off in the distance, Daisuke turns his head to see and says "I see a couple of teenagers in a small canoe down there!" A drained Namiko says, "Finally, civilization nearby."

Emma, being alert, looks down and finds two Water Tribe teenagers, who are about the age of Kenneth and Namiko, fishing. Although looking more real life now, she recognizes them by their features—

The boy has a goofy atmosphere about him and a wolf tail; he's got to be Sokka. The young girl has hair loops and a braided ponytail; she must be his sister, Katara.

Namiko asks, "What are those two doing now?" "Going down the rapid sea currents" says Daisuke. Emma says "Remember to pull your warm clothes on, we can't have them knowing we're from another world if we ever meet them. I have a very strong feeling that we're flung to the beginning. Besides, with Kenneth's Fire Nation-like clothes, they'll accuse us of being spies."

Kenneth gasps, "They're crashing!" After seeing the two crawling up on the chunk of ice, the four sigh with relief, "They're okay."

They listen into the stranded siblings' conversation…

"You call that left?" asks Katara. Sokka jokingly defends "You don't like my steering." Then he mocks her skill, "well, maybe you should've Waterbended us out of the ice." "So it's my fault?" angrily asks Katara.

"I knew I should've just left you at home," huffs Sokka "Leave it to a girl to screw things up."

'Here it comes' gulps Kenneth, covering his head.

"You are the most sexist, immature, nut-brained—" exclaims a clearly miffed Katara "I'm embarrassed to be related to you!"

The iceberg behind Katara begins to shatter. Sokka takes notice to it and starts panicking.

"Looks familiar," says Daisuke quickly, looking at Emma and Namiko, who look at each other realizing it was similar.

Katara continues her scolding of her brother "Ever since mom died, I've been doing all the work around camp while you're off playing soldier!"

Sokka attempts to get his sister's attention "Uh… Katara?"

"I even wash all of the clothes!" fumes Katara, "Have you ever smelled your dirty socks? Let me tell you; NOT PLEASANT!"

Sokka freaks with wide eyes while trying once more to get her attention "Katara, settle down!"

"NO!" shouts Katara "That's it! I'm done helping you! From now on, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!"

With those final words of scolding, the iceberg finally collapses and gets her attention. The falling chunks of ice cause waves, pushing the siblings on their own chunk of ice back.

Namiko gets up, to brace herself for the oncoming water or ice, then suddenly a cracking sound is heard…

The group of people from another world look at the ice they're on, finding it shatter.

"Uh oh."

Their iceberg shatters and they fall into the freezing water!

Swimming for the chunks of ice, the four discuss what happened—

Kenneth gulps "Somehow I know it wasn't me nor her over there."

"I'm not doing the thing she did down there," says Daisuke.

"I just Earthbend, a little" says Emma.

Everyone in the group look at Namiko, she gulps and spits out the truth; "Okay, I admit it… it's my fault. A few nights ago I thought if I could Waterbend, so I've practiced while everyone wasn't looking and I'm pleased that I actually could. I mean, how many girls back home could manipulate water? Of course, my Bending suddenly got beneath me rather than in front of me at the moment."

"Two elemental Benders in our group capable of great feats without realizing it" sighs Emma "I need a darn drink." "Haven't you had enough water?" stupidly asks Kenneth.

The two siblings look at the results of Katara's violent Waterbending without realizing it…

Sokka looks at his sister, "Okay, you've gone from weird to freakish, Katara." Katara is amazed, "You mean I did that?" "Yep," sarcastically says Sokka "congratulations."

Then the two siblings take notice to the four former residents of reality in the water.

"Uh… hello?" greets Kenneth.

"Who are you?" asks Sokka.

"I'm Kenneth Blue," says Kenneth, introducing himself.

"I'm Daisuke Hayashi."

"Namiko Akimura."

"I am pleased to meet you, I'm Emma Blum."

Katara says to her brother, "They're going to freeze if they stay in the water any longer!"

As soon as the four were pulled onto the iceberg…

"How did you get here?" asks Sokka. Emma shrugs "We don't know, we came here about a week ago and moments ago saw you two in trouble." Namiko says "Then I accidentally Waterbended from beneath us and we fell in." Daisuke sighs "If you say anything, you'll get the six of us in trouble again like you did previously." "Thanks for the warning" nods Sokka.

Suddenly, a mighty blue glow appears beneath them and begins to rise. Sokka freaks and shrieks, "All I did was thank the kid for warning me!"

Out from the water comes the source of the light; a giant glowing orb of ice with a mysterious spiral pattern.

Deciding to pretending to be from this world, Daisuke asks the elder teenagers "What is it?" Emma shakes her head, "You tell me."

The other world residents know that it's the Avatar within the iceberg, but they pretend to be naïve to avoid suspicion.

Seeing the form of a person inside the glowing ice opening his luminescent eyes, Katara thinks the person inside needs help "He's alive! We have to help!" she grabs Sokka's club and leaps in to rescue whoever's inside the ice. Sokka exclaims and follows her, "Katara! Get back here! We don't know what that thing is!"

