Okay this is just a fun thing I just thought of on my own, it's a shout out for thanks to all my readers and reviewers! Hope you enjoy!

Kuki was on the tree houses red couch, cross legged, with her new lap
top. She hasn't been off of it all week, it'll be a miracle if she
ever gets off. Wally came into the room and saw kuki, she looked very
interested into her computer

"what? A picture of Taylor Lautner shirtless?" asked Wally smirking,
he thought he was right

"no, I'm reading" she said

"gross, it's the weekend. It's summer vacation, school isn't until who
knows how long?" he flailed his arms in the air sitting on the other
end of the couch

"I know, but I'm just so interested" she didn't move her eyes a
millimeter at him

"what can be so interesting about reading?" he asked

She looked up shocked "are you kidding? It's like TV in your head that
you can pause and rewind when you want!" she smiled

"what's wrong with people? Don't they have lives?" he turned on the TV
to wrestling

"ya, but these people are creative and are just talented"

"what do you mean these people?" he asked

"well... It's not just one story, it's millions! They some made me
sad, laugh, smile, and I even said awww on them! Some are also dark
and disturbing" she looked back at her story

"emo's, goth's, and losers is what your saying" he laughed

She beamed at him "no. Unique, talented, and awesome"

"whatever..." he rolled his eyes

She groaned, it was complete silence until kuki sniffled with a tear
in her eye, wally was worried "kuki what's wrong?"

"this story! It's so sad!" she said pointing to the screen

"what are you even on anyways?" asked the frustrated Wally

"fanfiction, it's KNDnumbuh007 story called sick angel. It's super
sad... It's about us" she smiled

He got up fast "what do you mean US?"

"people think we should go together, and I just died and you cried.
And hoagie just turned into some girl" She said, he was confused

"what else have you read that made you go bonkers?" he twirled his
finger next to his head to show she went nuts

"I'm not nuts Wally, just inspired! Like KNDFANGIRL's the Dance,
littlemissfg's operation Cupid, imasmurf93's mean girls, mazzi4's life
is cold, rachpop15's operation slumber, and so much more" she said
getting excited

"so do you like what we do?" he asked feeling a little red

"ya, some of it is really sweet. Come look" she patted the seat next
to her and he cam over to read some stories

2 hours later

"wow" that was all he could say, he was truly impressed he didn't
know what to say

"a lot of it is sweet what you do. Apparently I need a lot of saving"
they both chuckled at kuki's remark

"so anymore?"

"oh ya! There's also lots of YouTube videos of us, and pictures on
deviantart!" excited kuki showed him the videos and artwork,
especially Orionstorm's on deviantart

"these are so good aren't they wally?" she came really close to him

"umm-uhhh-ya" he pulled his collar feeling a little warm

Then something made him really red "these people really want us
together wally, don't you think so?" she asked scared to see his

"heh ya" he did a cheesy smile

It was awkward for them until kuki spoke up "do you hear that?"

Wally looked around "ya, somebody's narrating us!" Wally got up "stop
narrating me and come out!"

And so came out a girl with brown hair, emerald green eyes, a shirt
that said "I heart Australians", and blue Jean shorts. "may I help you?"

"are you writing down everything we say?" kuki turned toward me

"yes..." she said plainly

"well quit it! Who are you and where did you come from!" asked
frustrated Wally "I am frustrated!"

"I am KNDnumbuh007, well I'm not actually numbuh 007 but if this
existed where I live then I would be" I said with my hand on my chin

"what do you where you live?" asked kuki

"I live past the screen of many computers, iPods/itouch, DS, and more"
I said majestically

"so this doesn't exist!" said kuki

"not momentarily, us teens are trying to make TND like what you guys
are in, and kids are trying to make KND" I jumped to sit in between them

"your a weird girl..." said Wally

I looked at him and smiled "well thank you!"

I whispered to kuki "us fanfiction people take that as a compliment,
it actually means unique. But people are too stupid to know that, take
exhibit A!" yelled at the last part and pointed at Wally, kuki chuckled

"so your going to write down all of are actions and words?" asked Wally

"why yes I am. I saw kuki read my story and a few of my favorites, did

"ya, they were... Good" he mumbled

"what sorry I didn't hear you?" I said sarcastically

"then check what you wrote" said Wally

"I like your shirt" said kuki

I smiled "why thank you kuki! At least someone isn't bummed with me
here" I motioned to wally

"it's fun having you hear actually, it's funny. And I just didn't want
you shirt to go unnoticed" she went back down to her screen

"of course you would kuki" I smiled, she looked up and was red

"I am not red!"

"ya you are" said me and wally, then 2 blonde girls came in. One had
blue eyes and the other had green and sat on the arms of the chair

"hey what's with the whole commotion, I'm trying to finish a chapter"
said the green eyed one

"sorry, kuki won't admit her feelings KNDFANGIRL" I rolled my eyes,
kuki looked up "what!"

"you heard me, you know it"

"now I see, how about Wally? He say anything?" asked the blue eyed one

"not even a smidge, imasmurf93" (don't kill me if I got your eye color
!) she groaned

Then a brown hair and brown eyed girl came in "didn't you say they
read about it?"

