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Chapter 1

Lily Evans was sitting in a meadow, dreaming. She was an 18-year-old woman with emerald eyes and red hair. She was also a witch; however she and her family only knew this fact. It was rare for a commoner to have wizard powers, which were generally reserved for the nobility and royalty, so she hadn't been able to learn how to control her powers. She had to teach herself, and because she didn't have a wand; she had developed her ability to do wandless magic. But without somebody to help her, it was impossible to become really powerful. She was able to control her powers and do some very easy spells, but that was all. One of her dreams was to find a professor who would teach her magic.

She was in fact very powerful, but without proper training she couldn't develop her skills, and Lily's parents hadn't seen the necessity to give Lily a teacher. Magic scared them a bit and they didn't want someone to find that their daughter had wizard powers. They were famous horse-breeders: their horses were sought after everywhere in the kingdom of King Regis and Queen Dorilys. Lily was able to ride all kinds of horses from the quietest to the wildest. When she was alone, she rode like a man, but in public, she was forced to behave like a refined woman and ride side-saddle.


Lily came brutally back to reality.

"Yes mother?" she sighed.

"Come here immediately!" said an excited voice.

Lily was a bit surprised in general. Usually when she heard her full name, it meant trouble; but her mother seemed more excited than angry. She hurried herself to the house, not wanting to make her mother mad by making her wait.

A soon as she entered the hall, her mother hugged her and started to dance with her, laughing.

"Can you believe it Lily? It's extraordinary!"

She is becoming hysterical, thought Lily.

"What has happened?" asked Lily, curious to know what had made her mother become crazy.

"Come, your father will explain everything." Gladys Evans answered secretively.

She followed her mother in the kitchen. Her father was sitting at the table with an idiotic grin on his face.

"For God's sake!" burst Lily, dying of curiosity, "What happened?"

"You won't believe it, Lily" started Kethran Evans.

"Pity, say it!"

"You know that Prince James will turn nineteen in two months?" continued her father.


How could she not know that? It was everybody's subject of conversation. A huge feast would be organized, and the festivities would last for a week.

"His parents have decided to give him a horse. And apparently they have heard that ours were the best, so they had asked us to sell them some!"

Lily jumped and yelled with joy

"It's fantastic!"

When she calmed down, her father continued.

"I would like you to look through all your horses and choose the most beautiful stallions. I ask you to do this because I know that you know the horses as well as I, if not better. The prince will come in a week with the royal stable-man, since the king wants some horses to add to his stables and some friends who are interested in a horse too"

"Thanks dad! I have a few ideas: hmm. I presume they are good riders. Maybe Storm, Devil, Joker, Flame, and Tempest; they are ones of the most perfect, but sadly also the most wildest; Moon, Willow, Feather, and Cloud are quieter."

"They are good choices, but Angel would be great too," stated her father.

"Maybe, but she is the wildest of all the horses, and I don't know if they'll be able to ride her without being hurt, I don't want the heir of the throne to be nearly killed or seriously injured by my little fury. For now I'm the only one who can ride her, even you can't do it, Dad!"

"You're right, it's sad because she is a beauty, but she and you make a great couple."

"Thanks dad"

"Go choose the ones you'll present to the prince and train them hard, alright?"

"Understood. Dad, have you heard of Petunia lately?" asked Lily.

'No; since she has married that man and moved into the castle, she hasn't written us once."

Petunia was Lily's older sister. She didn't like the life of her parents and despised them because they weren't noble. She had married the son of a noble, (not a member of the court, of course), and they lived in the castle Erkansvald. Petunia hated Lily who didn't know why at all. In fact, Petunia was jealous: her father preferred his younger daughter because she had inherited his skills with animals. Lily was also kinder and prettier than Petunia and had better manners, even with her temper. Petunia was always compared to her sibling, and she hated Lily for that. In her mind, she should have been the center of her parent's attention. In her eyes, Lily was a barbarian: she preferred wearing trousers rather than dresses, didn't use make- up, and spend her days in the forest or training horses, (which were horrible creatures in Petunia's mind), instead of going out with nobles and trying to meet the high society.