Making to the ice orb, Katara struggles to open the ice whack after whack with her brother's club. After the 5th whack of the club, a massive spray of air hissed out and pushed everyone down!

As the steamy air died down, the ball shatters and explodes before releasing a bright column of light blue light into the sky!

One could hear the far off wildlife howling from afar.

Other people see the pillar of light, especially Prince Zuko, himself, on his Fire Nation warship.

"Finally," frowns Zuko.

He turns to his uncle, "Uncle, do you realize what this means?" The pudgy veteran, Iroh, who is playing a tile game while drinking tea, asks, "That I won't be able to finish my game?" "It means my search is about to come to an end," replies the scarred exiled prince, looking back to the light. Iroh sighs in response.

Zuko frowns and points toward the light's destination before it dissipates, "That light came from an incredibly powerful source! It has to be him!"

A mysterious man clothed in a red cloak and standing on the starboard side of the ship nods in agreement "I can feel it too, my lord. It may not be the one I seek, but it very well must be the Avatar. So we insist on heading toward it."

"Oh, it's just the celestial lights!" lazily denies Iroh, "We've been down this road before, Prince Zuko. I don't want you or Kenzoku getting excited over nothing." After setting an Air tile down, he spreads his arms out in invitation "Please sit. Why don't you have a cup of calming jasmine tea?"

"I DON'T WANT ANY CALMING TEA!" explodes Zuko, "I need to capture the Avatar!"

The teenaged prince with a burn scar shouts an order to one of the crew, "Helmsman, head a course for the light!"

The mysterious cloaked figure named Kenzoku walks up to Iroh and politely bows toward him, "No thank you, my lord Iroh; I've had mine already."

Iroh lays down another Air tile, then he notices the tiles shaking in the breeze.

Back with the small group, they see the person formerly from within the ice crawl out.

Sokka points his pike at the glowing figure "Stay back!"

The glow fades, revealing that the person formerly caught in the ice is a kid about Daisuke's age with strange arrow-like tattoo marks on his bald head and hands and dressed in orange and yellow. The boy unconsciously slips and slides down to the six awaiting him, and lands in Katara's arms.

Katara lays him down and tries to help him.

Still being skeptical, Sokka pokes the boy in the head with the blunt end of his spear. His sister shoos him away, "Stop it!" Kenneth frowns "Yeah, he's just a kid!"

The mysterious boy drowsily opens his eyes to see Katara staring at him with her deep blue eyes.

'Now that I see her in person as much as possible right now,' thinks Kenneth 'Katara is really beautiful. No wonder why he fell in love at first sight.'

The young boy drowsily speaks "I need to ask you something…" "What?" asks Katara. The boy says, "Come closer." "What is it?"

A few seconds later, the boy becomes more alert and asks cheerfully "Will you go Penguin Sledding with me?" Katara blinks but replies "Uh… sure. I- I guess"

"Okay, there goes the whole drama" whispers Namiko to herself.

The bald boy hovers upwards to his feet, unintentionally shocking Sokka, and asks, "What's going on here?"

"You tell us!" exclaims Sokka, poking at the other kid some more "How did you get in the ice? And why aren't you frozen?"

"I'm not sure" replies the kid. "I'm not sure" replies the kid.

Hearing a large animal grunting, Namiko shrugs "Anna must be coming by." "How can she be?" asks Daisuke "We told her and Mioha to stay back at camp and hide out for a while. Come to think of it, there was also a big figure in the ice too."

The bald boy excitedly runs back into the crater he came out from and calls out "Appa! Are you alright?"

They hear him say "Wake up, buddy!" Then the two Water Tribe teenagers and four other world residents creep around to find an opening and within it is another Flying Bison with the bald boy. The gentle behemoth licks its master, who laughs out "You're okay!" Then the boy hugs the Flying Bison's face.

Hearing another animal grunting, the group of seven humans turns to find the other Flying Bison, Anna, and Mioha swimming their way. "Anna!" groans Daisuke "I've specifically told you to stay at camp." His Bison licks him, he laughs too "Okay, you're forgiven."

"Geez, Mioha" sighs Kenneth to his dragon, "you really do get lonely don't you?"

Sokka asks, "What are those things?" Kenneth frowns "Mioha's not a thing, she's a dragon."

The bald tattooed boy in orange-and-yellow speaks up "This is Appa, he's my Flying Bison. Like Anna over there."

"Riiight," nods a sarcastic Sokka "and this is Katara, my flying sister."

Namiko responds sarcastically "Ha ha ha…"

Appa sneezes and his snot got allover Sokka, who gets disgusted and attempts to wipe it off.

Namiko snickers before bursting into all-out laughter!

"Don't worry," says the kid "it'll wash out."

"UGH!" exclaims Sokka, digging more Flying Bison snot off of him.

"So, do you guys live around here?" asks the bald-headed kid.

"Don't answer that!" says Sokka to his sister as he points his pike at the young man and then toward Emma, Daisuke, and Kenneth.