"where are you coming from!" yelled Wally

We all pointed to the screen "the screen"

"ya! And they still won't admit it even when the stories say blankly
in their faces I love you... Can you believe that evemiliana" I used
hand gestures

"no! Don't make me get Taylor here and hurt you" said evemiliana (got
to read last story) and pointed to him

"my cousin wouldn't use a taser on her cousin" he smirked

Me and evemiliana smirked "what about parousha?" he sat up "oh god,
she wouldn't do that just because I didn't admit my feelings to kuki
would she?"

We all went "AHA!" except kuki and Wally and pointed to them

"you don't have to record that you know" said kuki

"ya, but the other reader won't know then!" said KNDFANGIRL

"I guess..." said kuki

"so that's that? Wally just admired his feelings and nothing?" asked

"it kind of ruins the moment when YOU ALL ARE HERR!" yelled wally

"he's getting mad" I said

"he's hot when he's mad" said imasmurf93

"ya I know right, if it doesn't work with kuki then will we have a
chance?" asked KNDFANGIRL

"you are so weird" he rolled his eyes

We all smiled at him "well thank you!" we said at the same time

He groaned and slapped his forehead "I forgot"

"besides, I like him" smiled kuki

"you do?" he asked

"well duh!" said evemiliana then Collin, Mel (previous story), Isa
(previous story), and Taylor (previous story) came out of no where

"wow were actually in a story" said Collin as he looked around

"hey Wally, I totally didn't see you last story!" said Taylor as she
rubbed his head

"same here!" said Isa

Mel just crossed her arms "hey Mel, still upset with me putting you
into the slammer?" asked Wally

"whatever... I managed to get out. You know me, I can get out of
jail before midnight" she smirked proud of her... Talent...

"c'mon evemiliana, evra is here with his snake on his motorcycle" said
Collin pointing to the screen

"omg, no way" she was frozen until she started smiling

"let's go, go, go!" she said Isa said to make her happier "ya, he's
incredibly hot right now" and she ran in, everyone followed. Collin
did a army salute and left, I laughed

"what was that?" asked kuki

"when me and evemiliana talk, it's like a whole new world" I said

"so where were we, oh ya... Kiss her already dude!" said KNDFANGIRL

"or... Kiss him already kuki!" said imasmurf9:

I tried pulling them together "c'mon, you know you want to" I smiled
but then retreated

"not when there's pressure!" said wally

"no, unless you mess up then your a big fat loser!" said KNDFANGIRL

"now that you put it that way..." said imasmurf93, she held her hands
up in defense

Kuki whispered something in my ear, i smiled mischievously and then I
whispered to everyone else except Wally. They had the same reaction
and we tip-toed to the other room

"finally they're gone!" said wally

"ya..." she looked away and tucked a hair behind her ear

"you know even if they are annoying, they're right. I do like you"
said Wally getting close

We popped our heads around the corner and watched "they're nice Wally,
and your right about that" they went close and kissed

We all went "awww" and evemiliana popped her head and said the same
thing, Wally got startled "I thought you all left!"

"didn't you hear the narration, wow you are-" then I was nudged
"romantic" I smiled

"ya, even when I say dogs pee on trees it will be written down" said

"where's evra?" asked imasmurf93

She went wide eyed "got to go, can't let him be by Chrona" she went back

"soooo, you guys together now?" asked KNDFANGIRL

"sure, why not" said kuki smiling, Wally smiled to and held her hand
while kissing her on her head

"we made these for you two by the way" I said, I got out our review
club back packs and shirts

"you won't review but when your in them you'll wear them! In
fact..." I snapped my fingers and we all wore our shirt with our
back packs, evemiliana popped out "I just magically got our shirts and
stuff, should I be worried"

"no, go save evra!" I said, she ran back in

We all laughed until kuki asked "how come at your snap we wore these?"

I put my hands on my hips "because I am the author of this story and
what I say goes like... Ice cream sundae's!"

"I'm adding cherries, whip cream, chocolate sauce, bananas, nuts!" said

"don't forget sprinkles" said imasmurf93

"and the cherry on top" I smiled and did the arm part of the Macarena
and bowed my head which made a cherry go on everyone's sundae, "your a
genie!" said Wally

"no, I wish though. But I will pretend for this story" I said with a
genie outfit suddenly on

Kuki said once she swallowed her ice cream "what's it like where you

"well, it's not a cartoon there. Everything is 3D" said imasmruf93

"and lasers will killer you, unlike you and Wally in operation love.
You guys just looked crispy" said imasmurf93

"and the evil adults should actually be put in jail instead of do
something illegal and cops do nothing" said KNDFANGIRL

"interesting..." said Wally

Then Abby came in with hoagie "hey guys! Who are these people?" asked

"and why was Abby just narrated about peeing and what's with the
shirts?" asked Abby pointing to them

"well you tel get one for being part of the club" I said and snapped
my fingers which made them wear them

"what about the pee thing that is freaky" said wally

"I don't narrate pee stuff and I don't narrate hoagie and Abby alone
depending on the story though" I said

"good, I was think you weren't weird after all" said Wally

I shrugged my shoulders "will somebody tell me who these people are?"
asked hoagie

Then Collin, Taylor, Mel, Isa, evemiliana, and evra just came in "see
his snake guys!" said interested evemiliana "oh, heh Abby and hoagie"
she waved

They were confused and waved back slowly, I groaned and said "this is
going to take awhile..."

Thanks for reading! Sadly, that is the end… oh well!