During the weeks that followed this discussion, Lily spent her days outside training the horses she had chosen: five stallions and four mares. Storm was pure white- he was one the fastest horses; Devil was as black as night and was named Devil because of his temper; Joker was all the colors possible for a horse, but the mix was great. He loved playing tricks on his rider and if Lily hadn't known it was impossible, she would have sworn that he laughed each time he succeeded in making his rider bite the dust. Moon was a cream stallion, calm and obedient, with a heart of gold. Cloud was gray and was as calm as Moon, and seemed not to touch the earth when he moved.

The four mares were pure jewels. Flame was a chestnut and her color matched her temper: she was explosive. Tempest was the twin of Storm and looked a lot like him. Feather and Willow could be ridden by less experienced people. Willow was light brown and Feather dark brown. Even though she loved all of these, Lily's favorite was Angel. Angel was a white mare like Tempest and had a golden star on her forelock; but her name was the complete opposite of her nature; she was by far the wildest horse owned by the Evans. Only Lily could ride her, for Angel did not accept any other rider.

One morning, Lily awoke and realized that today was the day when the prince would came to see the horses.


"Yes dad?"

"Are you ready?" Her father was anxious, it wasn't everyday that the prince came to your house.

"All the horses are in perfect condition, and I will take care of them before their arrival."

"Thanks Lil. You will present them?"

"Of course, I have prepared a circuit for demonstrations."

"You're the best daughter anyone could ever have!"

"I love you dad," Lily hugged her father

"Love you too Lil."

After taking care of the horses, Lily went to change herself. She wore a pair of black trousers and a white tunic with green embroideries.

An hour after the lunch, the prince James, the royal stable-man, two men and a woman came to the Evans dominion.

Prince James was a handsome young man with soft, brown eyes, and messy black hair. He was tall and athletic due to his practice of sports like fencing, riding, and Quidditch. Every single noblewoman was at his feet. With him were two men: One was as tall and athletic as he, but had blue eyes that twinkled with mischief. His hair was black too, but was combed. He was very handsome as well, but in another way. The second had dark blond hair with gray eyes. He seemed quieter than Prince James and his friend, but intelligent and sensitive. The woman had black hair and hazel eyes, and was shouting to the man with black hair who was laughing. She wore a light blue dress and ride side-saddle.

"Sirius! I'm going to kill you as soon as we get back!"

"Bella, my dear, don't forget your manners, tut tut." Answered the black-haired man.

"Sirius stop taunting her! It's not her fault if she is obliged to wear a dress." Interrupted the blonde one.

"Listen to Remus, Sirius! Stop taunting me"

"Yes, mother!"

"Can I remind you of something", said the prince amused by his friend behavior.

"What?" asked the three others

"We are supposed to represent the royalty"

"And?" said a grinning Sirius

"I think he's trying to said us to shut up and act like our status wants us to act" answered Remus, a slight smile playing on his lips.

"Thank you all mighty James, heir of the throne and embodiment of all the virtues" declared Sirius.

"I really wonder what you parents were thinking when they named you Sirius." Stated Bella.

She stopped complaining when they arrived at the Evans dominion.

"Do you think their horses are as good as they are said to be?" asked Sirius.

"Yes", answered the prince, "The Evans horses are the best horses of the kingdom".

As he said it, a tall man with green eyes came and bowed.

"Welcome Your Majesty, it is a great honor"

"It's a pleasure to meet the owner of the most reputed horses." Said James politely.

"My daughter will present to you our most beautiful horses. Rohal here will take care of your mounts. Would you follow me?"

They gave their mounts to a boy who was waiting and followed Master Evans. They stopped near a huge meadow where they saw a circuit had been made. Five stallions and four mares were waiting with a redhead. James, Sirius, Remus, Bella and Master Hagrid gasped as they saw the horses; they were the most splendid animals they had ever seen.