"Okay, I've heard the Southern Water Tribe was edgy but I can see they're not stupid" blinks Emma, pretending to be from around that world.

"Did you see that crazy bolt of light? The four of them were probably trying to signal to the Fire Navy" frowns Sokka.

"Four?" asks Kenneth. Recovering from laughter, Namiko asks "Which four, exactly?" "Didn't they enslave you?" asks Sokka.

Katara shoves her brother aside, sarcastically remarking "Oh yeah, I'm sure they're spies for the Fire Navy and Namiko is an enslaved Waterbender servant girl. You can tell from the evil look in that boy's eyes."

Everyone looks at the bald kid, who flashes an innocent grin.

Katara introduces her brother "The paranoid one is my brother, Sokka."

Emma introduces herself and those with her "The misguided cynic who falls for pretty faces is Namiko Akimura, the youngest with us is Daisuke Hayashi, and the blue-eyed redhead is Kenneth Blue. I am Emma Blum."

"Wow!" exclaims the bald Airbending kid, "and I thought I've been around the world. The four of you are different from the others."

Katara asks, "Since you haven't introduced yourself, what's your name?"

He tries to introduce himself, then he huffs several time before releasing a huge sneeze, sending him flying upward and a powerful gust of wind around them.

Kenneth says "At least it knocked the cold water off." "Yeah" nods Daisuke.

Namiko gasps, "AAH! MY PANTS ARE ALSO KNOCKED OFF!" then she quickly struggles to get them on again.

Hearing the incoming whistling falling sound of the bald tattooed kid, Kenneth absentmindedly says, "Here he comes."

The boy comes back down, sliding back into place. Then he finally introduces himself with a bright smile "I'm Aang!" Then he rubs his nose.

"You just sneezed" exclaims a shocked Sokka, "and flew 10 feet in the air."

"Really?" asks Aang "It felt higher than that."

"Yeah," nods Emma. Daisuke says "it was more like 50 feet in the air."

"Now that's more like it, yeah" nods Aang.

Katara gasps in realization what the newest stranger's identity "You're an Airbender!"

"Sure am," nods Aang, before pointing at Daisuke "Just like him."

Daisuke waves his hands "I don't know a thing about Airbending, honest!"

Aang arches his eyebrows in curiosity "Really? That's unusual."

Sokka goes into his common sarcasm mode and turns to leave, "Giant light beams, Flying Bison, Airbenders, gold-haired kids, blue-eyed redheads, dragons, I think I've got the midnight sun madness. I'm going home to where stuff makes sense." "My thoughts exactly," says Namiko.

Then they stop to realize that they're stranded on an iceberg in the middle of the Southern Sea and can't go back home.

"Well, if you guys are stuck, we could get a lift on Mioha, Appa, and Anna" suggests Aang, who zooms upwards and lands on his Flying Bison's head, grabbing the reigns. Katara smiles "We'd love a ride, thanks!"

"Who is for riding with me on Mioha?" offers Kenneth. Namiko groans "Not I; I'm not going with you, runt. I'm going to ride with Daisuke on Anna, thank you very much!" Emma climbs onto Mioha's back, "I'll come."

"Oh no!" frowns Sokka "I am not going to get on that fluffy snot monster nor on that purple winged snake!"

Climbing onto Appa's saddle, Katara asks her brother "Are you hoping some other kind of monster would come along and give you a ride home? You know, before you freeze to death?"

Sokka tries to bring up an argument, only to realize that his sister's once again right.

Kenneth frowns at Sokka, "It's also rude to call a dragon a snake." Mioha quietly growls for emphasis. Sokka nervously gulps "Sorry."

Later, a frowning Sokka and an elated Katara are sitting in Appa's saddle, ready for takeoff. A bored Namiko lies down on her stomach with her hands supporting her head in Anna's saddle. Emma is sitting behind Kenneth on Mioha's head, holding on tight.

"Okay, all passengers listen well" dryly calls out Namiko "All emergency exits are to your left, right, and behind you. Also in case of an emergency, put your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye— sorry, brace for impact. And finally, please remain seated and keep your hands and arms inside the saddle at all times."

"Okay, first time flyers, hold on tight!" calls out Aang. Then he says to his Bison "Appa, Yip-Yip!"

"Yip-Yip, Anna!" calls Daisuke to Anna.

The two Flying Bison just jump into the water and swim.

"Come on, Appa! Yip-yip!" calls Aang.

Sokka sighs "Wow… that was truly amazing." He makes it plainly obvious he doesn't believe the two Bison could fly.

"Austrat!" calls Kenneth to Mioha, who just swims forward side-by-side the two Flying Bison, "I thought so; they're all just tired, Sokka." "Yeah," agrees Aang, "A little rest and they'll be soaring through the sky."

"Great…" groans Namiko "not only do the great beasts with us don't feel like flying, I'm stuck with a bunch of weirdoes." Then her eyes widen, "Oh no, I sound like that blue guy on the male Bison!"

