Author's Note: Hi! This is my first crossover, yay for me! Haha, ok, time for the serious stuff. This fic takes place in the middle of season 7 for NCIS and for CM is set after "The Fight" (5x18). Pairings: Established Hotch/Emily, eventually Tiva.

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Interest of Two

Chapter 1

Dark and warm. What a beautiful night to do this, a man in the shadows thought as he watched the woman coming out of the supermarket. She always went shopping on Sunday.

Her routine never changed. Five days a week she drove her two male sons to school, then she returned to her house and waited until it was time to get them; sometimes she would run some diligences or visit a friend. Then Saturday would come and sometimes she'd put on an elegant dress to go to a function with her husband and the children stayed at home. And, finally, Sunday. That was a family day, they'd wake up late, eat meal together and then they would go to the mall or hang out at the park. Later, at night, the woman would get in her car and drive to the supermarket, where he could follow her closely.

He watched her as she put the bags she was carrying in the trunk of her car and closed it. It's time, he thought. He came out of his black car and walked over the clueless female who was rummaging in her purse for the keys.

He quietly stood behind her for a second and inhaled her scent. Lavender and strawberries. It was a pity that, soon, it'd be replaced by the scent of salt and oxide. But it would be worth it.

"Need help finding your keys, ma'am?"


"So, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. Have you written any more novels of the adventures of LJ Tibbs and his team?" Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo asked his partner.

"No, Tony, I haven't" McGee declared. He knew that whatever he said his colleague would tease him anyway.

"Oh, ho ho! You're having a writer's block! Again!" he laughed, getting up and walking over his friend.

"Tony, leave him alone. Maybe he does not want to write right now" Ziva David defended McGee. The senior field agent could sometimes be as annoying as a non-stop vuvuzela.

McGee smiled at Ziva in gratitude and turned back to his computer. Tony leaned over his shoulder to see what he was doing.

"The Deline case? That was a…month ago, right?" he asked to Ziva who moved closer to McGee's desk.

"Yes. The wife of Major General Patrick Deline was found dead in a dumpster, if I recall" she answered, "Why are you working on that case, McGee?"

The young agent looked at them and explained "We closed it and we didn't find the killer. Don't you find it weird? I mean, we never close a case until we solve it"

The other two nodded in agreement and Tony said "You're right. Gibbs never, ever, does that. Remember when we solved the case of the woman in the trunk of a car but a pedophile was on the loose? Gibbs didn't stop until the guy was caught*. Do you think he's still on this one?"

Tim shook his head "I don't know. But…I found three cases identical to ours with a month between each of them. They were all investigated by NCIS but no one made the connection"

"What connection, McGee?" Gibbs' voice inquired as he climbed down the stairs.

"Uhh, remember the ca-?"

Gibbs interrupted him "I know which case. Just tell me what you think about it and the other cases"

"Well, all the four women were found in dumpsters near their houses, married to men related to the Navy, all brunettes, all reported missing, and they raped and killed with the same MO, so I believe we have a…"

"Serial killer" Ziva finished.

"Yeah" Gibbs said "And another woman was reported missing, yesterday"

FBI Building, BAU

The leader of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, Aaron Hotchner, was writing on some reports when Section Chief Strauss entered his office.

"Agent Hotchner" she greeted.

"Ma'am. May I help you with something?" he asked, putting his pen down.

She sat on one of the chairs in front of his desk "Yes. The Director just came to my office and ordered me to tell you that he needs this case solved as soon as possible" she handed him a folder.

Hotch opened it and read the file. "Judith Holt. Missing since yesterday late night. Matches with four NCIS cases, all unsolved. Her husband is Admiral Nicholas Holt, Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Coast Guard?" he said with surprise.

Strauss nodded "Yes. And as you can see, the other four women were also married to important Navy and Marines officers"

"Why is my team being called? Shouldn't this be investigated by NCIS?"

"You and your team will help NCIS catch this killer. Directors of several agencies agreed it would be better if the BAU and NCIS worked together. Some are considering the possibility that it may be an indirect terrorist attack since he killed the wives and not the officers but they want to make sure it's not"

Hotch stood up from his chair with files in hand "Okay, then just let me inform the team and we'll head out in... ten minutes" he said, glancing at his watch.

Strauss nodded and left. Aaron picked up his ready bag and walked over the rail of the stairs "Guys" he called.

The heads of the team members turned to look at him. "What's up man?" Morgan asked.

"We have a case, we leave in ten. I'll tell you about it on our way to DC"

"Why did they send you the files?" JJ asked. Her job was to choose the cases that seemed more important at the time and brief the team.

"The Director came to Strauss and she came to me. He wants it solved as soon as possible" Hotch explained. Garcia gasped, damn this must be bad, she thought.

"Could you give us a hint of what we're investigating?" Dave asked, curious. If the Director ordered it then it had to be serious.

Hotchner sighed and looked down at his watch again "Okay. We're working with NCIS. Someone's killing women married to Navy officers on high ranks; they're all brunettes" his eyes focused on Emily for a moment "The unsub abducted another woman yesterday and she's the wife of Admiral Nicholas Holt"

"Wait" Reid said, recognizing the name "That's the Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Coast Guard"

Hotch nodded "Yes. We need to hurry; he disposes of his victims two days after he takes them". With that, the whole team grabbed their go-bags and helped Garcia with her equipment, and quickly followed the unit chief into the elevator. They had no time to waste.

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*: NCIS, Season 3 episode 13 "Deception".