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Chapter 6

"Not a word, Tony" Ziva told the agent next to her.

"Oh, c'mon" he replied, wrapping his arm around her shoulders; they were in the elevator so nobody would notice his action. "Do you actually believe I'm gonna go telling everybody about our night activities?"

"It has only been one activity" she said and shrugged his arm off.

Tony gave her one of his trade mark smirks and leaned forward to whisper in her ear "Really? And here I was thinking we did it twice. Hmm, maybe it was a very long one"

Ziva rolled her eyes and pushed him away playfully just as the doors opened and it was time to act professionally; after all, they still had a killer to catch.

With a slow pace they walked towards their desks, only to find them occupied by Dr. Reid and McGee. Considering the bags that were beginning to form under their eyes, they had been there since early morning.

"Dr. Reid, you look like you haven't slept and I believe your team left the same time we did" Ziva said to the young man sitting at her desk.

"We did, Agent David, but Garcia and Abby called not two hours later and told us they had something" the mentioned doctor answered.

Ziva went to sit on Gibbs' chair and was about to ask what they had found when Tony spoke.

"Oh McGoo, you do realize you have your own desk, don't you?"

Tim rolled his eyes "Yes, Tony, I do. I nee-"

"Great! Just checking!" DiNozzo interrupted and walked over his partner's desk "So, what could Elf Lord be doing on my computer that he can't do on his? Oh wait, McPerv, don't tell you're watching what I think you're watching in the middle of the bullpen with FBI agents around!"

"Tony" McGee tried to warn him and glanced at Ziva, who had a tiny smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"No, no, Timmy! We have a case! An important one! You should be working!"

"Why don't you follow your own advice then, Agent DiNozzo?" a voice, that could only belong to Hotchner, said.

McGee attempted to hide his grin as his fellow turned to face not only Hotchner but Gibbs too. He wondered how he always managed to get caught saying or doing something he shouldn't be.

Tony met the famous glare of the BAU leader and quickly tore his eyes away, a nervous smile appearing on his face.

"Yeah, I was- just- about to do that. Good morning" he managed to say and sat down at McGee's desk, not wanting to give Hotchner a reason to distrust him, especially after receiving those scary glares when he had been flirting with Agent Prentiss.

The man gave him a sharp nod and went to talk to Dr. Reid.

"Gibbs" Ziva called, her eyes going through some files that had been sitting on top of her boss' desk. "What did Abby and Garcia find?"

"It's not what they found but what they got" was the silver haired man's response and before he could continue, his senior field agent spoke.

"What do you mean, boss?"

"I was getting there, DiNozzo… The girls stayed later than all of us and just before they left, and envelope was delivered to Abby"

"It contained a message and a CD, a video" McGee completed, his fingers pressing keys rapidly.

"The video. It's about Judith Holt, isn't it?" Ziva asked.

"That's what we think" Rossi's voice answered as he came strolling down the hall with Morgan. "We can't see the woman's face clearly. The ladies are working on it as we speak"

"What does the message say?" the Israeli asked.

Gibbs looked at McGee and nodded.

"Yes, boss" he replied and made a picture of the letter they'd received appear on the screen.

"Glad to see I caught the attention of two agencies.

Maybe with the extra help you'll manage to find me.

Has the FBI found more evidence than you, NCIS? Are they more capable than you?

I left four lovely women for you, but, apparently, you never made the connection.

So the profilers had to intervene. Maybe the big men thought they were more competent than you.

Oh well, good luck ladies and gentlemen." Tony read out loud.

"He knows you are here" McGee told the profilers.

Tony snorted "Thanks for stating the obvious"

"Actually" they heard someone say "What I believe agent McGee was trying to say is, how did he find out?"

The group turned just in time to see JJ and Prentiss put several cups of coffee down and take off their coats.

"I've kept the media at bay; they know something's going on but not exactly what" JJ added as she distributed the beverages among the agents.

"Could he be watching us?" Ziva inquired, looking outside the window.

"Possibly" Gibbs answered.

"I don't think so" Reid said, his eyes focused on an inexistent point between the screen and the floor.

"Why? We can't disregard that possibility" Tony said.

"That possibility is highly improbable"


"Because of the timing" Hotch answered, crossing his arms while glancing at the message on the plasma, "We arrived around noon, half an hour later we all separated, and didn't return until late night. He spends the entire two days with the victims; otherwise he'd dispose of them three, or even four, days after the abduction. He has no time to come and see who's investigating his murders, least time to do his research and find out which agencies we belong to."

"And he wouldn't care either" Emily said.

Noticing the confused looks the NCIS team was giving them, Morgan stepped forward, "He's a sexual sadist. The state the bodies are found and the way we saw him, in the video, torture them, prove it. Like Hotch said, he doesn't need to come here or follow us. He wants to spend every minute with his victim"

"But if he doesn't leave her side, or wherever they're at… how did he manage to send us the letter and video?" McGee asked.

""He didn't" Rossi replied, his eyes narrowing as he realized what everything they had discussed meant, " he has a-"

"Partner" Gibbs finished for him.

He swiftly walked towards the van across the street, in front of the car. His eyes calmly glanced around the area every ten steps, searching for any police men doing their rounds.

He spotted a few coming out of a coffee shop down the street. None of them had cups in their hands but one seemed to be chewing the last bite of his food. Early lunch break, apparently. They didn't look like a threat.

Finally, he reached the white vehicle. Tapping thrice on the window, he waited until he heard the locks being opened and got in.

"You ready?" the man at the wheel asked him.

"When am I not, brother?" he responded with a smirk.

The other chuckled "True. What did you find?"

"Names and looks" he said "The members of the NCIS team are: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Timothy McGee, and they have a forensic analyst called Abigail Sciuto. There's also Doctor Donald Mallard, autopsy. They're really close. Their director is Leon Vance.

Now, the BAU: Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Doctor Spencer Reid, media liaison Jennifer Jareau, and technical analyst Penelope Garcia. They, too, are very close. Like a family"

"I believe Gibbs and Hotchner are the team leaders. Am I right?"


"Did they receive our little gift?"

"Of course"

He smiled and started the engine "You said you found 'looks'. Care to share?"

"Gladly. Each team has a brunette, both very pretty. Ziva David and Emily Prentiss."

The other man grinned "Do you think one of them will come?"

"Oh, I'm sure" he replied and looked at the unconscious woman on the back of the van "After all, we are giving them more evidence"