Sokka looks around and asks "What blue guy?" Katara laughs, "She means you."

Later, Katara looks to find Aang smiling at her. She asks, "Why are you smiling at me like that?" to which, he replies "Oh, I was smiling?"

"OOH!" groans Sokka. Next to him, Namiko gags.

At the Fire Nation ship of Prince Zuko…

The scarred prince keeps constant vigil toward the beam of light was with the mysterious Kenzoku beside him.

Iroh shows up, stretching and yawning "I'm going to bed now." "I wish you pleasant dreams, Lord Iroh" says Kenzoku. "Yep," nods Iroh "a man needs his rest."

Iroh turns to his nephew "Prince Zuko, you need sleep. Even if you and Kenzoku are both right, and the Avatar is alive and the Other Worlder that Beckett told us about has arrived, you won't find them. Your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all tried to find the Avatar and failed. Besides, we don't know if the boy, Kenneth Blue, has answered the call searching for him."

"Because their honor didn't hinge on the Avatar's capture, mine does" hisses Zuko "This coward's hundred years hiding are over." Kenzoku says, "And my desire to be whole again continues to haunt me, Lord Iroh."

Back with the Flying Bison and Dragon… night is falling quickly.

Sokka is sound asleep, the Other World residents in disguise are sleeplessly waiting for their arrival to the little village in the South Pole. Katara crawls up to Aang to talk to him.

"Hey" says Katara.

"Hey" replies Aang, "What are you thinking about?"

"I was just wondering, you're being an Airbender and all, if you had any idea what happened to the Avatar."

Aang awkwardly says "Uh, no… I didn't know him; I mean I knew people that knew him. But I didn't. Sorry." Katara sighs "Okay, just curious." Aang looks sick to his stomach as soon as Katara looks away.

"Finally, civilization!" sighs Namiko, seeing the lantern lights of a little village in the distance "I hope you've got extra sleeping bags and tents."

Later, everyone settles in for the night to sleep nearby in the little village.

Morning rises…

Kenneth is sleeping against sealed entrance to an oddly if not well-designed and well-built igloo. He gets up, yawning when—

A voice from within the igloo says, "The occupant of this igloo is in a need to exit. Please get up."

"Sorry," apologizes Kenneth, rushing to get out of the way, then he recognizes the owner of the voice, "Solomon Zanpaku?"

A 19-year-old man steps out of the igloo, he has Einstein frizzy black hair with violet-dyed ends and green-brown eyes covered by a visor of dark-violet crystals, and he is clothed in a green anorak and trousers lined with brown fur.

"Good to see you again, Kenneth" nods the pre-adult from the igloo in greeting him. He recognizes Solomon Zanpaku as one of the genius senior-grade students who are bound for going to a university back home. He was never a jerk to Kenneth, it's just he didn't speak much and minded his own business. Rumors back home say that he's a Vulcan hybrid like Spock from 'Star Trek', but that's doubtful.

Kenneth gasps in surprise "We're not alone…"

"Is that the voice of the runt, Kenneth Blue, I hear?" asks another familiar male voice. Kenneth groans, "Oh man, I know that voice too."

Kenneth turns and finds Keith Logan and his dog, Max, both rising next to the igloo right out of the snow. Keith is a muscular 16-year-old jock from back home in the same class of Kenneth, he's got wild black hair that now has white streaks at the sides of his head. He like the Kenneth and the others is garbed in garments of this world. Max is a large white and black Alaskan malamute that has been with Keith forever. The dog's owner has been a tough case to deal with since Kenneth has known him growing up in America from time to time.

"Keith? Is that you?" blinks Kenneth. The shaggy-haired young man replies, "No, I'm Beethoven. Of course it's me, runt!"

Sokka grunts and crawls out from his igloo and asks "Huh? Keith? You know him?"

"Know him?" smirks the shaggy-haired "I've been smelling his ass since we were kids!"

The other three former residents of what was the real world to them crawl out of the designated dwellings in the village to see others like them also in the village.

"Holy smokes!" exclaims Emma, "How'd you get here?"

Solomon says "We've washed ashore here about a week ago, the four of us were with Miss Min Zhang upon arrival."

"Four?" blinks Namiko.

"Who is the fourth person in question?" asks Emma, getting out of one of the tents.

Solomon answers, "Ms. Sakura Tendou."

"The shyest girl in our class?" blinks Daisuke, getting dressed "There are other people we know here too?"

"I know that voice," gasps a young woman's voice. Stepping out from another igloo comes a beautiful young woman with long brown hair with locks hanging in front of her shoulders and brown eyes clad in a brown parka and a headband covering her forehead.

Kenneth remembers her as Min Zhang, one of Emma's roommates from back home in college, who would often visit on the babysitting sessions with Emma. Everyone has heard that the Chinese immigrant was without a penny to her name until Emma helps her to her feet. The two of them became friends quickly due to their natures being somewhat alike. Min is a fan of things like Emma, especially for the Avatar television series, and was studying medicine so she could be a great doctor to save people's lives and not because of the great pay because of it.

