Bella's parents recently gotten divorced. The night of the divorce her father goes crazy and blames her for everything. Her mother, is a recent drug addicted, and is never home with her, so she moves out. Beaten and bruised she moves to a new school, to where her father lives. That's when the trouble starts. She meets Forks high schools player, Edward Cullen. His step sister Alice, hates him, for being who he is. She befriends Bella, and Bella finds out why Edward is the way he is. Edward rejects Bella for being who she is, until he finds out what's really happening. Bella&Edward. AU. All Human. Very OOC.

Chapter 1

Renee hadn't given me time. Time too think that is. She pushed me on the plane, like it was some big opportunity. Not even close. She was practically forcing me to live with my father, as if he'd gotten custody. My mother, and her new boyfriend, were drug addicts. That's all they did in a time being. I assumed she pushed me away, so she wouldn't have to spend money on me, but could spend it on getting high. My father moved to the small town of Forks Washington, to get away, as he said it. I felt neglected, alone, and shitty. I was here now, and my life was even worse. He blamed me for the loss, the pain, and regret. He also showed me how it felt.

"I'll miss you mom." I said trying to sound heartfelt. She gave me a look, but frowned anyway, "Oh, baby I'll miss you too. Now, go," She said pushing me toward the gate. I bit my lip, trying to not cry at how much I felt like dirt. My mother was pushing me away, and she didn't want me.

I shakily gave the attendant my ticket, and ran onto the plane, regretting it soon after. I walked down the isle and tried to stay hidden. I felt like I've committed a murder. I sat in my seat, next to the window, and prayed it would be better than life in Phoenix. I knew I was pushing my luck, but at least it was something. I got off the plane, and pulled my bag with me outside. It was much colder in Forks. The cold wind bit at my cheeks, and I shivered. I spun, and yanked the dark green sweatshirt off my luggage, and shoved it over my head.

I pulled the hood up, and crossed my arms. It was only mid November. Why was it so cold? Oh yeah, it's Washington. Fuck.

A small red car pulled up before me and the door opened. I prepared for the worst.

A boy, about seventeen, smiled at me. His dark hair sparkled in the rain as he stepped out of the car. He was huge. Maybe six feet.

"Hi, I'm Jacob," He said taking my shaky cold hand. "Bella," I said and he smiled. "Charlie sent us," He said as he grabbed my suitcase, and popped it in the trunk. "Us?" I asked shakily stepping into the car. "Well, me." He laughed, shutting my door, and walking around the front of the car. He stepped in, and started the car.

"So, how old are you Bella?" Jacob asked, as I pulled my hood from my wet hair. I fanned it out with my fingers, and combed it down.

"Seventeen." I said, and he smirked. "How old are you Jacob?" I asked, kind of caring for the answer. If I was alone in this town, I could have Jacob as a friend.

"Just turned sixteen." He smiled a bright smile. I nodded. Sixteen wasn't so bad. Shut up Bella! Why would he want you, even as a friend. Forget it.

Jacob told me all about La Push, and Forks. About the schools, and the kids their. His friends, Quil and Embry, and what they were like. I barley got a word in, but it didn't matter; I wasn't into talking too much.

We pulled up a dirt driveway to a two story white house. The cop car in the driveway, reminded me where I was. Charlie of course, had taken to a job, that would involve shooting. Pleasant. Jacob began too open his door, when I stopped him, grabbing his arm.

"Jacob, uhm…" I said nervously, putting a lock of brown hair behind my ear, "If…I were ever too need a friend, could I come over?" I asked with hopeful eyes. Never hurts to be safe, especially to what happened the night of the divorce. I "Tripped" down the stairs and somehow, got bruises on my abdomen, and face. His smile brightened, and he nodded, "Whatever, whenever. I'll be there." He promised and I nodded, opening my door, and preparing for the day that awaited me.

Jacob opened the door, too a rather chilly house. I crossed my arms again, and Jacob somehow, wasn't affected.

"Were back!" Jacob called into the living room. My eyes began to wander around the small house, and saw it looked like a single man only lived here, which by the obvious, was true.

"Bella," Charlie greeted looking happy. His open arms some how frightened me as he pulled me into a hug. I did my best to look happy.

"Thank you Jacob, for picking her up, but I had a late day at the office." He shrugged, and chuckled. "No problem chief swan, I'll see you later Bella." He said and gave me a warm hug. Don't leave. I wanted to say, but couldn't find my voice.

Jacob walked swiftly out the door, and Charlie sighed. I looked at him, and felt a sting to my cheek that sent me to the ground. "Why are you here? You only remind me of her! This is all your fault!" He yelled loudly, and ran out the door. I heard the cruiser back out of the dirt driveway, and speed down the road.

I laid there, gasping in shock. What on earth is happening here? I got up carefully, careful not to fall over my own feet, and laid a hand on my stinging cheek. "Ah!" I hissed, at the burning sensation. I took my bag, swiftly up the stairs, and into the small dark purple painted room. There was a bed, that was made, and a desk, along with a dresser, and empty closet.

