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Poppy's POV

So I'd been pacing back and fourth infront of Mrs Kingsley's office for about 10 minutes now if the clock on the opposite wall was to be correct. I hadn't mustered up the courage to knock yet. (Haha. I just realized Freddy did that in chapter one. How alike they are. Anyway I'll let you get back to the story) What incase one of Harriet's minions had ratted me out to Mrs Kingsley about something I didn't do. I made my way past the door to her office for about the millionth time. I sighed and stopped right infront of the place where the picture of my mum hung on the wall. I took a deep breath before making my way back to the door and knocking quietly.

"Who is it?" Came the voice of the headteacher. I felt my stomach turn slightly.

"It's Poppy," I called out to her. There was a faint noise which sounded like muffled voices. She seemed to be finishing a phone call. After a couplde of minutes I heard.

"Come in Poppy," I turned the knob of the door gently and pushed the door open. I stepped onto the treshold of the office. Mrs Kingsley smiled at me which encouraged me to move a step forward. She then gestured to the seat infront oh her. I made my way over and sat down.

"You're probaly wondering why I brought you here," She said and waited for me to nod before continuing, "Well I wanted to firstly tell you how proud of you I am. You did amazingly on the lacrosse team and you've made an excellant start to the school. I and everyone else here loves the new you."

"Thanks Miss. I really like it here. I think it's become more of a home to me than my house in LA," I smiled slightly feeling the knot in my stomach loosen.

"Well that's wonderful," She beamed at me, "I also wanted to discuss yours and Freddy's relationship. I know you probaly don't want to hear this on your last day here but seeing as I've allowed him to stay with you in LA I thought I should mention it."

"Yes. I was waiting for this to come up. And I think now's probaly the best time," I managed a small nod and looked at my hands cupped in my lap.

"I know that he feels strongly for you. I can tell. And I also know you feel the same for him. I'm not worried that you'll hurt him as I've seen how you are together," She laughed quietly, "Yes I know how you sneak out together."

"I'm... Um really, really sorry about that," I whispered feeling my cheeks flush pink.

"No need to apologize. You're teenagers. I just don't want the relationship to mess up either of your school work. Freddy wants to go to Oxford for university. I think you'll have heard my rules for Freddy about what happens if either of your grades drop and I wanted to say that if this happens I'll be forced to unable you from seeing eachother."

"I understand Miss. I'm going to try very hard with my work," I smiled what I hoped was a reassuring smile.

"I believe you Poppy. Then there's the no fraternizing with the girls rule," She said slowly and I looked to her expression which was unreadable, "I think we should keep it the same. But you're the exception. You can see each other at weekends. And in the week you can see him after you've done you're homework for a couple of hours. You can be up later that 8:30 though."

"That seems exceptable," I nodded silently thanking God.

"You're a good girl Poppy," She smiled at me and got up from her chair. She made her way around the desk and towards the door. I followed her lead. She held the door open for me.

"Thanks," I glanced at her, smiling.

"You're welcome," And then I did something which surprised us both. I hugged her. Threw my arms around her and hugged her hard. She laughed quietly and returned the hug for a couple of seconds.

"Okay now get going Poppy. Don't keep the girls waiting." I nodded and stepped through the door wondering how I'd ever been scared about what she wanted to say.

Freddy's POV

I sat on the grass below a tall tree giving me shade from the warm sun. Kate and Drippy were flicking through a magazine and commenting on what they saw there while Kiki and Josie had a headphone each to an iPod that Kiki was holding on her knee. Poppy had been gone for quite a while now and I was getting restless. I glanced at the doors one last time before promising myself that I wouldn't look at the doors again as everything was alright.

"Missing me hey Fredster. Saw you glancing at the doors," Somehow Poppy had found her way outside without me noticing which made me think she was some kind of super hero. She smiled and sat down next to me.

"How'd you get out here without me noticing?" I asked with a frown. Poppy laughed slightly.

"I'm super woman remembe? Duhh," She grinned playfully before shrugging, "I came round the back way. It's quicker."

"It so isn't quicker. That takes at least five minutes longer," I argued.

"Ner-uh. I counted one time. Back way is soooo much quicker," She crossed her arms and I laughed.

"Okay, okay you win," I said and she stuck out her tongue.

"Good," Then she lay her head on my chest and I put an arm around her. I stroked her hair and she smiled, closing her eyes.

"I hope you're getting the lovey-dovey stuff out of the way so you won't be like this all holiday," Kate spoke up from where her and Drippy were on the bench.

"Yeah. It's disgustin'. It makes me wanna throw up my breakfas'," Josie agreed, nodding which made the headphone fall out of her ear. She recieved it from her lap and stuffed it back into her ear.

"Nope. This is only us getting started," Poppy laughed as she opened her eye. And completley surprising me she jumped across me causing me to fall backwards. Her arms were going around my neck and she started kissing me deeply. Her tongue lightly traced my bottom lip awaiting access which I kindly gave. While her tongue was exploring my mouth I moved my arms from around her shoulders to her hips. Our lips were totally insync. The kiss was filled with so much love and desire. Passion and lust. It was filled with so many sparks which engulfed me so much that I never wanted the kiss to stop. I had no clue about my surroundings. All I felt was the kiss. And Poppy.

"Um... Guys?" Kiki was yelling to us. Obviously being nicer than just saying 'get off each other and stop sucking face' although she meant that.

"Hellooo?" Josie called out to us. We ignored them both.

"Stop it... Eww have you seen where he's got his hand. Get off of each other," Drippy shouted. Drippy being Drippy was totally to the point. No messing around. Just saying what she meant. Then Drippy's words cut through everything and I finally realized where my hand was. One was up the front of Poppy's t-shirt and the other was at her bottom (sorry, couldn't think of a better way of putting it.) I retracted my hand from her t-shirt and her bottom. Poppy pulled back for air, breathing heavily. She had a smirk playing on her lips. Obviously. This was Poppy we were talking about. She rolled off me and lay on the grass again. I put the hand which had previously occupied her shirt into Poppy's.

"That was gross. Keep that to the bedroom please," Kate wrinkled up her nose. This made Poppy burst out laughing.

"I think they'll be more than that in the bedroom Kate," Kiki said to all of our surprise. Then everyone started laughing harder.

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