Min spots Kenneth and exclaims with a smile "Well, Kenneth! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?"

"It's great to see you too, Min" nods Kenneth.

"Okay, everyone who knows each other front in center" calls Sokka, polishing his machete and his boomerang.

Kenneth steps forward and has Daisuke stand by his side followed by Namiko, Emma, Solomon, Keith, Keith's dog named Max, Min, and a girl about 15 years of age shyly looking downward.

Kenneth notices the girl's face, which is very beautiful with blue eyes and dark-blue hair framing her face and reaching down her back. Noticeably her hair is given hair loops like the women in the Water Tribe.

Kenneth mentally gasps in realization 'Oh merciful deities everywhere! It is Sakura!'

He remembers Sakura Tendou from back home as the shy girl who looked away from him whenever he looked her way. He's known her to be quiet and unassuming if not polite. She was never part of the crowd that rejected him, but she was really shy and didn't communicate much. He's always seen her wearing thick clothing and thick dark-colored glasses. Whenever someone bumped into her back then, she just panics, apologizes politely, and bolts off. The relationship between him and her is quiet and distant, like it barely even exists.

"Sakura," says Kenneth "it's going to be okay." She quietly nods in response, "I believe so too."

"If her crossing over did her body and looks wonders, why not us?" asks Namiko to Emma in a whisper. Sakura shakes her head, "It only transmuted our clothes." "Huh?" gasps Namiko "You mean you were always so chesty?" Violet blushes and slowly nods. Namiko feels her mind breaking, "That… explains… the thick clothing."

Sokka still has his suspicions about most of the mysterious visitors; the Earth Kingdom is supposedly the ally of the Water Tribes, so Solomon and Emma are okay. But most of them had different hair, eye, and skin colors than from what he's heard about. Some of them could very well be Fire Nation spies in disguise, so he has to be cautious.

Namiko asks "So, where's the little Airbender?"

Katara shows up, "Aang's getting up, Namiko. Here he comes."

Aang walks out of the tent he was sleeping in.

"Aang, everyone," says Katara, greeting everyone to the small village's populace "this is the entire village. Entire village; Aang." Everyone else not mentioning of their true origins introduce themselves, along with Aang lowering his head in greetings.

The women and young children of the village pull back a bit, nervously.

"Why are they looking at us like that?" asks Aang "Did Appa sneeze on me?" Kenneth answers "They're nervous about outsiders and strangers, I should know; I was the same way when my mother disappeared when I was 6 years old."

An elderly woman steps forward and adds in "That, and no one has ever seen an Airbender nor a dragon in a hundred years; we thought they were extinct. Until my granddaughter and grandson found you."

Aang is slightly shocked yet greatly confused "Extinct?"

Katara introduces the old woman "This is my grandmother." "Call me Gran Gran," says Katara's grandmother. Kenneth nods "My name is Kenneth Blue. It's a pleasure and a privilege to meet the grandmother of Katara and Sokka." Gran Gran nods off "Thank you for the formality, young man."

Sokka grabs Aang's staff to inspect it, "What is this? A weapon? You can't stab anything with this!"

Aang smiles, "It's not for stabbing" then he uses airbending to retake his staff "it's for airbending." He taps one end of it to the ground, causing it to fold out orange fan-like wings!

The xenophobic Sokka is startled by this, the village children however were excited—

"Magic trick!" exclaims a little girl, "Do it again!"

"Not magic; Airbending" says Aang, "it allows me to control the air currents under my glider and fly."

Skeptical as ever, Sokka retorts "You know, last time I checked… HUMANS CAN'T FLY!"

Aang grabs both larger wings and says "Check again!"

ZOOM! There goes Aang, like a bird in the sky!

"He can fly!" exclaims Daisuke.

"He can fly!" exclaims Katara.

"He can fly!" exclaim the village children.

"He flew!" blinks a surprised Namiko.

As Aang continues to fly around playfully in the air, most of the onlookers below are getting excited. But as Aang's attention shifted to Katara, trying to impress her—

Kenneth exclaims "Aang!" followed by each former resident of reality "WATCH OUT FOR—"

BAMF! "OOF!" Aang crashes into a tower composed of snow!

"OOO!" exclaims the audience.

Aang is still okay, but he has his head stuck in it. He is currently trying to pull it out again and succeeds, while causing some blemish to the snow tower.

Sokka shrieks in horror, "OH! MY WATCH TOWER!" Namiko's eyes narrow at him "It was poorly made anyway."

Katara rushes up to the bald Airbender, exclaiming with glee "That was amazing!" after helping him to his feet again. Aang twirls his glider, closing it into a staff again.

Sokka rushes to attempt to save his tower, only for some of it to fall on him, burying him in snow.

Namiko presses her back against an igloo being smug at Sokka, only for it to shatter and bury her in its snow too. She digs herself out and asks "Why? Why me too?"