The redhead in trousers approached them and the horses followed her.

"May I present you Lilyaris Evans my daughter," said Master Evans.

"Lily Evans" corrected the young women "It's an honor to meet you, your Majesty," she curtsied.

"This is Sir Sirius, Sir Remus, Lady Arabella,"

"Bella, James, my name is Bella! You have forgotten." cut the brunette.

"And Master Hagrid."

"I will let you with my daughter, she is as competent as I if not more," announced Master Evans before leaving.

Lily looked shyly to the people in front of her, before mentally slapping herself You're more competent than them Lily, don't be shy!

"First I would like to present you these horses and then show you the abilities of the ones you want to see, if it suits you, naturally." She came nearer to the horses and gave the name and all the information and details she had on them.

James was attracted by Devil and Storm, Sirius preferred Joker, Remus had an eye on Moon, and Arabella on Flame and Tempest. Hagrid seemed very interested in all of them.

"I will make some demonstrations for you to help you choose." declared Lily seeing that they were unable to make a choice.

The horses were perfect; Lily knew it. She had even trained them to answer to certain verbal orders such as 'Stop', 'Right', 'Left', 'Still', and so forth.

After the demonstrations, she approached them to find which ones they preferred.

"My lady, I think I will take Joker," said Sirius.

"Moon will suit me well," announced Remus.

"Good choices," said Lily, then she turned to the prince.

"I can't decide between Storm and Devil. Which will you advice me?"

She thought for a while

"These are some of our best, but I will advice you to take Devil. If you are experienced enough, he will suit you better than Storm."


"Storm is splendid and the fastest but he isn't as enduring as Devil. He is better for short race. Devil is also a bit stronger."

"I will take Devil then"

"Lady Bella?"

"I'm like James, I can't choose. Flame and Tempest seem to be perfect!"

"They are; but I advise you to choose Flame. Storm and Tempest are twins and I don't think they will be happy if they are separated."

"You are right. But I thought twins don't survive."

"It is true, but I was present at the birth and we have managed to save them. You see the result."


"Master Hagrid?"

"I cannot choose. I think I will take all."

"Good. Do you want to ride them for a walk?"

They glanced at each other, and then nodded. Hagrid decided to stay and discuss the price with Lily's father

"I'll ask my father, and will take a horse. I will send you their trappings." She then seemed to think of something. "Lady Bella, do you wish to ride side-saddle?"

"I'd prefer to ride like man, but I haven't the proper clothes", she pointed to her beautiful dress.

"We are the same height; I can lend you some, more elaborated than this one of course."


"Follow me, somebody will take care of Flame, don't worry."

Ten minutes later, they were ready. James, Sirius, Remus were waiting for the girls.

"What do you think of this Lily girl?" asked Sirius.

"She is competent and she loves these horses," answered Remus. "I wonder what horse she will take."

"She is nice," stated James.

"Why do we not mount these beauties instead of waiting?" proposed Sirius.

"I'll wait; she may give us advice."

"Where's your sense of adventure, my dear Remus?"

"I'm cautious; she had said that your horse in particular was rather wild."

"If she is able to ride them, I can; she's only a girl."

"I may be a girl, but I have worked with these horses since their birth," interrupted someone.

They turned and face Lily and Bella. Bella wore silver trousers with little embroideries, and a red tunic embroidered. It suited her very well.

"Joker is special, he loves to ridicule his rider and will try everything to made them bite the dust, but once you understand him, he is very faithful to the one he loves and does everything to please him. Devil will test his rider during the first few minutes; if you pass the test he will respect you. Flame is a lot like him but not as strong, so be careful. Moon is quiet, so he won't do anything. One thing more: don't hit them. They will not go too crazy if their rider hits them, but if someone else did it I hope that he can run fast... very fast."

James had listened carefully, and noticed that she held trappings but didn't see her horse.

"Where is your horse?" he asked.

