I'm looking for characters for this story. Please either PM me or leave a review for this story.

Here's a sample from a character i was already sent from my Best Friend/Beta Reader:

Name: Quinn Ray Morr

CodeName: Nightmare

Age: 15

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Appearance: short black hair, white eyes but wears green contacts when around humans, 5'7, black skin*(like, pencil crayon black black), white tatoos all over her body* (back, front, arms, legs, neck, temples. not on her face but creeping up the edges), strong looking/slightly muscled, large white wings curled like devil wings*

Pets: two black huskies. Mikkol and Gabriel

Family: Gwen Morr (Blackout)* - cousin

Personality: Doesnt trust people easily. She herself is untrustworthy. A prankster. Sarcastic. Liar. Can be nice. Animal lover. Likes little kids and good with them.

Power: Can create black holes and pull people into them. Within the black hole she shows you your createst fears and nightmares but either way she involves herself as a black and white angel of hell

Story: Raised in an orphanage. Ran away from the orphanage and Reno when she found out about her powers. Found her cousin through the Brotherhood when she joined for a breif period. Ended up snooping around X-Manor one night when Rouge and Kurt found her. The three of them talked but Quinn never brought up that she had spent a time with the Brotherhood. They offered her to talk to Xavier and so she did and then she stayed with the X-Men, never going back to the Brotherhood. She hasn't told them yet that she used to be apart of the Brotherhood

Acts Around Humans: Hates being around them but she'll stand them as long as they dont hurt people she knows. Doesnt like interacting with them but when she does it's not a surprise if she ends up in a fight

* Hides wings by a harness under her clothes like Archangel. Hides tatoos and black black skin by an image inducer (like Kurt has). Makes her skin a palish white

*For all who don't know Gwen Morr or Blackout is the main character from Mystery Hunter's stories Shifting Heartful and Vengeful Vanguard. In that order.

Try to follow that example. That's the order i would prefer it in but another order is ok too. That just shows what i want. Any other information is good too the more the better. Go Wild. Cookies will be given to people who give me characters.