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The Kingdom started to erase traces of the Dark Army's existence. Villages were rebuilt, children were born, areas were cleaned and trees planted.

The Death Eaters underwent their trials. Those guilty of High treason and above the legal age were sentenced to death. Depending on the severity of the crime committed, the common Death Eaters were sentenced to prison for a more or less long stay, to banishment, or to work.

A few of them managed to weasel their way out of sentencing, claiming to have been coerced to join by their parents who had put them under Imperious. Lucius was one of those, as were most of his friends. Severus escaped any punishment for the same reasons, at least that was what was announced, but the truth was that Lily and Albus vouched for him to the King in private.

All in all, life prevailed…

Two months later

It was on a sunny day that Prince James married Lady Lilyaris. All of their friends had been gathered for this occasion and envoys had been sent from Zamia and Kaselie to bring to the soon-to-be-wedded the well wishes of the rulers of the kingdoms nearby.


James was pacing in his room, his attendants sitting around.

Sirius was to be his best man, and he had chosen Remus, Yvan, Exer, and Kermal as his groomsmen.

"James if you do not stop pacing right now, I am going to tie you to a chair until it is time to go," threatened Exer.

Sirius was barely refraining himself from laughing at his friend's antics.

"Calm down, James, everything will be fine. All you have to do is stand at the altar, say "I do", and kiss you bride," said Remus, smiling.

"But what if…?"

Remus held his hand.

"Stop right there James. You love Lily, Lily loves you. There, you see, no problem."

"Yes, but…"

He couldn't dodge the silencing spell that hit him squarely in the jaw. Murderous, he turned and saw Yvan pocketing his wand, a smug smile on his face.

"Silence at last!" said the rider, not fazed in the least by the murderous looks sent his way.

An hour later, James found himself standing at the altar, voice back, Sirius at his side as he waited for his intended.

As the organ started to play, the door of the cathedral opened wide to let in the bride, and whispers spread throughout the room as their future Princess walked down the aisle, escorted by Praïn and by Albus.

James' breath caught in his throat as he looked at the woman who, in a few moments, would be his wife. She was wearing a superb white dress and he saw the tailor looking around proudly. The design was simple if not bare, but this just enhanced Lily's figure. The inner dress was a simple white gown, covering her skirts, with long flowing sleeves. The outer gown was more ornate. The bodice stopped quite low, showing a hint of cleavage, and the rest was covered by a white veil, ending with a high collar closed by a white velvet band around her throat. Leaves and flowers had been embroidered on the veil and shone under the light.

Creamy pearls were sewed on the bodice, and small crystals were placed on the outer skirt, which was split in the middle, showing the gown under it. On the hem, the tailor had chosen to alternate squirrel gray and white velvet in a geometric pattern, which could also be found on the cuffs. The sleeves flared from above the elbow and were split.

Her maids had twisted her hair in an intricate bun, entwining white threads, pearls and shining stones in it. She was wearing her princess's diadem, which would be changed for the heiress crown soon. A veil was covering her face.

Her train was carried by children of the court, one of them being Henry, who had been adamant about being part of her wedding. Bella was smiling at her. She had been overjoyed to be her bridesmaid, as if it could have been someone else.

None of them would recall much of the ceremony as they stared at each other.

After the ritual exchanging of rings, as the archbishop pronounced them husband and wife, James was the happiest man in the kingdom. Reverently, he pushed her veil away and kissed her.

The assistance started to cheer as their prince took his wife down the aisle. Both of them were smiling widely, their happiness visible for all to see.

The day was filled with laughter, smiles, jokes and memories, and as the night came, James and his princess left for their wedding night.


Five years later:

James was waiting in a small room for news from the healers. There had been no sounds for a few minutes now, besides labored breathing. Suddenly a baby's scream was heard and his face lit up with a wide smile.

Father! He was a father!

As if they had heard him, an elfish healer exited the room, Praïn having insisted that the healers attending the birth of Lily's child were Elfish. She looked at James, smiling and handed him the small bundle she was carrying.

"Congratulations Prince James, you have a healthy baby boy."

James was petrified as the people around started to cheer and pat him on the back, congratulating him.

"My son…." He whispered, pushing the covers away.

