Summary- So Poppy Moore finally felt at happy for once. But the story doesn't end there. What happens next?

I know I should finish my other stories instead of starting another one. (Because by the way I never finish stories) But I really love Wild Child and wanted to do a story. Okay so I'll hardly update because I want to focus on my other stories but I'll try as hard as possible to finish this. Stick with me. I'm thinking this will have maybe 15 chapters but it could be more or less. So it's the same Freddie and Poppy pairing. Just carried on after the film. It's Poppy's last day before summer break.

No one's POV

Poppy Moore had been at Abbey Mount for 7 months, 4 days and 7 hours (Note: I don't know how long she was there so... I guessed. Forgive me.) And if you asked her she could probaly say how many minutes and seconds she had been there also. Poppy Moore was a good, kind girl who was one of the most amazing friends you could have. She was bright with a wonderful future ahead of her. That wasn't how it had always been of cause. She had to start with been wild and untamed with about as much respect for anyone other than herself as a human has for wasps. She was sent to Abbey Mount a boarding school in England for girls aged 11 to 18 after she ruined her father's girlfriend's belongings in an outrageous prank. Her father could take no more and sent her to Abbey Mount. She hadn't wanted to be taken to the school and wanted to get expelled. With the help of her dorm mates Kate, Camilla, Jennifer and Josie she tried many pranks to get her expelled from the school. After these pranks failed they eventually decided that Poppy would have to kiss the headteacher Mrs Kingsley's son Freddy who was forbidden to fraternize with the girls at the school. Poppy ends up falling for Freddie and becoming friends with her dorm mates. But Harriet a girl who loved Freddy herself hated Poppy and sellotaped fake emails on Freddy's and Poppy's dorm mates doors. Poppy was devastated and feeling very angry after a conversation with her former best friend set fire to a towel. Poppy put the fire out but hearing footsteps fled the scene. The fire was restarted and Poppy took the blame. She was nearly expelled until Harriet made a slip and it was uncovered that it wasn't Poppy who started the fire. Her friends found out she hadn't sent the emails and everything seemed to fit perfectly in place...

Poppy's POV

I sat on the bench in front of school and stared out across the grounds. It seems weird to think I've been here for 7 months. But even weirder to think I'd wanted to get out of here.
Now it felt like home and as much as I wanted to see LA again I didn't want to leave. The reason however was not that I'd suddenly developed a liking for the mush they called food. The stupid rules about lights out and phones. The hidious uniforms. Or the stupidly small dorm rooms we had to share. The reason was Freddy. The girls were going to be visiting LA for 3 weeks of the holidays and possibly longer if my dad managed to charm their parents a little more than he already had. My father was proud of me and seeing my improvement let me have anything. My anything was having the girls stay. My father wouldn't stretch as far as to let me have a boy though. I wouldn't see Freddy for 6 weeks and that was far too long for me.

"What a pleasant surprise it is to see you trouble," I heard a male voice from behind me shocking me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see Freddy himself staring down at me. I shuffled up the bench to let himsit down.

"Why yes it is Fredster. I'm barely able to contain my joy," I rolled my eyes and he chuckled quietly.

"Try to contain your happiness there. Don't go to over the top," He smiled and cupped my face. He gently brought his lips to mine and he gave me a soft kiss. It was so soft I barely felt it. Just the brushing of our lips moving together. Even though the kiss was hardly there I still felt it burning on my lips. Making me feel raw and full of tingles that ran down my spine. He always make me feel so open. Like when he was with me he'd find out anything I hid from him (not that I ever hid anything from him) or any lie (and I didn't lie to him either). He pulled away and smiled. He stroked my cheek with his thumb and stared into my eyes.

"Oh I'll try. But it'll be hard," I smiled at him and he dropped my face deciding to select a strand of my hair and twist it around his finger instead.

"You're beautiful you know that," He wasn't focusing on my eyes anymore but the piece of hair curled around his finger. He let the strand go and it went falling back onto the side of my neck.

"Beatiful? Oh I know," I grinned. He laughed and tickled my sides making me laugh as well.

"How am I going to last 6 whole weeks without you trouble. My life's so boring without you," He sighed and put an arm around me.

"I don't know. I do liven things up don't I. Well you could still come to LA. But I'd need to beg my dad. And..." I trailed off realizing his mother would never let him come.

"There's my mum," He finished for me. I nodded sadly.

"You could try and talk to her. Tell me if there's any luck. I still have an hour here," I sighed.

"I think we'll need a lot of luck and wishes for her to let me go," He shook his head.

"You can still try," I stated shortly.

"For you I will. For you I'll try," He kissed me on the forehead before getting up and walking back into the school. I watched him go until he was finally in school. Then I took out my phone and called my dad's number.

Freddy's POV

I knew there was more chance that aliens would invade, zombies would take over, pigs would fly, there'd be singing lions named Simba and Nala who prowled down the street and that Edward Cullen would marry Jacob Black (all in one day as well) than my mum would let me go to LA. But I'd try anyway. I was standing outside my mum's office. Pacing back and fourth trying to get up the courage to knock. I didn't need to though. The door opened revealing my mother.

"Come in Freddy honey," She stepped away from the door to let me get past then sat back down in the chair behind her desk.

"Mum. Can I go to LA to see Poppy in the holidays?" I asked taking a seat opposite her.

"No. You know you shouldn't be fraternizing with the girls. Poppy is finally on track and I don't want to leading her astray," My mum shook her head and put her hands on her desk.

"But mum I really like her. I may even be in love with h-" My mum put a hand up to silence me.

"What? In love with her? But Freddy darling what would happen when school starts again. Poppy will have important exams as will you and seeing her in the holidays would lead the feelings on. Make them bigger and it'd be all the more hard to leave her," She said to me. I could she she was trying to reason with me. Let me down gently.

"I know. But I'll still get good grades. As will Poppy. I care about Poppy very much. She's one of the most important people to me and I can't be without her. Please mum. Please," I begged.

"Okay. On one condition," For a second I thought I'd heard her wrong. Okay? Really? Oh my god.

"Yes. Anything. Just name it mum," I knew I was smiling insanely now. But I didn't care.

"If your's or Poppy's grades drop you'll move into your own school. You'll have no weekends for 3 months and you won't be able to come to the school," She told me and I nodded to everything.

"Deal. Thank you so much. I love you mum. You're the best," Then I got up and left her office.

Poppy's POV

"But daddy it'll be okay," I said into my phone and heard my father's yelled no in response, "Daddy I understand but I love him and I need to see him."

"Poppy I know what you're like," My father sighed impatiently.

"Correction. What I used to be like. And plus I'm still a virgin," I told him.

"Nice to know Poppy but..." I interrupted him.

"I know. I know. But pleaseee," I begged.

"Okay. But be on best behaviour or he's on the next flight home," My dad gave in and I found myself smiling.

"I love you so much daddy," I shrieked.

"I love you too Pops," And then he hung up.

"So you love me hey trouble?" I turned to see Freddy just as I was shoving my phone into my pocket.

"Oh... Um... Well yeah," I stuttured looking down at my knees and blushing slightly.

"I love you too," He smiled and sat next to me.

"So what did your mum say?" I asked and looked back at him. He was smiling which I took as a good sign.

"She said I could come. But if either of our grades dropped I'll move into my own school. I'll have no weekends for 3 months and I won't be able to come to the school," He took my hand and cupped it in his lap.

"That's good. My dad said you could come as well. If I'm on best behaviour," I shrugged slightly. He nodded.

"So I guess I'm off to LA," He grinned.

"I guess you are," I nodded.

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