The woman's phone rang.


"I need you and Crimson to return to base at once. Let Gemini handle the mansion mutants," the person on the other end commanded.

"Yes, ma'am."

The two boys didn't notice as the two women from the other table left, as they were too immersed in each other. Mark couldn't believe this was happening. It felt like it was only yesterday that he arrived at the mansion and now he was sitting across the table from a beautiful tall, dirty blonde boy, staring into his hazel eyes. Mark could easily fall for Jake.

Jake reached his hand across the table and grabbed Mark's, holding it tightly in his own, looking deeply into Marks nearly black eyes.

"So, are you lovebirds ready to order?" the waitress asked, interrupting the tender moment between the two.

Mark blushed and quickly pulled his hand out of Jake's. "Um... I-I'll have the f-fettucine Alfredo please."

Jake couldn't help but smile at how adorable his date looked when he was embarrassed. "I'll have the Penne Pollo."

"Okay honeys," the old women who reminded Mark of a kind grandmother said, writing down the order. "I'll get you a refill while I'm at it. 7Up and diet Pepsi, right?"

"Yes please," Jake replied with a massive grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat's. As she walked to the kitchen Jake turned back to his date "So, how are ya liking the mansion so far?"

"Everyone seems very nice," Mark replied.

The conversation continued for about fifteen minutes before Gale, their grandmotherly waitress, returned with the boy's food. As the boys ate (Kitchie digging in and Mark slowly picking) Mark began to feel even more comfortable. Jake finished eating and got up to go to the washroom. Once he was sure the other boy was out of earshot Mark let out a sigh. He wondered how he, a shy, teenage boy who had killed two people and should have died a long time ago, could have been so lucky as to be on a date with such an adorable, sweet guy.

"Hey," Jake greeted as he sat back down.

"Hey," Mark replied, allowing a smile to creep onto his face.

Jake noticed that Mark had finished eating and waved to Gale when he saw her. She knew he needed the bill and came right over. Jake had insisted on paying, since he figured Mark wouldn't have much money, which he didn't. As the boys were pulling their coats on and getting ready to leave the restaurant a girl appeared in front of Jake and kicked him in the stomach, hard enough to send him flying into the wall. Another girl who looked exactly like the first, with the same light brown hair, bright blue eyes and small, but strong build, appeared next to the other girl and moved to kick Mark, but the boy was too fast and jumped out of the way.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

"We are like you, Mutants. We are Gemini. We have been ordered by our mistress to destroy any of Charlotte Xaviers mutant students." They spoke simultaneously, almost as though they shared one brain.

"If you're mutants too then why are you attacking us?"

"You have chosen the wrong path. You have chosen the path where you wish to befriend humans. Your headmistress is naive, just as her father was. She believes that humans can change, that their prejudices towards us can just disappear. Humans are animals, we are superior. The only way we can tame the humans is to annihilate them, to create a world of only mutants. To do that, sacrifices must be made, mutants who have chosen the wrong path, as you have, must be destroyed."

They finished their speach and sprung into action, charging towards Mark, one from either side. Mark used the sweat from his palms to create two knives and prepared to defend himself. As the twins came within his attack range he slashed his knives at them, hitting the one on the left in the shoulder and missing the one on the right as she suddenly appeared next to her sister. The twins then ducked behind a table to nurse the wound. As they did Mark noticed both of them were holding their shoulder, even though he had only struck one. Mark went to check on Jake, who was trying to stand.

"What hit me?"

"Mutants, two of them. They call themselves Gemini."

"What kind of powers do they have?"

"It seems almost as though they share a brain. They can also teleport, but I think it's only to where the other one is. Are you ok?"

"Well, I can stand and walk but I don't think I'd be any help in a fight. I think her kick cracked a couple of my ribs."

Mark couldn't help but wince and wish that he could have taken the blow for him. "Don't worry about it," he told him. "I think I can handle them. Just go evacuate everyone." He looked over at the regular people who had hidden themselves in the kitchen.

As Jake hurried to the kitchen Mark charged towards the table Gemini were hiding behind and jumped onto it, knives at the ready. He saw both girls with indentical deep cuts on their shoulders. As Mark prepared to knock them out he felt his body become heavy. He saw a woman walk in and help the two girls up. The woman turned to him and Mark felt his blood freeze when he saw the face of the woman. It was a face he'd never thought he'd see again.

He tried unsuccessfully to scream, but he couldn't even open his mouth. The last thing he saw before he fell unconscious was a smile on the face of a woman who he had thought was dead.

A/N: whoa, this started out fluffy and ended angsty. Sorry if this is really bad. I typed it all on my iPod. My computer hasn't been working and that's why I havent been able to write.