"Great!" groans Sokka "You're an Airbender, Katara, Namiko, and Sakura are Waterbenders, Emma and Solomon are Earthbenders, together you can waste time all day long!"

Emma blinks, "Shade Boy's an Earthbender too?" "Sakura's a Waterbender?" gasps Namiko. Aang smiles in appreciation to Katara "You're a Waterbender too!"

Katara shrugs politely, "Well, sort of… not yet." "Namiko and I never had any proper training since our discoveries of such gifts" says Emma. "It's the same with Solomon and me" gulps Sakura.

"All right, no more playing!" calls Gran Gran, gently taking Katara by the hand "Come on, Katara, you've got chores."

Kenneth shyly says, "I'll be outside keeping an eye on the horizon." "Let me help you, Kenneth" speaks up Sakura as she follows him.

With Katara and her grandmother, she says to her relative "I've told you he's the real thing, Gran Gran. I finally found a bender who can teach me." "Katara," warns Gran Gran "try not to put all your hopes in this boy, nor in any of the newcomers."

"But Aang is special" pleads Katara, "I can tell. I sense he's filled with much wisdom."

The residents from reality overhear Katara's pleas to her grandmother to let Aang stay, some of them knowing that she seems to believe he could teach the village many good things and also teach her Waterbending.

Everyone glances at Aang, only to find him showing off the village's little children his tongue stuck to his staff. Emma is seen playing with Aang and the toddlers like a mature woman would.

Gran Gran notices the shine the village children take to Emma more, "That tall young woman has a way with children."

Back on Zuko's boat, the banished Fire Nation prince is practicing his Firebending techniques, with Uncle Iroh as his mentor and the mysterious Kenzoku overlooking it.

"Again" sighs Iroh.

Zuko is proving his mettle of Firebending, agility, and unarmed combat prowess excellently, despite it being a beginner's course for the umpteenth time. Kenzoku slowly performs his own movements, while watching Zuko and Iroh.

Iroh sighs "No! Power and Firebending comes from the breath; not the muscles! The breath becomes energy in the body, the energy extends past yours limbs and becomes fire!" All throughout explaining it, he displays it with a bolt a flame from his hand again "Get it right this time."

"Enough," huffs Zuko, growing impatient "I've been drilling this sequence all day. Teach me the next set, I'm more than ready."

"No!" gently demands the wiser Iroh "you're impatient; you have to master your basics. Drill again!"

Zuko growls and then unleashes a bolt of fire from a single kick to an armored drill aide, knocking the latter down. Zuko gives his uncle another irate rant, "The sages tell us that the Avatar is the last Airbender. He must be over a hundred years old by now. He's had over a century to master the four elements. I'll need more than just basic Firebending to defeat him. You will teach me the advanced set!"

After a short moment's pause, Iroh finally speaks—

"Very well," frowns Iroh, consenting to his nephew's desires for quick mastery. Then he picks up a bowl of food and smiles "But first, I must finish my roast duck." As his uncle eats, Zuko stresses in disbelief.

Kenzoku looks on and says quietly, "By the time I find Kenneth Blue, there won't be any need for Firebending to subdue him."

Back in the Southern Water Tribe village…

Namiko, sitting on a wall of snow, watches over Sokka, who is attempting to teach the young boys of the village, lecturing them about how to be 'proper' Water Tribe warriors—

"Now men," he begins "it's important that you show no fear when you face a Firebender. In the Water Tribe, we fight to the last man standing. For without courage, how can we call ourselves men?"

After a short moment's pause, one of the children with him innocently says, "I gotta pee!"

Sokka throws a small teacher's fit, "Look, until your fathers return from the war, they're counting on you as the men of this tribe, and that means no potty breaks!" "But I really gotta go!" says the same child.

A defeated Sokka sighs "Okay… who else has to go?" Each little boy raises his mitten-clad hand. Frustrated, Sokka slaps his forehead as the children leave for bathroom break.

"You cannot really blame them;" says Namiko teasingly "they're still just children under 10. I've asked their moms and very few, except for them and their sisters, lost their parents during this war, even if their fathers are away as of now."

Sokka says "You're teasing me, right?" "What if I am, Ponytail Guy?" smirks Namiko.

"Have you seen Aang?" asks Katara coming into the scene "Gran Gran says he disappeared over an hour ago."

Aang pops out of a snow construct, possibly an outhouse or bathroom, while playing with the village toddlers, exclaiming that everything freezes in it.

Kenneth and Violet come into the village with Keith and Max hauling some Tiger Seal meat. Kenneth says to dog owner from back home that he couldn't believe that Sokka taught them how since he seems like the worst hunter around the South Pole.

Emma is playfully teaching the toddler girls several things about independence proper for their age.

Sokka isn't pleased, "ARRGH! KATARA, GET THEM OUT OF HERE!" Namiko cocks on eyebrow, "I'd be happy to drag Kenneth out of here, but who do mean by them?" "Everyone except for Water Tribe members! This lesson is for warriors only!"

Then everyone turns to see more children playing with the gigantic creatures; namely sliding down Appa and safely crashing into a snow bank.