I began to put my clothes away, and felt silent tears run down my face. This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. He used too do this to my mother. Almost to the point of death.

After I finished unpacking, I found letters for my new school. Mainly, my schedule, and a map. The school was so small, why would I need a map?

I sighed, and went to take a shower. Walking into the bathroom, and past the mirror for the first time, I saw a red hand print on my face. "Shit," I said inspecting it further. I decided to brush it off for now, and do with it later. I jumped into the shower, and let the burning hot water relax my muscles. My thoughts wandered to Jacob. Did he know Charlie was like this….did anyone besides me?

Did my mom? Is that why she sent me here? The water begun to run cold and I switched it off, wrapping a towel around me. I stepped up to the mirror, and the hand print was slightly visible. Hopefully it would be gone by tomorrow…

I changed into my pajama's, and practically ran into my bedroom. I peeked out the window, and saw the car was still gone. I opened the window, just in case, and walked to my door. I fiddled with the doorknob, trying to see if it locked. I pushed it in and turned it, and it clicked. My face lit up, and I shut off my light. Walking to my bed, I realized if Charlie would be so mad as if to break down the door, or take it off whilst I was at school. I gulped and ran to unlock it.

Twisted and turning it I ran back to my bed, and curled up under the quilt. I let my violent cry's shake me too sleep, as the thunder struck once again.

The next morning, my alarm went off at it's precise time. 6:00. I carefully got out of bed; making sure I didn't wake Charlie, if he was still asleep. I walked too my closet, and pulled out my favorite dark jeans, with a long sleeve green shirt. I kept my hair down, and curly. Wasn't going to get any better…The hand print was gone, thank god.

I sighed and walked downstairs. Charlie was still asleep, so I grabbed my bag, and ran out the door. I hopped into my car, that my dad bought for me, before this whole mess happened. Taking deep breaths, I started the car, and drove toward the small school. I checked out the map, and my schedule as I was driving. Didn't seem too hard. Easy even.

I pulled up to the school, and I was one of the first their. Great, no need to attract attention. I was happy too see their were other cars like mine. Old, used. Except a new silver Volvo sat in a lot a few down from mine. Rich kids.

I walked threw the double door, and saw it was a very small hallway. No need to go to the office, so I just went right to my locker. I stopped and threw my stuff in, than thought for a minute. One more year Bella, and your free.

I slammed my locker, and walked to my first class. English. Walking in the room, I wasn't the only one there, but it was the board that interested me. Romeo and Juliet. My favorite book.

I sat down, in the back, like normal, and waited. The room filtered with students, laughing, and talking. I ignored them, and read my book Withering heights. "Hi!" I heard a wind chime like voice. I looked up to see a small girl with crow black hair, and a pixie haircut. Her blue eyes piercing. "Uhm…Hi," I said setting my book down. "I'm Alice, you must be Bella." She smiled. I guess news travels fast. I nodded, and she smiled. "Were going to be great friends." She acknowledged. Well, at least it's nice to have one friend.

"This is Jasper," She said gesturing too a tall boy, that was built, but not over muscular. His honey blonde hair was wavy, and his brown eyes warm. "Hi," I said and he nodded to me. "Nice to meet you," He said with a slight southern accent.

Class went by, and the teacher didn't make me introduce myself. My other classes were fairly okay. It was by lunch that I was frightened. Alice had asked me too sit with her, and Jasper. She said she had another friend, Rosalie, and Emmett. I agreed.

Alice pulled me too a table, and I sat down, looking around when my eyes stopped on a boy. The most gorgeous boy I've ever seen in my life. His tousled bronze hair shinned in the sun threw the window.

"See your staring at Edward," Jasper smiled sitting next to Alice. My neck snapped, back to a smirking Jasper. "I, uhm…wasn't staring." I mumbled, and blushed, looking down at my food.

"Bella's staring at your brother," A very muscular boy said sitting down. "Brother?" I said out loud, and Alice rolled her eyes. "Edward," She started, looking at him. I followed her gaze too see a very skanky looking girl with strawberry blonde hair, sitting on his lap. He looked annoyed. "Is my stepbrother…" She smiled, like there was something behind it. She had black hair, he had bronze. Her eyes blue, his a dark emerald green, of course they weren't related.

"I try to avoid him. He's…ugh." She said making a face. I stared at the Greek Adonis. He was perfect, in everyway. The girl on his lap, turned, and smashed her lips onto his. I looked down. Why do I even try? There's no way on earth he'd like me. Me, plain o'l Bella. Broken and bruised.

"Hey, Bella, wanna come over today?" Alice asked me, with a hopeful smile as we headed to biology. My thoughts raced to Charlie. Would he notice? Would he get angry at me? "Oh, uhm…su-sure." I stuttered, but smiled. What did I just say? "Oh! You should stay the night! We could do each others nails, and hair and-" Alice's tiny voice cut out by us walking into the room.