The pink baby, stirred in his arms and opened his eyes for a few seconds, revealing the same startling green orbs his mother sported.

"My son…"

Sirius came next to him, a soft smile on his face.

"So what's his name? As his godfather, I think I am entitled to know!"

James smiled at his friend.

"Harold James, Prince Harold James."


A year and a half later:

"Run, Lily! It's him! Take Harry and go!"

He turned to face the Dark Lord. Voldemort had not changed a lot, a few more gray hairs here and there and a more gaunt face, but that was it.

"Do not be foolish, James, there is no escape for you this time. Not even your precious wife will manage to save you."

James knew he would die, Voldemort was right about this, but he would give his wife the precious seconds, she needed to escape with their son.




Voldemort dodged a purple beam of light.

"Avada Kedavra!"

James did not have time to move out of the way of the green light as he fell to the floor, dead.

Taking his time, the Dark Lord, took his wand and after muttering a short point me spell, headed for his next victims.

He arrived before a door behind which a baby's cries were heard.

Blowing the door off of its hinge, he stalked in the room, smirking as he saw the red-haired woman place her baby back in a crib.

"Lilyaris…. We meet again."

She sent him a scornful glare.

"Voldemort," she spat.

"Stand aside, you do not interest me."


"Then I shall have to kill you too, like I killed your husband."

Lilyaris didn't answer and just waved her hand, sending him flying across the room.

They dueled for several minutes, but Lily knew she would not win, James' death had hit her hard: as they were bonded to the most intimate levels, his passing had felt like a part of herself had been ripped away; besides what she had just performed to ensure the survival of her son had only drained her more.

Finally, the Dark Lord saw an opening in her defenses and shot the Killing curse, hitting her square on.

Lifeless, she fell to the floor, like a puppet-doll whose strings would have been cut.

Smirking, The Dark Lord approached the crib. A pair of green eyes met his red ones, and for a few seconds both of them stared at the other.

Shaking himself out of his musings, Voldemort raised his wand once more to kill the last member of the royal family.

The green light left his wand and hit the infant on the forehead. But to Voldemort's horror, instead of killing the baby, the curse was absorbed through the skin of his enemies' son. A white light formed around the child, with streaks of green and a beam shot up, heading straight toward him.

Shell-shocked, Voldemort stood, petrified as the light hit him.

With a scream, the Dark Lord disappeared, vanquished for the years to come, only leaving a pile of clothes and a scorch mark on the floor.

Two women appeared, approaching the crib.

The younger one, dressed in black and red leaned on the baby, brushing a lock of hair aside, revealing an angry red lightning bolt scar.

"Is he the One?"

Her companion nodded.

"Yes, he is…"

"Good… our work is done for now… we will have to wait and see what will be his choices…."

Athenesa only nodded as she walked on the other side of the crib. The two of them leaned on the infant and kissed his forehead, sending him into Morpheus' arms, as he slept, sucking on his thumb.

It was like this that baby Harry was found.


A few hours later:

"What happened Albus?" Sirius looked up, his face tear strained.

"One of guard on duty tonight, sold us…. Voldemort and one of his assassination elite team entered the castle, killed James, locked the whole South wing, killed Lily and tried to kill young Harold, but failed to do so, destroying himself in the process."


"We suspect it was Sir Peter, but he disappeared. Nobody seems to know where to find him."

"I'll kill the little rat!" Sirius started to pace, before stopping dead in his track. "Albus, where is Harry? As his guardian, I will now be the one to take care of him, and Valery will be delighted to have him with us."

"Hagrid is bringing him to the Dursleys…"

Sirius stared at his old mentor.

"You are joking! Albus, tell me you are joking! Do you not remember how they treated Lily?"

"Hagrid will explain the situation to them."

"But I am his godfather!"

"And all the Death Eaters roaming the kingdom know this!" Albus was annoyed. "For his security and yours, it is better if the Dursleys raise him, far from his fame!"

"If you say so Albus… but I do not like this."

As they talked, Hagrid was talking rather animatedly, if not to say angrily, with the Dursleys. Finally he left, leaving baby Harry sleeping, unaware of what his life would now be as the kingdom raised their glasses, toasting to the Boy-Who-Lived. He did not know of the trials he would have to face, but that is another story.