Katara laughs at the scene, pleased to see some happy fun and games with the kids. Sokka, however, is angered further.

"STOP!" exclaims Sokka, rushing up toward Aang "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"

Walking up to Sokka, Kenneth asks "Is there a problem, Sokka?"

Sokka grabs his spear and states his problems with the latest newcomers "First, you are making me look bad!" "That's not the first to see" bluntly says Namiko. Sokka finishes "But most of all, we don't have time for fun and games with the war going on!"

"War? What war? What are you talking about?" asks Aang, sliding down Appa. Slightly surprised, Sokka raises an eyebrow "You're kidding, right?"

Aang then smiles and shouts "PENGUIN!"

Everyone turns and spots a black-and-white penguin/mammal-like creature about the height of a teenager with four flippers and an otter-like face with small black noses and whiskers. As the South Pole critter waddles off, Aang runs off after it, and a whooshing high speed!

"He's kidding, right?" asks Sokka to his sister and the others.

"That's a penguin?" gawks Namiko. Emma shrugs "In this world it's called that for short." Sokka blinks in confusion "This world? What world do you live in?" "I meant this part of the world the Otter-Penguin is also called a Penguin for short."

Katara, Kenneth, Daisuke, Namiko, and Sakura find Aang, with a large bunch of Otter-Penguins that are all flocking about, chasing some in hopes to sled on one.

"Sokka says it's possible that you and Aang are Fire Nation spies," says Katara. Kenneth sighs, "If I was, I would probably be rebelling against them. After what's gotten this world so messed up." "If that were true then there would be hope" sighs Katara.

As soon as they catch up with Aang, he gets up from the snow and says "I have a way with animals." "So does Aniki" says Daisuke. ""Aniki?" blink Katara and Aang. Kenneth explains, "A very foreign term meaning 'big bro', when talking to a big brother figure with great respect. When he says it, he means me." "Sokka would love to have that kind of respect" coyly smiles Katara.

Aang waddles after some more Otter-Penguins, squawking. Katara laughs at this, finding it amusing, then she says, "Aang, I'll help you catch a Penguin if you teach me Waterbending."

After being dragged a bit by a Penguin, Aang says "You've got a deal!" then he says while getting up again "Just one little problem; I'm an Airbender, not a Waterbender. Isn't there someone in your village who can teach you as well as Namiko and Sakura?"

"No," sighs a depressed Katara "you're looking at the only Waterbender in the whole South Pole, save for Namiko and Sakura, and we don't know where they're from." "This isn't right;" says Aang "a Waterbender needs to master water." He looks thoughtful for the moment and asks "What about the North Pole? There's another Water Tribe up there, right? Maybe they have Waterbenders who could teach you."

Kenneth nods, "That's a great idea… I think." Violet nods "I concur."

"Maybe," says Katara with crossed arms across her chest "but we haven't been in contact with our sister tribe in a long time. It's not exactly 'turn right on the second glacier'; it's on the other side of the world."

Aang says "But you forget; Daisuke and I have Flying Bison and Kenneth has a Dragon." "That's right!" nods Kenneth, "once Mioha and the other two are fully rested, they will be able to get us there in a matter of time soon. I don't know how long, but soon enough." "Yeah, Katara, we can help you find a master" nods a smiling Aang.

Katara feels unsure of herself, "That's… uh… I don't know. I've never left home before."

Kenneth says, "When my mother disappeared when I was seven and a half, I had to be trapped in our home for about a week until I ran out of food. I was too scared to go outside, but soon I've finally decided that everyone should see the first step beyond the borders of your home as the first step to your first adventure."

Namiko blinks "What tele—" then she stops to think of a different word for a second immediately "Uh… story did you get that from?" "Actually, my grandfather said he thought of that himself when he picked him up before we've met" says Daisuke.

"Your grandfather sure is wise, and so is Kenneth as he is brave" nods Aang, before he goes into playful little kid mode again "Right now, can you teach me how to catch one of these Penguins?"

Katara puts on a light smile, "Okay, listen closely, my young pupil; catching Penguins is a scared and fine art…" then she produces a small fish from her hand, catching the Otter-Penguins' attention "Observe!" She tosses it to Aang, who catches it, and becomes immediately buried in Otter-Penguins.

"Dibs on the medium-sized on the left!" says Kenneth.


"WAHOO!" cries out Kenneth, sledding down at an amazing speed on his Penguin.

The six of them are sledding together on their individual Penguin.

"OMG! I'm having fun and I don't believe it!" laughs Namiko. "This can't be your first time!" laughs Katara. Namiko shakes her head, "But it is!"

After sledding down the 7th side of a hill of snow, Katara exclaims "I haven't done this since I was a kid!" "You still are a kid!" smiles Aang.

After they zip through a tunnel of ice… they come to a complete stop, letting their Penguins walk off.

Before them is an abandoned Fire Nation naval ship.

Aang asks, "What is it?" "A Fire Navy ship …and a very bad memory for my people" replies Katara.