The Greek god, sat at an open desk. He looked up, and smiled at me. I grinned, and I felt breathless. I felt Alice pull my arm toward him. Shit. "Hey Edward." Alice said to her brother, and he smiled at me, "Who's your friend Alice?" His voice like velvet. His green eyes pierced into my dull brown ones. "Bella, but…don't get any Idea's Edward." She said and pulled me too the back.

"Bella," She accused as we sat down. "What?" I played innocent. "I know what your doing. You like my brother," She smiled. "I do, okay." I said scratching a pencil on my notebook. "Bella," She said softly, and I looked to her. Her eyes heartfelt. "I don't want you too get hurt. Edward…he's kind of a player," She said looking at him, as Emmett sat next to him, and punched his arm playfully.

"He get's what he wants, and I don't want that to be you." A player? Of course. "It won't be Alice." I smiled as the teacher started class.

After school, I told Alice I'd meet her at her house, to which she gave me directions too. I quickly ran too my house, too get clothes, and other stuff. I pulled up to the house, and the cruiser was there. "Shit." I mumbled and grabbed my bag, and walked into the house. It was rather silent, until I walked further into the house. Charlie was asleep in the living room, in the chair. TV blaring, and him snoring. I sighed, relived, and walked upstairs.

I tried to ignore the fact, that I'd be in the same house as Edward. I threw clothes into a bag, and my favorite pajama's. My toothbrush, deodorant, and face wash. I tip toed down the stairs, and out the door.

Walking to my car, I heard a crash in the living room. I dove into my car, and drove off quickly. My heart was thudding in my chest, and my vision blurred. My hand wandered up, and my face was wet with tears. I whipped them away, and made my way to Alice's. Better than being at home.

The directions were simple, and I pulled up to a giant mansion that was unbelievably gorgeous. I think I felt my jaw drop.

Alice ran out of the house, and her arms flew around me. "Bella! Oh, were going to have so much fun!" She shrieked and I grabbed my bag, and she pulled me inside.

The house was so light, open, and beautiful. It was also huge! "Mom!" Alice shrieked, and a woman walked out of the kitchen, smiling. Her face was motherly, and her Carmel hair went down her shoulders in waves. "Hi, you must be Bella." She took my hand, "Yes, I am. Your, home is beautiful." I commented and she smiled, "Why thank you dear." "Mom, were going upstairs, Edward isn't home is he?" Alice asked pulling me up the huge stair case, "He's in his room." She said and walked into what I assumed was the kitchen. "Dammit." Alice mumbled.

We walked down a long hallway, and Edward came out of a room. "Bella," He smiled and Alice rolled her eyes pulling me into an overly pink room, with a mirror covering one wall.

"Woah…" I said looking around she laughed and jumped on a overly sized canopy bed. I heard a knock at the open door, and spun. Edward was leaning against the door in all his glory. My heart sped up.

"Alice, Jasper's on the phone, and I was just wondering,-" He said, but Alice was already out the door. "So Bella," He said walking closer, "Want a tour?" He smiled crookedly, and it took my breath away.

I just nodded eagerly, and he took my hand. I thought there was a small sense of static shock, but I thought was just playing fairy tale.

He led me threw the hallway, showing me the different rooms, until we came to a small room, with windows for walls. "My room," He said and I walked in, inspecting further. He had so much music, it was unbelievable.

I smiled, and turned around. Suddenly he was right next to me, and his hands were on either side of my face. My breathing picked up, and my heart stopped. "I feel right with you Bella." He whispered, stroking my hair. We just met, and he feels right with me? Was he trying to get lucky? "I don't want you too think, what you see at school. I'm not like that." He said letting go of my face, and turning around. I breathed in a sigh, and he turned back too me. "What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"I'm not what people say. And I don't want to be," He stepped closer too me. "Than don't." I whispered, as he got closer.

"Eddie!" I heard a bubbly shrill scream. He sighed, and walked out the door. I was so confused. What was going on? I walked out of his room, soon after, too see him walking toward it, with the girl I saw at lunch. He didn't look at me, so I just ran toward Alice's room.

She was in there, making out with Jasper. "Oh. Uhm…hey, I gotta go, my dad want's me home." I lied quickly and she pouted but said she'd see me the next day. I jumped in my car, and drove home. What did he mean? Was he lying? Being truthful? Was he just trying to kiss me?

I shook off the thoughts as I pulled up into the driveway, and threw the door.

Charlie came out of the kitchen with a look of rage on his face. "Where were you!" He demanded, and I stuttered. I felt a sharp pain shoot up my arm. I screamed in pain, and he slapped me. "Shut up!" He said and kicked me. He walked away after a minute into his room. I laid there on the cold ground, shaking. I dared too look at my arm. Blood slid down the side of my arm. The cut looked deep. Did he stab me?

I stood shakily, and pain shot threw my arm again. I hissed in pain, and climbed my way up the stairs. I ran into the bathroom, and turned on the faucet. There was a red hand mark on my cheek, and my arm bloody.

I ran the water over the gash, and bandaged it up carefully. I decided to lock my door, and climb into my bed.

My tears dried as I entered a dreamless sleep, and awoke to an even more nightmarish morning.

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