She smiled, and then whistled loudly. They immediately heard a horse galloping. A mare then arrived and stopped near Lily.

"May I present you Angel."

They gasped. This mare was simply stunning.

"Why don't you want to sell her? She far the most beautiful I have ever seen!" Said Remus.

"I know, but I'm the only one able to ride her. The last one who has tried, was not able to walk for two weeks. Please mount your horses while I prepare mine."

They spent an hour in the forest, and then returned to the Evans dominion.

"I hope you enjoyed your afternoon," said Lily.


"Have these horses pleased you?"

"They are perfect!" said Lady Bella enthusiastically.

Once they arrived, Lady Bella and Lily went to Lily's room to change. While dressing, Bella chatted a lot with Lily. Before leaving she whispered to her.

"If one day you need something, I advise you to come see me."

"Thank you lady Bella," answered Lily, shyly.

"You're worth it Lilyaris."

Once they left, Lily helped her mother to cook. A few weeks passed uneventfully, and it was soon the birthday of the prince. The first six days went in bliss, and during the last night there was a big dance. Lily, her father, and her mother had decided to participate; but at midnight all of a sudden a hundred hooded figures apparated to the place where the ball was organized, and started casting death spells. People were running, trying to find a hiding-place to escape from these figures. The air was filled with cries of pain; people were dying. Lily had somehow been separated from her parents. She managed to hide and waited, worried, praying. She knew that Voldemort, an evil wizard and a former member of the court, was responsible for the whole fiasco.

Ten minutes later everything was quiet. She went out and what she saw made her cry. At least one hundred people lay there, dead. She rushed out, trying to find her parents. Suddenly, she saw a woman with red hair and green dress like hers; she hurried near her. It was her mother, and she was dead. Eyes full of tears, Lily turned around to try and spot her father.

Please let him be all right, please, I'll do anything but let him be all right!

A few meters further, she spotted a man who looked like her father.

She ran and stopped next to him, he was hardly breathing.


"Don't speak, dad."

"Lil, be strong. I love you Lilyaris."

His breath became harder and harder, and then it came no more.

"Don't leave me; I need you dad! Don't leave me!"

She burst into tears, holding the empty body of her father tightly.

People looked sadly at the red-haired girl who was sobbing. A woman approached her and hugged her tightly, whispering comforting words in her ears. It was Mistress Magda, a neighbor of the Evans who had known Lily since her birth.

Few days later, Lily couldn't believe that her parents were dead; it was so unreal. She had been told that Petunia and Vernon would come live at her dominion. She knew them; they would take away from her all the things she cared for. She then remembered the promise of Lady Bella. She called Angel and mounted her; she rode to the castle. Once she arrived, she went straight to the stables and asked for Master Hagrid.

"Mistress Lily, Why are you here? Not that I mind of course-"

"Master Hagrid, my parents have died, and..."

"I'm so sorry Lily."

"Thank you Master-"

"Called me Hagrid!"

"Hagrid, do you know if I could see Lady Bella?"

"I think I can arrange that."

"You can? Thank you, that would be wonderful of you!"

Hagrid disappeared.

Lily was speaking to Angel when Lady Bella burst in the stable.

"Lily, oh I'm sorry. What can I do?"

"Thank you Lady." Lily curtsied. "As my parents are dead, my sister and her husband Sir Vernon will live at the dominion. Petunia hates me and hates horses. I don't want Angel to be hurt, so would you mind keeping her here until it becomes safe for her and for me?"

"With pleasure; but how can she be trained if you're the only one who can ride her?"

"Give me your hand."

Lily took Lady Bella's hand and presented it to Angel. She then started to speak to her in a language they shared. Five minutes later Lily dropped the hand of Lady Bella.

"Now you can ride her. You and I are the only who can; treat her well!"

"I promise."

"Good Bye Lady Bella,"

"Good bye Lily,"

Then Lily held Angel "Don't forget me, Angel." Then she ran, broken-hearted to have to leave Angel there, but it was all for the better.