A curious Aang steps closer to it, Katara runs after him to stop him; "We're not allowed to go in, the ship could be booby trapped." "If you want to be a Bender, you have to let go of fear" says Aang.

Namiko gets it dawned upon her, "We shouldn't go in there." Kenneth says, "Regardless, I won't let them get hurt by anything in there, especially possible booby traps." "I second that motion" says Daisuke. "Me too" nods Sakura.

As they disappear into the ship… Namiko sighs "Here stands Namiko Akimura, witness to insanity from two worlds… we're all going to die." Then she runs in after them.

They all enter a punctured side of the hull, the two groups get separated from one another.

Kenneth frowns "Great, I took a wrong turn." "One could really die here! Every single day I've been here makes me wish that this was all an intense and crazy dream and I should not be having shrimp sushi before bed" says Namiko.

With Katara and Aang, the formerly frozen Airbender spies a rack full of weapons.

Katara says, "This ship has haunted my tribe since Gran Gran was a little girl, it was part of the Fire Nation's first attacks."

Coming to another small arms arsenal, Sakura hushes the others with her "Shh! I hear Katara and Aang on the other end!" Namiko blinks, "Wow, you've got sharp senses." "At least we'll know what they're saying" nods Kenneth.

"Okay, back up;" says a curious and disbelieving Aang to Katara "I have friends all over the world, even in the Fire Nation." He picks up a glaive weapon, saying "I never heard of any war." "Aang," asks Katara "how long were you in that iceberg?" Aang shrugs, "I don't know… a few days maybe." "I think it's more like a hundred years," suggests Katara.

"What?" exclaims Aang "That's impossible! Do I look like a 112-year-old man to you?"

Namiko pushes Kenneth over the other side of the room, "Kenneth! Get out of my way, I need to hear too!"

Kenneth crashes against a wall having dust fall onto him. Sakura asks, "Why does he have red under clothes his parka?" "We think he came here like that," replies Daisuke.

"Think about it;" hypothesizes Katara to Aang "the war is a century old, you don't know about it because you were in that iceberg the whole time. It's the only explantion."

Aang's eyebrows arch in shock, he has been away for far too long and he hasn't realized what was going on in the world.

Namiko nods "That would make some sense."

"A hundred years…" sighs Aang, sitting down "I can't believe it." Katara places a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder, "I'm sorry, Aang… maybe somehow there's a bright side to all this." "I did get to meet you" smiles Aang. Katara smiles back, "Come on, let's get you out of here."

Later… on the other world residents' side… with the group trying to find the two…

Kenneth gasps, like he's ready to sneeze any time soon, Namiko frowns "Don't get your damn germs on me!"

"AH-CHOO!" sneezes Kenneth, causing fire to burst before him.

Recently up on the bridge of the ship, Katara says to Aang "Let's get out of here, this place is creepy."

The explosion is heard below.

"What was that?" gasps Katara.

Aang snags a wire in the snow, which causes a portcullis to close behind them!

"What's that you said about booby traps?" asks Aang, feeling guilty.

"Okay" gulps Namiko, realizing their future position "those are the worst kind of germs imaginable to our new friends' relationship." A nervous Kenneth nods, "I second that motion."

"Let's get out of here!" exclaims Daisuke.

The group runs around the place, looking for the bridge, finding mechanics working for some purpose.

Namiko whispers into Daisuke's ear, "We should find Emma and vamoose while it's still good." "What happened?" asks Daisuke. Namiko answers, "Kenneth's a Firebender." Daisuke silently exclaims in shock, "What?"

Hearing a whistling sound outside, both groups look outside a window to find a signal flare going up and gulp "Uh-oh!"

Back in the village…

"A flare?" gasps Emma, spotting it from afar.

Back on the abandoned ship, Kenneth kicks a wall down, finding water beneath the new plank to walk out on.

Namiko asks, "Where did you come across that ridiculous strength?" "Talk later!" says Kenneth.

The four dive for it, while Aang and Katara escape through the ceiling, which has a circular puncture in it.

The two groups reunited, with Daisuke floating in midair in surprise while holding onto the others with him.

"Excellent, Daisuke!" smiles Aang "You've actually performed Airbending by using the air to cushion yourself from the fall!"

"You mean I did that?" gasps Daisuke.

"Shut up and let's beat it!" shrieks Namiko.

Zuko has watched the whole event from afar, through a telescope after seeing the signal flare…

"What? Two Airbenders?" gasps a shocked Zuko, "The Avatar should be the last one… unless the other is one of these Other World inhabitants the sages spoke of, just like Beckett and his former companions. Even so, the last Airbender is quite agile for his old age."

The man in a dark red cloak, Kenzoku, nods "Most likely, my prince. Also, I believe that the one I have been waiting for, Kenneth Blue, is also amongst the Avatar."

"Wake my uncle!" orders Zuko, "tell him… we may have found the Avatar and Kenneth Blue."

Then he spots the Southern Water Tribe village, "As well as his hiding place."

To be continued…