It's ending! Sad, I know. Enjoy.

"Daddy! Your cheating!" My daughter giggled. "I am not! Bella," Edward complained. "Hey, I'm not getting into this! Pay your daughter!"

Edward groaned and gave our six year old the play money. "Thank you." She said mockingly, giggling. Edward picked her up in his arms and kissed her furiously on her cheeks. She giggled and smiled.

Edward kissed me, and I felt my head spin. He still did this too me, and we've been together for years.

"I love you Edward."

"I love you Bella."

Charlie was caught, and sent to jail for life. I cried at court, only because I had to explain and remember every event that happened.

So, being said, moving to Forks was the best decision I've made, all my life. I found Edward, my light, my angel, my hope. He was the best thing that had ever happened too me. Our daughter, Faith, was the statement of the century. She was gorgeous, looking just like her father with her bronze hair, and piercing green eyes.

Our lives had gone smoothly, and decided to never tell Faith what happened. We told her how we met; I moved to Forks, and met Edward in high school, which was really the sumption of what happened.

I did not tell her about Charlie, nor did I tell him about her. I'd never speak to him again, and frankly, I was okay with that.

I was here, with Edward, and that's were I always want to be. Always and forever. Because, When I look at him, I see the love of my life. 3