Tommy was waiting for his moment. He was at Kimi's house because his parents were gone to a concert with Chuckie and Angelica. There had always been a connection between the two and Tommy wanted it to be something more. They had been talking about this and that on the couch. Then, Tommy made his move. He reached forward, brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her. Kimi didn't stop him. She moved toward him and put her hand on his thigh. Tommy had a raging hard-on all night and wasn't going to stop at first base. He put his hand on her leg and slowly moved it up under her skirt.

"Wait!" Kimi said, "Are you sure you want to do this Tommy?"

"I'm definitely sure but if you're not up for it I don't mind".

"Won't it be a bit weird?"

"There's always been something there Kim, it was going to happen eventually!"

"Aw hell you're right!" Kimi admitted kissing him again and undoing the button on his pants.

Kimi slipped out of her top and skirt to her bra and panties. Tommy was in his underwear with his 6-inch boner clearly visible. He reached behind her back, still kissing, and un-strapped her bra. He put one hand on her breast as she put one hand down his underwear. Kimi lay back on the couch and smiled at Tommy, he slowly pulled her panties off showing her tight hairless pussy. Just the way he liked them!

He shoved his tongue into her snatch and he loved every second. Kimi let out a groan of pleasure. Tommy pulled off his boxers and Kimi stared at the 6-inch cock. She had only every seen Chuckie's before which wasn't nearly as big. She got on her knees and took it in her mouth, trying to get it as far back as she could. She sucked and sucked before Tommy stopped her and silently lay her on her back and penetrated her for the first time.

"Oooh Tommy!" Kimi screamed out, digging her fingers into his back.

She moved her hands down to his ass and squeezed the two tight cheeks as he pleasured her. She even let her fingers into his crack which was shaved and smooth like his balls. He enjoyed it. He slowly fucked her for fifteen minutes until he erupted into her tight pussy.

"OH MY GOD TOMMY YES!" Kimi screamed as she was filled up.

Tommy pulled out and immediately shoved his cock back in Kimi's mouth. She sucked until all the cum was gone and tried to catch her breath. They did it three more times until Tommy's parents were home. To Kimi, this was way better than anything Chuckie had ever done for her.